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thin within
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Talking Finally Friday--nov 14th

hello all. i hope all of you will be enjoying a great day. it is way too cold here. i'm on day three of cutting myself back to strict induction, trying to get myself on a roll again. i only exercised on monday of this week, but have accomplished a lot otherwise. it just seems like life has been so busy these last few weeks. i would love to see pics from everyone. it is great to match names and faces. have a great weekend everyone!
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Good Morning Everyone,

Its a very windy day here, instead of the 70 mph winds we had yesterday they are only expecting 40 mph winds today Lots of trees and wires down on my way into work this morning...kinda scary.

Fullfig, good for you starting on induction again. I should too, but I think I'm going to wait until after Thanksgiving.

Nothing really planned for the weekend, sosdd. Cleaning, playing outside with the wee one if its not to windy, maybe do a little shopping.

Wish we had 3 day weekends b/c Saturdays I am just exhausted and I don't wanna do anything, Sunday's I feel better, I actually get some spring back into my walk, and by Monday I'm rarin to go. But I get to go to work and thats not fun LOL....

Have a great weekend all...

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STOP ME! I ate a bagel this morning and I want more!
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Wow, Jane - why did you do that?

I'm so happy that it's friday! I decided to shake things up on the carb spectrum and went up to almost 30 grams yesterday. Scary but fun. And also a good part of learning how to maintain. So I've made this commitment to myself - on days that I increase my carb intake, I still will not cheat. I won't waste it on "bad" carbs. Instead I'll use it for things that I'll be able to eat on maintenance. It may be a potato, or some fruit, or winter squash, or maybe some extra cream. I think that as long as I don't go running back to my old, bad things and continue to make good choices about my food, then on the days my carb count is higher, I still don't have to feel guilty.

I'm taking a huge, deep breath tomorrow and going roller skating. Ack! I'm terrified! All I can think about is the ice skating hippo on Fantasia. That's exactly how I'll feel - but far less graceful. To make it worse, dh is freakishly graceful on skates. He leaps, he spins, he twirls - freakish.

I'm also going to try out some things to make 'n take for thanksgiving next week. I got some grape syrup that I'm gonna cook cranberries in for sauce. Then I'm going to try pumpkin nut bake and pumpkin cheesecake (recipes on the Atkins site). With those 3 things and some turkey, I'll have plenty to eat and not feel tempted. If you're interested, I'll let you know how they turn out.
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No Jane! You're so close! You don't really want more. Be strong. The force is with you. Nothing tastes as good as everything you have accomplished!!!

Hi everyone! El baby-o and I are in California! He's dozing in bed with my aunt right now and she's loving it! He did so great on his first flight. It was about 6 hours total and he didn't cry once. Mostly slept. He got his picture taken with the pilot and copilot. I'll post it when I get back.
Weather is nice today. Not sure what we'll do. This is where I'm from originally and I miss it so much.

You would be so proud of me for my eating yesterday. Didn't take any cookies, pretzels or peanuts on the flight. I had brought shredded cold chicken, cheese chunks, celery and ranch. That worked great. Then in between flights I went to an airport deli and asked for a pastrami sandwich hold the bread and a salad. So far so good.

Well, off for some adventures. Haven't slept but a handful of hours in the last 3 days but there will be time for that later.

Big hugs to all of you.
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I guess I just wanted one that's all. Now it is done and I am moving on.

This morning I realized that it has been 2 months since I started this WOE and I am only down 10 pounds (bagel aside). I know that that is better than up 10 but I still would like to see more progress. The only thing I know that holds me up is the wine at night. I try to not have any but I love to come home from work relax with my husband and sip a glass of wine. Shoot me! But even though I know it slows down the weight loss I thought I could live with it. But sometimes......

So I guess maybe I was feeling sorry for myself this morning....everyone else gets to eat bagels

Enough pitty.....what's done is done...all I can do is be good from now on.
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I guess I should clarify something in case everyone feels the same way.

Jamlinrich just sent me a private message concerned about me being unhappy with this woe. Thank you Jamlinrich for your wonderful concern and NO I don't mind you butting in.

I may sound unhappy with this WOE sometimes but please believe me that is just me. My friend Deb has always called me Eyore because I think it is always going to rain! It's what I do.

I have always had a hard time losing weight and probably always will. I know what needs to be done I just don't always want to make the sacrifice. That is my own fault and no one elses.

This WOE has been the most successful I have been in a long time. But sometimes you just rebel. I think I have read posts where some of you have "slipped". It's not the end of the world.

I intended to be funny when I posted about "bagelgate". I knew it was wrong and just needed to confess.

Now it is done and it tasted good and I am moving on...........the end.
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LOL - now I just keep hearing "Oh, Pooh." in my head. Maybe in this instance it's "Oh, poo!"

Jane - you're just fine No woe is a one size fits all. We all have to find out how our own bodies work and respond so we can tailor it to our attitudes, tastes, and desires. You're right to just move on past it.

And now I must rave. I forgot who it was, but one of you brilliant women enlightened me to Cash & Carry. I went there yesterday and bought 5 bottles of different syrups. I got pineapple and coconut (for making pina colodas ). I got grape (snow cones, trying out cranberry sauce with it too). I got vanilla. And - joy, joy, joy - I got egg nog. Yippee! I have been missing egg nog so badly! Last night I mixed some of it with vanilla s/f soy milk and man, it was GOOD. I put it in my decaf this morning and it's still good. So very happy!

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My scale is still stuck!
I haven't lost one pound since 26 October. I'm not gonna let myselfl fall into my old way of thinking...I'm not losing anyway I might as well eat __________ and _________...
I know this will pass; I'm just impatient.

SP, please share how your recipes turn out. I've got to experiment myself before Thanksgiving.

Jane, I get sick of this WOE too sometimes but try to keep reminding myself that my cholesterol is reducing and my health is improving otherwise as well.

Fullfig, maybe you and I should have a little race for a reward when you come for a visit.
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I would DIE for a bagel now that Jane has been ranting on and on.....and I mean a MONTREAL STYLE bagel - not those things that they call bagels which is just bread with a hole in the middle...what nonsense! (It's lunchtime and I'm hungry - can you tell? )

Bright out today - no more rain - but FREEZING COLD and still big gusts of wind messing up my hair!

Scale down to 185 and I would love to finally see something with a 4 in it! That would be great!

Tonight going to Riverdance with dd (she is the dancer in the family - tap and jazz)...despite the fact that she has now been diagnosed with strep throat and is on antibiotics....did I mention how I have had a sore throat for a couple of days - WE CANNOT BE SICK! I am drugged now at work, called my dr. but office closed today so may have to go to clinic if I get desperate.

I am also afraid that youngest who plays with his big sis all the time is now vulnerable and will probably get it too! No time to stay home with him and need to get everyone well in time for the bat-mitzvah in exactly one month!

Tomorrow we have a bar mitzvah to go to so I may have to drug myself again - hope the food is carb friendly (lunch at the synagogue and then dinner/dancing party at night which will be the most challenging).

Jamie - glad to see you made it without any problems and do enjoy your stay in sunny California! I am jealous - have been to LA, Anaheim and Long Beach and loved it! (Yes I even did the cheesy bus tour of the stars homes and the Chinese theatre - you gotta love Hollywood!).

May leave early today if I'm not feeling better, but have tons of work to do as my team mate is off today (getting "snipped"/ vasectomy), and I am at a workshop all day Monday so that's a lost day as well. They are serving lunch at this workshop and I have been trying to get details - sounds like sandwiches tho so I may have to just eat insides or bring something along. There will be a salad and veggies and dip so at least I can have that!

Star - those syrups sounds fabulous - let us know how your recipes comes out!

Leens - hang on tight and don't blow away - my van was shaking all over yesterday - it was pretty scary!

Jane - banish the bagels!

Fulfig - good for you for getting back on induction. I am realizing now that I need to make some adjustments too. Really need to watch my ratios - I find if I am at 70% fat or slightly over the scale does not budge, I seem to do much better closer to 65%.

Time to go forage for some lunch - hope the cafeteria has something I can eat (have emergency can of tuna here just in case)....will also hit the salad bar.


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Supersized - I'm right there with you. October 26, has been the figuritive end of the line for me. Stuck, stuck, stuck! And I've been completely down about it. No pounds, no inches, nothing! Ready for the strange part?

Now I'm excited.

I love a good challenge. I love a rush. I beat myself over the head yesterday until I brought about an attitude adjustment. The newly adjusted me is changing focus for a while from pounds and inches to the wonderful and previously unnoticed changes going on with my body. When I press my fingers past the stomach fat, I can feel muscle now. When I lay on my side, there's a really cool dip beneath my top hip. I can feel new muscles in my back and legs. It's kindof cool. The newly adjusted me is also stepping up the workouts (or play that has the added bonus of exercise) and learning how very very cool endorphins are. Wow! Those suckers are addicting!

Ok, so we're stalled. But look how far we've come in such a short time! We'll make it and if it slows down, what can we do? Today I'm remembering the old adage on how it's not just about the destination, it's about the journey. I think I've been forgetting to enjoy my journey. Not anymore
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Yes, stop this bagel talk!! No putting these thoughts in my head!

At my French class last night we watched half of the movie Amelie, in French, of course. So I understood maybe the last couple words of each sentence and the odd sentence here and there. It's kind of funny when we're all sitting there watching the movie and only our teacher is laughing at certain parts, which I am assuming were funny if I could understand them. I'm not entirely certain what's going on, but I think I can piece it together fairly well just from watching the characters. Although I might cheat a bit and rent the movie with English subtitles this weekend .... I love watching movies with English subtitles. At first I hated it and thought it was distracting, but now I think its so much fun to watch foreign movies. Oh, I watched a good one lately ... mind you it was mostly an English-speaking move ... it's been out for awhile, but I just got around to renting it. "The Pianist," I think - Polish director or something? That was a good movie.

And dang it, it is bloody cold out there and windy - that's the worst part - whatever did we do to deserve this?

Hey, can I ask you Americans a question regarding snow? I was watching an American weather broadcast and they referred to a snow fall or snow flurries as "snow showers"? Is this typical? I thought it was kind of funny sounding ...
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Lekker: snow showers I think are just that.....snow flurries. Unless they are mixed with rain......hhhmmm.....I don't know.

We haven't had any yet so don't wish that on us....or at least in Massachusetts yet!

It is FREEZING outside today....and very windy. It is supposed to get even colder tomorrow.
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Hi Everyone!

I know I have been MIA. Yesterday was CRAZY for me.. and today is just as bad.

DS had allergy testing yesterday. We want to get a dog and I wont do it until I know both kids are not allergic. Or if they are, We can do something about it!

So DS is allergic to grass.. not dogs! So I am thrilled with that! He also has a bactirial infection in his nose so we are treating that as well. DD goes next week.

I am doing well though. Only got in one day so far of exercise though... but I will be getting on the treadmill later today. I HVE to get these crochet class proposals DONE before wednesday of next week!!! I am also working on a quilt for my son's class Auction project.. but that gets handed off for a week tomorrow for stitching.. then back to me for crocheting... sigh..

I got on the scal this morning and it says I am down .5 pound. I am not going to post it yet though! I want to wait until monday!

OK.. I need to eat some lunch! I am starving!! Talk to you all later!
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Default You're welcome Star!!

Glad some of you have been able to stop by the Cash & Carry to pick up some syrups. I have picked up a few more more myself - bringing home cherry, raspberry, rootbeer, toasted marshmallow (would also be good in the cranberries) and orange. I bought dh some regular orange and my mom some regular vanilla. I still have the Dulce de Leche (Caramel, I guess) which is wonderful in coffee and tastes remarkably like butterscotch... and gingerbread which is a little too spicy for me but will be good in pumpkin pie.

I'm not wild about the Raspberry like I am when it's got sugar in it though. Oooo, the Raspberry would be good in the cranberries too.... hmmmmm.....

Okay, I really just want every flavor.

I've not had the best week myself. STILL dealing with TOM - makes day 25 now.... and I'm sick of it. This has never happened to me before and I just don't know what's going on. Went in yesterday for a blood draw so they can test my thyroid and hormone levels and then I'm going to the doctor next Wednesday. (*Then we're going out to lunch, the doctor and I, since she is my ex-stepmom.)

Anyhow, I'm stressed about this whole AF thing and my eating reflects it. Just when I think I'm on track, someone puts cookies on my desk or something and I seem to have one... or two.

Haven't gone on an "all out" cheat, but am not as strict as I could be either. Weight not coming back on at all, which is nice, but not losing either which doesn't surprise me. I just want it all to straighten out and go away so I can focus on me instead of my AF.

Does anyone know if this woe can mess up your hormones? Could it be related? I am not sure I want to tell Dr. Stepmom I'm on Atkins. I did tell her I was following a diabetic diet - which wasn't a total fib.

It's my Friday off work, thank the Lord for small favors, and so I'm trying to decompress. Doing some laundry, did some shopping this morning. Not leaving the house again until tomorrow unless something unforeseen happens.

Okay. I'll check in again later....
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