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Froufy 10-20-2003 10:19 AM

Weekly Chat - Oct 20 -26, 2003
Well my turn to get the week started! I am at work - where I don't want to be. I am nervous and apprehensive as to what might happen here this week.

Eldest son (the TEENAGER) causing us some grief (not unusual) and this is stressing everyone out. Not much sleep last night, so I'm here with puffy tired eyes, and not much energy.

Trying to sell my old van...so far not too many bites, but one call today. Have to go get a "safety check" done tonite..hopefully this will be it and I can sell the old car and get my new MPV into the garage as the snow will soon be here!

Brought a bunch of food to work today to stock up fridge: package of mozarella cheese slices, lc cold cuts, sf jello, a slice of lc bread and some atkins banana nut muffins.

My official weigh in was this morning.....looks like I"m down to about 187 (give or take a few ounces:D ) so that's what I"m counting.....I think that's at least two pounds down from last week? (don't remember). Next week is my 5 months Atkins anniversary...would love to get closer to 35 lbs! Also lost a few more inches (I only measure around once every 4-6 weeks).

Yesterday went to visit MIL and cleaned out some of my closet...brought her some of my "fatter" clothes. It was great getting rid of them and now at least I can have a clearer picture of what is in there.

Also bought a new shirt on the weekend - man style button down oxford cloth in baby blue ($19.99) in XL...still a bit tight, but I'm keeping it and hope to eventually fit into it!;)

How is everyone else's Monday shaping up?


Leenie 10-20-2003 10:21 AM


jdoggmartin 10-20-2003 10:52 AM

Happy Monday, all! (Is there such thing as a "happy Monday"? :))

I hope everyone had a great weekend! This is amazing for me... I went home to visit my family, and I stayed perfectly on track! Usually, going home turns into an eating disaster. I never got to 20 carbs any day of the weekend, and my parents and brother were very supportive of my efforts and went out of their way to make sure I stuck to it!

Tonight, I weigh in at TOPS. Hopefully, I'll have a loss to report!

Take care,

jane8760 10-20-2003 11:05 AM

Morning everyone. It is freezing here in MA today! This is the first truely cold day so my blood hasn't thickened up yet and I am sitting here at work freezing my butt off.

This weekend was fine food wise but yet again more alcohol than I should have. But I weighed in this morning and I am the same so that is great. That makes last week a total of 2 pounds. I have been going down consistantly 1 1/2 - 2 each week since I started. At this rate I could be down another 10 by Thanksgiving. That would be great.
I tried on some old jeans this weekend because the ones I am wearing now are FINALLY a little big. The old ones I still can't wear but they are getting closer!:D
I am going to go out and buy a cheap pair somewhere to get by until I fit into the old (skinny) jeans.

I have to get prepared for next week...I am having surgery on Monday and will be home out of work for 1 week. I don't want to sit in bed and munch my way through the day. I will be on percocet so I don't think I will have much of an appetite. I plan on having lots of cheese in the house for snack time. I tend to drink diet soda when I am home so I will have to watch that. Lying in bed all day drinking that will not be good :o

I will make sure I have my water bottle with me at all times. I am not looking forward to the discomfort after the surgery but I am looking forward to parkin my @$$ in bed and watching HGTV all day! Carol Duvall here I come!

Weird thing....I have ketosis breath wicked today. I haven't had that in a long time. Does it come back once in a while? Let's hope the headache doesn't make a comeback! That I could definitely do without.

Hope you all have a great day. Talk later.

jdoggmartin : good for you staying OP. This WOE makes it very easy to stay on track no matter what is going on.

Froufy: Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope things settle down for you soon. Congrats on the weigh in:cp:

Leens: :wave: back

StorybookMama 10-20-2003 12:02 PM

It's Monday - and it's raining... again.
Morning all!

It's Monday, I'm at work.

Haven't felt well this morning and need to eat, but have no desire to. *sigh*

Scale wasn't down this morning either and ketostix registered barely pink. Last night it was purple.... I am currently experimenting with them so you'll have to bear with me.

I know from experience that my blood sugar is always way high first thing in the morning - it was that way when pg and afterwards so I wasn't overly surprised that the color changed for the morning. It doesn't matter what I eat or don't eat, I have high blood sugar in the mornings.... I'm going to give myself a few more weeks on Atkins and then I'm going to start testing my sugars again to see how it goes. Not diabetic - but I was while pg. Had to inject more insulin in the mornings but that still didn't help much.

Getting frustrated a bit - but am not giving up. I haven't felt this good in ages - just wish the scale would budge a bit more and a bit faster.

With all the rain we've been having, I'm going to have to get my exercise running up and down the stairs. :lol:

Reread parts of the book over the weekend. That helped a bit to keep me goal oriented. I think I should really look into getting some probiotics, too, to counteract any yeast overgrowth I might have.

Do you think Dr. Atkins ever ate dessert made with real sugar?


Have a great week everyone!!

KarenW 10-20-2003 01:21 PM

Good morning!

I am back in the saddle with exercise! Walked for 45 minutes on the treadmill yesterday and then just got back from the gym just now. So I am feeling GREAT!

I am also down another pound this week! WOO HOO! 20.5 pounds in 11 weeks! :):)

Storybook Mama - funny you should mention yeast.. I am dealing with a doozy of an infection right now. The OB?GYN is giving it great guns with 3 doses of Diflucan spaced 3 days apart (Today is number 2) and a Prescritpion strength suppository for 7 days. She said the diet in my case was not the issue and to keep eating as low carb as I can for the next few weeks. Not a problem there!! LOL!!

any way.. I just wanted to check in.. I NEED to take a shower!

StorybookMama 10-20-2003 01:33 PM


DEFINITELY get yourself to a healthfood store and get some fresh acidophilus. This was the only thing out there that cured me of Thrush (yeast!) while I was nursing - it has to be refrigerated though so don't buy it if it isn't in the fridge case there.

KarenW 10-20-2003 02:29 PM

Hmm.. I might have to do that.. I am feeling a lot better, but just in case...

StarPrincess 10-20-2003 04:25 PM

Happy Monday, everyone! Had a great weekend. Hubby and I went crabbing on Friday, so now I have lots of fresh, low carb food :) It's nice to get away from my standard sources of protein once in a while.

I'm almost to my 40 pound mark! Yippee! I have 30 left to go, but getting over that halfway mark makes a world of difference. I've started challenging myself to find one new item/recipe to try each week. The variety keeps me motivated. Last night, I had a roaste piece of chicken breast topped with fresh crab meat and then covered with alfredo sauce with mushrooms, garlic, and capers. Yum!

As a little reward for myself, I was a hair model for a class of hair stylists this morning. My hair turned out great and I love that it's a style I couldn't have worn 40 pounds ago. And of course, it feels great to have a room of people looking at you and saying how great you look. Who wouldn't love that? :encore:

jdoggmartin 10-21-2003 10:22 AM

Good morning, all!

StarPrincess: Ooh! The chicken with crab, alfredo sauce, mushrooms, capers and garlic sounds delicious! Also, crabbing sounds like fun! I love crabs! Also, how fun would that be to be a hair model?! Did you get your hair cut shorter? Also, congratulations at losing almost 40 pounds -- that's fantastic! :cb:

Karen: Great job!! You are doing so well! Also, great job on getting that exercise in. That's an area I need to work on so I'm more consistent.

Well, last night I weighed in and I stayed the same. I lost 8.5 pounds my first week on induction and then none the second week. It is close to TOM, so I'm trying not to be too disappointed. I have no idea how much TOM effects me... But, I'm hoping for a loss next week.

I tried the pork rinds with the butter and cinnamon/Spelnda mixture, and they were awesome!! I would highly recommend them! Even being the pork-rind lover that I am, I was a little weary of pig skin with butter, cinnamon and sugar -- I was afraid it would still have that "meaty" taste. But, they turned out great!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

Take care,

StorybookMama 10-21-2003 10:56 AM

A little frustrated
Okay ladies,

I'm doing this now for going on 4 weeks. I lost 12.5 pounds in 2 weeks, gained a few back, and haven't lost any more.

What is going on here???

I like this woe, for the most part, but feel frustrated that the scale isn't moving faster.

I know exercise is key and I need to do it - so that is one thing - but apparently, I also need to count calories because I'm obviously taking in more than I am burning.


My vent for the day... GO AWAY POUNDS!!!! AUGH!!!

Leenie 10-21-2003 11:05 AM

Lisa the same happened to me. After the first couple of weeks BAM! no wl.

Bottom line for me is calories, I have to stay under 1500 to have a loss :( some days are better then others and some days I just go w/the flow. If I need more calories my body usually tells me so, and its always around the time Aunt Flo visits.

Now if I can only do that nasty thing called exercise ;)

jane8760 10-21-2003 11:21 AM


I am a slow loser myself so I can appreciate how you feel. In the first two weeks of this woe I only lost 8 pounds but actually I was thrilled with that even though I knew other people lose so much more during induction. I decided that if I was still doing Weight Watchers or something else I would have been delighted to lose that much in two weeks so I didn't get upset. I just kept going and I have consistently lost 1-2 each week since.

I am not excersing at the moment but know that I have to start. I am counting calories and try to stay within 1500 each day. I make sure my carbs do not exceed 20 each day. In fact most days they never make it over 10. Make sure you count each and every thing you put in your mouth. When I started I was using creamora in my tea each morning and didn't even think that it had carbs but it does...it has 1 gram for a tbs. I also have a soda or more each day and even though it is diet it still has .5 grams of carbs.
Check your portions. I use my food scale everyday.
You would be surprised to see just what a serving is!

Hang in there. If you follow it to the letter it will work.

Froufy 10-21-2003 11:24 AM

After a night of thunder and lightening, we awaken to pouring rain, and lots of huge puddles..ugh!

Lisa - hang in there - don't get discouraged just yet. There may be many reasons for the holdup, but your body is still adjusting, give it time, continue what you're doing and the weight will come off. Also if TOM is involved you may just need to sit it out.

How many calories are you averaging per day/per week or past month? (If you use Fitday you can do this under reports - I think it's the one "where do your calories come from", then pull down menu for timeframe). Is there anything else you might be eating that could be holding up your progress?

If not, just be patient and I know how hard that is cuz I am the most IMPATIENT person I know!:dizzy: :dizzy:

Retaining some water today - rings are a bit tighter and scale up around .8 lbs...need to drink more today and float away (hey I'll just go stand in the rain with my mouth open..:lol: :lol: :lol: )

Actually made a salad last night to bring to work..and have a couple of "emergency" cans of tuna here which I will add.

Last night and this am I am OUT OF KETOSIS according to test sticks...not really sure why. Need to keep careful watch of extra sugar and extra carbs!!!

Froufy:cool: (don't really need the sunglasses today tho!:smug: )

StorybookMama 10-21-2003 11:36 AM

Thanks guys.

I am still in ketosis, too, which makes this even more frustrating.... but I'll stick with it.

I guess I'm going to have to get a food scale and do some damage, er - uh, portion control, too. I haven't been eating as much, but the calories are certainly denser in meat/fat.

I am going to have to give up my coffee with cream/Splenda. There are just too many carbs in it to have it the way I really like it. Won't hurt my pocketbook to give it up - except every once in a while - either. The carbs in it just put me over the top.

I'm also going to quit buying cream. I think this is part of what stalls me... though the cream (whipped or not) mixed with a little SF pudding is wonderful. I need to just avoid sweets of all kinds because even an "Okay" sweet doesn't teach me not to crave them.

So... I feel like I'm still at square one.... but thank you for the encouragement.

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