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Realcheeky 02-09-2004 07:56 PM

I Need Some Help!!!!!
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong on the Atkins diet! The first week I lost 6 lbs, second week 2 lbs, third week 1 lb and this week nothing! I'm still following induction and I'm following it to a tee. I usually have a couple of eggs or a mock danish for breakfast. For lunch I have an omlette with cheese and sausages, or salami, ham and cheese rollups. Dinner is what meat I am making for the family and 2 cups of salad. I drink tons of water. I thought I would be losing more weight than I am. the only thing good is that I do feel much better not eating all the carbs, but I'm really bummed about not losing too much. Does anyone have any suggestions???



Froufy 02-09-2004 08:05 PM

Hi Real....

Don't give up....sounds like you're doing great! You must remember that weight loss is not linear and you will not lose each and every week...some weeks you will not lose at all and other weeks a few pounds will just disappear as your body catches up.

Did you take you measurements when you started? If so it might be time to measure again - it is very common to lose inches sometimes and not pounds. Also it is quite common to hit a stall around week 3-4....just keep at it. As long as you are feeling good and following the plan the weight will eventually come off!


Khem 02-10-2004 01:39 AM

I lost 6 pounds my first week, one my second, none my third, and gained one my forth. I'm fairly sure I'm doing fine. People with 100+ to lose go faster...I'm guessing you are 200 or below like me. Induction (2 weeks) you are supposed to lose 5-10% of the total you need to lose. After that, 1-10 pounds a MONTH is kinda normal although some people go faster. I'm keen on 1 pound a month myself--I'm eating wonderful things and totally satisfied, I'd rather go slow and be happy like this forever!

Leenie 02-10-2004 08:31 AM

Sounds like your on track. The 3rd and 4th week for me, I had to keep a close eye on calories, b/c I was eating 2400, once I started to watch them, I lost again :D

Are you using fitday ? its a great tool.

Shimma 02-10-2004 09:54 AM

So it's NORMAL to stall on the 3rd or 4th week???

Realcheeky 02-10-2004 10:22 AM

Thanks, everyone for you comments. Today I jump on the scales and I have gained
2 lbs. I just dont get it! I only want to lose about 15-20lbs and then I'll be happy. I guess I thought you would lose weight pretty fast on Atkins after reading that some people have lost anywhere from 10-16lbs on their fisrt week or two. I will try to keep going, and maybe start looking at how many calories I'm eating a day. Thanks again.

StarPrincess 02-10-2004 11:37 AM

Keep in mind that if you don't have much to lose, it's not going to go as quickly. Atkins is not a "quick fix" like some people think. This changing your way of life and that takes time.

Don't worry about the 2 pound gain. The first week is mainly water loss. Right now your body is evening out from that and then if you stick to your eating plan and exercise, the weight will come off.

AtkinsChick 02-10-2004 01:22 PM

Hi! I am in the same boat as you are! I have been on Atkins since Jan 6th. THe 1st week i lost 5 pounds, the 2nd week I lost 2 more pounds and then the 3rd week I GAINED 2 pounds back! I finally lost those 2 pounds, but it has taken me 2 weeks. All I can say is, is to NOT GIVE UP. It is going to take your body a while to get used to the changes you have made in your diet. Trust me, I know it's VERY frustrating, but just think, you are 9 pounds lighter! THat's amazing! There are tons of people that stall or gain a few pounds in their first few weeks. This will pass. You just gotta stay motivated! Good Luck!

VanIsle 02-10-2004 02:20 PM

Hi I also seem to be in a similiar situation . I started aaaatkins on the 15 th of January.
I lost about 4 pounds the first week and and avarage about a pound a week since then.
I do however notice subtle differences in the way my clothes fit , and the way my body shape is changing. I am still on the 20 gram stage although I dont follow the induction allowables exactly.
I have had a subway wrap ...Good taste. and I have light jello once in awhile.
I think that this will work in the end and am enjoying the process.

jdoggmartin 02-10-2004 03:12 PM

It's great to hear other people's stories. Even though my gains are frustrating, you all have made me remember that I am losing weight (no matter how slow it may be), and it's still coming off easier and more pleasantly than other attempt. Let's all keep at it!

lady_adnerb 02-10-2004 03:20 PM

I'm not sure if it's something I ate (maybe over did it on the carbs?) or what but I've gained 2 pounds. I stepped on the scale and 1 disappeared. I can't figure--if I'm eating the induction foods, and increase my intake of carbs, am I going to gain again? Or was that just a fluke. Interesting thought, eh?

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