Manic Monday, Feb. 2

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    Really I am!

    Life has taken a few twists and turns over the last 2 weeks... but I am back.. I think!

    I have been on Plan. Not totally logging carbs every day.. but I am back to that today! I figured I averaged about 20-30 a day the last 2 weeks.

    I am still at 165 as of this morning. Tomorrow I will be measuring too. I have 12 days to lose 5 pounds to make my VD goal! I think I can do it now that I am on strict induction again.

    Today I got my butt back into the gym for the first time since before christmas. I got up at 4:30 am so that I could be there at 5 when they open. That worked out great! Hardly anyone there! YIPPEE! Ill post my mileage later.

    I am not even going to try to catch up on everything! :LOL: there is no way!

    But I'll let you know what has been happening around here...

    First we got a puppy! SHe is a whole lot of work.. but such a cutie! her name is Sophie and she is a 3 month old lab/german shepard mix.

    Then I dont know what happened in when Jan 1 hit.. but suddenly I have been bombarded with Contracts and proposals for my crochet design business... I have signed 2 in the last 2 weeks, PLUS have several more that I have been on the phone dealing with.. and still dealing with. But Hopefully soon you will see my name in the craft racks at the craft stores!

    So that is my life... such as it is!

    How are you all doing?!?! I missed you!
  • Karen - SO GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!!
    A lot of us were worried but Good for You with business booming!!!!
    How is your dd after her surgery? All healed by now and back to running around?
  • You're back! You're back! You're back!!!! I missed you soooooo much!
  • Kim - She is doing great! Lost 6 pounds though! ( she only weighed in at 34 pounds before surgery.. now she is 28! YIKES) BUt she sleeps better, eats better and plays so much better!! SO now we are working on Gaining some of that weight back! She is 5 years old and very petite.. but 28 pounds when you are 41" tall and 5? She'll be in a car seat until high school! :LOL:

    Star - I missed you too!!! I was going through withdrawls!
  • Karen - I always say my 7 year old will be in her booster seat for her prom! (that might be a good thing with that 5 point harness!) But I hear your plea for her to gain weight and I am here ready and willing to donate if she needs some extra!!! Actually my little one was 30 lbs in K and then 38 in 1st and between last year and this year she has gained 12 lbs!!!!! She still is in a size 7 slim and we still have to belt every pair of pants - but at least she is getting closer to being able to be out of her booster seat by 60 lbs or 8 years old here in NJ! So glad she is doing so well and sleeping better. And so glad you are back with us!
  • Happy Groundhog Day!!!
    Hi all,

    ..and a special WELCOME BACK to Karen - glad you are okay and your business is thriving - we were worried about you!!!

    Star - slow down and take a deep breath - I am out of breath just reading your post - hope you make all your "goals" today!

    Shimma - sounds like you have a lot on your (low carb) plate and you are handling it well!

    I too am dragging my bum around - very late nights this weekend...and dh working late again tonight - altho I don't plan to wait up for him I usually do!

    Now my groundhog day issue - so what's wrong with another six weeks of winter - in my book that's already an EARLY SPRING!!! - we usually have snow sometimes well into April so six weeks more is almost welcome.....shorter of course is better....hehehe

    As for me - another boring day at a job that does not seem to interest me - it is all backwards where I am and no one seems to know how to "fix" things - I of course have some ideas but have to "go with the flow"...and just try to
    work with what is available - which isn't much! I am finding this very
    challenging - almost too challenging and can't seem to find a light at the
    end of the tunnel! Have been feeling incredibly stupid which is really affecting me and making me feel down and depressed - also don't know too many people at work yet - altho I am a friendly sort! I miss the chatting and banter I had with my colleagues at my old place

    I am on an orientation course tomorrow and wednesday which is good, but I will be missing some important meetings so need to arrange to be debriefed!
    At lunchtime I actually WENT FOR A WALK TODAY - it was not freezing cold (only -5 C) the building where my course will be held. About 12 mins each way (from my bldg where I park my car)...will have to allot extra time for this. While there I checked out the cafeteria of course - small but cute with a fabulous salad bar - some hot foods (not too atkins friendly???) and some cold salads/meats/ I should be okay for the next couple of days. I am used to my office where I have a fridge to store all my stuff and my own coffeemaker/cream, etc.

    My eating was so off track this weekend that I am scared to death of eating
    anything - I am feeling very vulnerable and weak! Of course scale is not
    cooperating and I am still up about 5 lbs from a couple of weeks ago - no
    one to blame buy myself tho - and this TOM that won't end???

    I brought an Atkins bagel to work but decided today was not the day to try
    it as it still packs a punch with about 9 I just had a chicken ceasar salad for lunch! Had an atkins muffin w/butter and some cheese for breakfast. DH working late so I had a steak and green beans for supper - after which I had HUGE CRAVINGS - youngest ds was eating potato chips and I was finding it very hard to resist: I had a pepperoni stick....then some peanut butter...then a sf jello....and ran upstairs to avoid any more kitchen issues!

    So will try to get to bed earlier tonight - need to get rolling early in the am to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for course (8:30 - 4 pm)......


  • Good evening ladies!!

    Stopping by to say HI so you all don't forget me!!! LOL!!

    Just tired and worked hard today, totally TOM and I am craving chocolate but a little carb solutions ice cream treat has tricked my body into thinking it got what it wanted!!!! HA HA me 1 : body 0!!!!

    Trying to find a pair of shoes for the semi-formal party at my new work,,,urgh I know what i want but can't find em!

    Great tp read up on all of you ladies and KAREN!!!!! Great to see you back we missed you!!
    I know how the new puppy thing is Toad is 18 weeks now and a handful!!! Post a pic of Sophie so we can see her! Here is the same old boring pic of Toad, I need to download new ones!