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  • THank you ladies!!! I see it now that the pictures are posted together that all the hard work is worth it!
  • Wow TG - you're half the woman you were....and I mean in size only! You look mahvellous dahlink....

  • TG - you look FANTASTIC!!! Way to go, hon!

    p.s. I completely plan on stealing that t-shirt from you
  • TG: You look great! Congrats!!
  • Star that t-shirt would be WAY to big for you!!! But Iam sure you can get one at Hot Topic!! hahahaha

    Thanks Chicks!!
  • Oh my gosh TG! You look great!
  • Ok, not exactly a progress picture, but my dad took this on Monday so at least it's recent.

    How cute are my brother and I?

  • WOOHOO!!! You look fantastic Star!!! Ok, your brother isn't half bad either
  • WOW Star you look great! And I agree with Brenda....your brother aint half bad either!
  • OMG Star! You look amazing! I had looked at one of the progress pictures threads from a couple months back, and you look even thinner than that. Very impressive and inspiring You should be very proud of yourself.

    I just love the before and after pictures. When I'm feeling unmotivated I go and take a peek. Definitely helps.
  • Aw, thanks you guys! I just thought that picture was too cute not to share. And my brother's still single.........

    Love, the last time I posted a before and so-far pic was almost 20 pounds ago. I need to update that, but I've got to get a pic of me in my tiny black skirt for that one
  • Star, your other pictures were good, but this is great! You're an inspiration!
  • wow! youre such an inspiration, and so is your extremly cute =*)
  • Every girl needs a tiny black skirt.
  • Quote: Every girl needs a tiny black skirt.
    I TOTALLY agree LOve, tiny black skirt is a staple of a good wardrobe!

    SP awwhhhhhh you cutie punkin pies!!