a little help with finding things please.

  • Being canadian I might not be able to find things or not looking in right spot.
    All the flavoured water I find has aspertame, Diet drinks - Aspertame,
    Does anyone no of store brands or places to look for treats without aspertame in them.
    Even the Jello here has aspertame do we just suck it up and have it or have you found other ideas?
    Thanks for any help.

    My small town grocery store doesn't really have anything for low carbing anyone found a good place. Fortino's maybe?
  • JJCJ, well let me think now, it is definitely harder to hunt stuff down up here, we don't have all those splenda products that's for sure. I have found most of my stuff at Safeway and The Real Canadian Superstore but I'm in a big city. Both places carry atkins stuff but not tons by any means. I've just avoided the aspertame all together with the exception of a diet pepsi now and again, usually just when I'm at the bar and everyone else gets alcohol. With the lower amount of the processed stuff, I've found it easier to stick with this, not so many "legal" treats. There are a few hidden treasures out there so keep hunting and read those labels although it sounds you've got a good handle on those too. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

  • Diet Rite and Hansen's brand diet soda are made with splenda.

    Even out in the middle of no where, you can also order online. If you get some powdered splenda, syrup, and gelatin, you can make your own jello. Davinci sells flavored syrups made with splenda (available at bulk food stores, coffee shops, etc) which you can use to sweeten carbonated water, coffee, cereals, and baked goods. I couldn't find them locally, so I bought online: http://www.davincigourmet.com I got 6 big bottles for about $40 including shipping--not too bad. I recommend the caramel, butterrum (if you like the life savers!), irish cream, and raspberry.

    I have actually heard canada has a MUCH wider choice of splenda products since splenda has been allowed there much longer than in the US. Heck, you guys even have pure liquid splenda, I've heard. I'd look for larger stores or health food stores if you got any close... where in canada are you?