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Froufy 10-22-2003 09:47 AM

I think Ex*&!ci**!se is a dirty word...ha ha. I think that is my downfall. I usually do it in spurts...a few times one week, then I slip up and make many excuses....not a good thing.

I am considering doing some weight training at home...just need to get a set of hand weights and either a good book or video and away we go....don't want to buy any major equipment tho.

Cold and sunny today....I am tired and sluggish. By the way I have NEVER experienced the energy that others have while on this diet...just an anomaly I guess. I am always tired and dragging (no my iron levels are fine and I take lots of vitamins/supplements).

Have lots of work to do in the house - very depressing as my house is a mess and I have no time to clean it (and I have 3 very messy children). DD's bat mitzvah coming up (Dec 13) and I really need to sit down and get those invitations out (doing them on my computer at home). Still gathering addresses and finalizing guest list - what a nightmare. Have to go to hotel for meal tasting for dinner (I'm sure it's not low carb..ha ha), and finalizing luncheon plans as well.

Still need to buy clothes for dd (maybe myself too?). Both boys are okay for clothes and dh just need to have suit taken in due to lc weight loss!

Just a reminder to everyone to hang in there....remember that weight loss is not linear, and you WILL NOT lose every week. Also please remember that a stall is defined as more than 4 weeks with no POUNDS OR INCHES LOST. It is normal to go a few weeks without losing any weight, and week 3 is known to be a notorious one for not losing any weight as your body adjusts. This will occur periodically.

Good luck for your weigh in Dinki....let us know the results.

As for coffee drinkers - I too refuse to give up my cream, but I do drink decaf. A few years ago I "weaned" myself off of sugar, and this is a suggestion for the splenda users. It does take time, but you can try slowly/gradually reducing the amount you use, until you use none...it can be done! Now I can't stand coffee with sweetener (unless it's iced coffee for summertime).

...and despite a serious run in with some macadamia nuts last night, I am thrilled to report I am back in KETOSIS! Scale hovering around 187.6 but that's okay. Can't inhale too much water this pm as I am in an a seminar/workshop all pm..!!


jdoggmartin 10-22-2003 10:45 AM

Good morning, ladies! How is everyone doing? Hope all is going well in the world of Atkins.

Thanks for the advice on weaning off of sweetner, Froufy. I didn't think I could do it, but this morning, instead of my usualy two packets of sweetner, I just put in one. And, it still tasted great! Who would have guessed? I don't think I could ever drink coffee black, though. I'm always going to need to use the cream at least!

Well, today I have to go across the state for a meeting and field day. I'll have to eat supper tonight and lunch tomorrow there. It kind of scares me because I'm not sure what they'll have. I think I may be able to order my own tonight, but definitely not tomorrow. I'm figuring it will be sandwiches or barbeque -- that seems to be the standard. Whatever it is, I've got to work with it and stay on track. I haven't strayed yet, and I don't plan on it!

Have a great day!!

Take care,

StarPrincess 10-22-2003 11:01 AM

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!!

I'm living in the land of bizzare weather lately. Portland, Oregon is supposed to be rainy and cold by this time of the year. Yesterday, it was 81 degrees and HUMID! My hair is one giant frizz ball, but my skin feels great! :cool:

Kim - I inherited my father's football player build and muscles so I avoid lifting weights at all costs. I ride bikes, jog, walk, and most of all - practice pilates. It's doing a good job of keeping me limber and lengthening out these bulky muscles that should not be on a woman. :strong:

Froufy - thanks for the sweetener advice. The horrid thing for me is that I didn't drink coffee until about 2 weeks ago, and now I don't want to stop! :goodvibes

StorybookMama 10-22-2003 11:25 AM

Good Morning everyone!

Starprincess - right there with you up in WET Seattle this week. This morning it is oddly warm out there - and this is supposed to be FALL!!

Had an interesting revelation last night. You know how you hear a good idea but it doesn't really sink in until you actually experience it??

Last night I was snacking on what was left of my whipped cream/SF pudding concoction before dinner. It's really too rich to eat more than a few bites at a time - I've been working on one bowl for 3 days now. Anyhow, it's obviously high fat - and once dinner rolled around, I only ate about 1/2 of what I thought I would. I just got through what I could eat and was satisfied WAY before I normally would have been.

SO, that tip about eating something fatty before dinner as an appetite suppressant???? TRUE!!! At least for me. Maybe I won't give up cream just yet - just eat less of it and before dinner (and maybe lunch, too.)

Scale hasn't budged, but I am retaining water this morning thanks to the summer sausage - so once I chug-a-lug some serious water this morning, I should at least see some progress of getting back to where I was.

No coffee for me. I gave up caffeine years ago, but really like that decaf with cream/Splenda.... So I miss that and will learn how to wean myself off the Splenda at least.

So, I did some checking because I really prefer the taste of half-and-half to heavy cream... h&h only has .2 more carbs per serving and I think is better in coffee. So, I think maybe I'll use h&h in my coffee instead.

StarPrincess 10-22-2003 02:25 PM

Lisa - that's great! So I SHOULD eat cinnamon pork rinds before dinner! That's terribly exciting because I want them all the time. Today I'm going to tie a bag to the end of a stick and then strap the stick to my back so the bag hangs out in front of me. Maybe that will get me to go jogging! :lol:

I only go through TOM every 3 months or so (I love my BC!) and today I'm in a misery of cramps so forgive me if I'm loopy. I'm a huge wimp when it comes to pain!

angel-eyes 10-22-2003 03:55 PM

Starprincess.....really, you get TOM only every 3 months? what a treat that would be!!! My dr. just put me on bc (low dosage) to help me with my severe cramping and period woes. Lets just say having to double up on products....isn't FUN!!! anyways, its been about 10 years since I was on them last time and I've now had spotting since the 14th and my period is due to start tommorow. Again...not fun!!! The dr. said to give it another month and the spotting should stop. YUCK I SAY!!! So by the time its all said and done, I would have been using products for almost 3 weeks this month.

Froufy 10-22-2003 04:00 PM

My TOM has been erratic at best....so far 4 cycles since starting lc. 1st month: heavier flow/longer duration, 2nd month: no period at all, 3rd month: spotting on day 16 of bc pills...then on and off til "real" TOM arrived/longer duration, 4th month heavier flow, but shorter duration (or more typical duration?).

Still have some PMS symptoms, and a need to eat anything that is not moving about 1-2 days before my period starts (and if it moves, I kill it then eat it! ha ha).

I know lc eating does wreak havoc with estrogen in fat cells which may cause strange things to happen. I have also heard that after a few months - this too shall pass!


StorybookMama 10-22-2003 04:33 PM

I'm currently 19 months post-partum and I've only had a period every 4-5 months or so since birth. I was nursing and pumping until a month ago, though, so I'm hoping that things start to get a little more regular.

I only had my period every 3 months when I was on the pill, too. You just skip the "down" week and start the new pack on the first day of what would have been week 4. Do this for 3 months and then "allow" yourself to have a period by doing the actual week four. I did this for YEARS and it was great.

Of course, then I went off the pill and got pregnant on purpose and now, I would NEVER go back on the pill. I feel so MUCH better without it.

StarPrincess 10-22-2003 04:50 PM

I went off the pill a little over a year ago and switched to the patch. I LOVE IT! It's the same basic idea - 3 weeks on, one week off while replacing the patch once a week. I just don't take the week off every month. There's been research that says it's easier on our bodies not to have monthly periods and I'm game for anything that keeps that annoyance away for a little longer. ;)

LindaBC 10-22-2003 05:21 PM

I forgot what I was going to say. :dizzy:
Nice to see this forum is so busy. Lots of good advice and handy info being spread around.
Also, nice to see several other "Wet Coasters" here. I think I'd be happy if all it gave me was frizzy hair. Unfortunately, it makes mine go flat, limp and very straight.
No more TOM problems for me but I suffered for years before finally having a partial hysterectomy. It's great not to have periods any more but I have noticed that it's harder for me to lose weight now.
Good tip about eating something high in fat before a meal. (Gosh, can't you just hear your mother hollering "Don't eat that! You'll ruin your supper!) :lol:

Lately, I've been using yogurt (making my own) as snacks instead of other foods. According to some people on another Atkins support website, a cup of yogurt has only 4 gr of usable carbs and even less if you make yo-cheese by draining off the whey. Even a half cup will tide me over the mid-afternoon hump and help prevent me from eating everything in sight before dinner. Flavored with a bit of s.f. jello powder or Crystal Lite powder and thickened with a tsp of ground flax seed, it makes a very satisfying snack. Some people are even replacing a couple of meals with a cup of yogurt mixed half n half with yo-cheese. I tried it for two days and finally broke a long-lasting stall but I just couldn't survive on only one "real" meal a day. The yogurt has the added benefits of killing off the yeasts that can cause a lot of internal problems and contribute to weight loss stalls. I realise that yogurt is not allowed on Induction, but I'm at the stage where I'm in OWL and trying to find a woe that I can live with. The addition of yogurt seems to be helping me stay OP.

StorybookMama 10-22-2003 06:47 PM


Good tip about eating something high in fat before a meal. (Gosh, can't you just hear your mother hollering "Don't eat that! You'll ruin your supper!) :lol:
Oh my, yes, I can clearly hear her. Thankfully, she was not at home to witness this horrible infraction of dinner. :devil:

I'm going to do it again tonight and see what happens. It really only took a few bites, literally, so it's not like I'm eating a meal beforehand to fill me up. I think it just triggers that "satiety" place in my brain. :sumo:

Maybe this will help me get over this small plateau. :rollpin:

I guess I'll stop at the store and get some cream.... sigh

clynne 10-22-2003 07:21 PM

Hi all you losers! (of weight)
Today is my 9th day on Atkins. I love the diet but am having trouble with having no energy. I haven't been able to figure that out yet but am reading up on it and making sure I take my vitamins.

Leenie 10-23-2003 09:27 AM

Good Thursday Morning :D

:wave: Clynne - it gets better honest.

I am having a hard time this week w/keeping my calories where they should be. I think b/c of the seasonal change and the daylight issue, I'm starting to get depressed, this is really bad b/c it can ruin all my efforts. I'm going to wait until next week to see if I feel any better and then off to the Dr. I go... OY! Saturday I am going out to dinner w/my hubby and sister and yes, I am going to have what ever I want, this has been a planned cheat day for over a month now LOL.. maybe I'll cheer up then, maybe not ? LOL.

At least my boss is not in today :p

LindaBC, I've heard that, that is a myth about the yogurt carbs and what it says is in there, it is. I'll find the article.... I think it even says it on the Atkins site but I'm not sure. THEN AGAIN, I've heard its helping ALOT of people with their WL. I say if it works, do it!

TTYL, Hugs, Leens

StarPrincess 10-23-2003 11:09 AM

Happy Thursday! I am one tired girl today! I have a bad habit of not going to bed early enough during the week and end up getting around 5 hours of sleep a night. :yawn:

Leens - woo hooo! Boss free days are great! Enjoy it!

Clynne - hang in there, girl! Your dedication will pay off hugely.

I'm being extra good this morning and having decaf - gasp!- and I cut my splenda use in half. I'm happily surprised to find that it still tastes pretty good! Thanks again, Froufy!

I'm down another pound - yippee! It's especially fortunate timing because I spent last night visiting with my super-thin-looks-like-a-supermodel friend. Oddly enough, she's a staunch vegetarian and she unknowingly inspired me to do atkins. :)

Going to have to go work up some endorphins today so I can stay awake without my caffeine.

StorybookMama 10-23-2003 11:25 AM

LOL!! Starprincess, my day is such today that I'm having my first caffeine in almost 3 years. Not too much (single shot) but enough to make it through the 4 hours of meetings/interviews this morning. (Interviewing attorneys for a position in our office... (with my bosses) so boring enough to need coffee...)

Splenda use cut in 1/2 to 3 packets and I'm okay with it. Lots of cream - but not used to the taste of regular and actually wishing I'd gotten the decaf because I like it better. Odd, I know...

Scale finally budged!!! I'm back to 11 pounds gone as of this morning. One more pound to make back to my pre cookie-dough weight!! Sheesh!!

Hope everyone has a great Thursday! Friday is just around the corner!!

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