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StarPrincess 10-21-2003 12:11 PM

Storybook Mama - are you keeping track of your measurements? I don't know about the rest of you, but my body seems to be unable to multi-task. I'll lose weight for a couple of weeks and my inches will stay the same, then I'll seemingly "stall" for a couple of weeks, but those inches come off like crazy! That may be what's happening to you.

Also, are you getting enough fat? Dr. Atkins warned against trying to do low fat and low carb together - it can do some serious damage. I've found, that I have a harder time losing weight if I'm not getting enough fat - maybe my body thinks I'm going to starve it again? Anyway, have some bacon!!! :D

jdoggmartin - my hair was about mid-back length and all one length. Now it's layered and shoulder length around my face (and shorter!) and they gave me BANGS!!! It's a very different look for me, but it makes me feel a little like a model, so I think I like it ;)

Hope everyone's having a good day!

supersized 10-21-2003 12:18 PM

Congrats StarPrincess! What an awesome achievement!

All of you are such inspiration to me--especially when I'm in super slow mode. I watched my new BodyFlex Plus tape this morning and will put it into action tonight. My goal is to do it twice a day.

I just had my total cholesterol checked today and I'm down from 247 (November) to 221. Both testings were non-fasting. I thought it would have been lower but am glad to see decrease non-the-less. YIPPEE!

Storybookmama, hang in there. I stalled for a long time and got very discouraged but I stuck it out and am now losing better than ever. I only lost 5 pounds in my first 2 week. UGH! Then I endulged in a little mexican food and gained some back. After I added the low carb meal bars, shakes and snacks my losses dropped even lower. I don't eat those at all anymore. I now keep my carbs around 10 most days and my calories are low as well. I haven't counted them but I'd guess they are well under 1500. I've done the Atkins fat fast a couple of times to get myself jumpstarted. I started it again yesterday. I usually lose about a pound a day on that plan. You might want to check out that section of the atkins site. It has a lot of good information on why some people are metabolically resistant. Even if you don't do the ff it offers a lot of good info. Good luck! I feel your pain.

StarPrincess 10-21-2003 12:51 PM

You guys are right - exercise is key! The trick is to find the right amount of exercise. Working out twice a day, every day is not as likely to help you as working out every other day. Taking a break helps give your muscles a chance to recover and develop properly.

I do pilates three times a week (I'm short, so long, lean muscles are a major goal) and I also go for a jog or bike ride once or twice a week for variety. I hate jogging, but it's almost gotten me to quit smoking :)

KarenW 10-21-2003 03:20 PM

Lisa - Dont get frustrated!! I did the same thing. Lost 8.5 pounds the first two weeks then stalled for 2, then lost .5 pounds the next 2 weeks (When I started Exercising, and then suddenly the body just kicked in! Finding exercise that works for you is key.. and remember once you start exercising , you might experence a little stall again for a couple of weeks while your body starts to build muscle, but once you have some muscle in place.. bam you will lose even faster because the muscle burns fat.

I also had a stall IMHO becasue 191 was a set point fro my body for 2-3 years. Some times it takes your body a while to realize that it can go below a certain weight that you were stuck at for a period of time. I know I have another set point around 160 because that is where I sat all through High School and College...

I make sure I do some form of cardio every day.. even if it is just 20 minutes around the block. Weights I do 3- 4 days a week alternating upper and Lower body so that the muscles get the rest they need. But for me, I have to exercise 5- 6 days a week! My body craves it even on my day off!

Exercise exercise exercise!

StorybookMama 10-21-2003 04:19 PM

Thanks Karen, and everyone. I'm dealing with this the best way I know how - eating what I should be eating and now crunching on some "Just the Cheese" snacks that I found at the health food store.

LOVE THESE!! I haven't had salty crunchy stuff for a month now... and boy these hit the spot.

They are prohibitively expensive, though, so this will have to be an occasional treat!!

jane8760 10-21-2003 04:23 PM


Where did you find the "Just The Cheese" snacks. I used to make my own with shredded cheese and a frying pan but I would love to find those! Easier!

StorybookMama 10-21-2003 04:29 PM

I found these at our local health food store. They have a "keto" section with all kinds of low carb products. It's a 2 ounce bag (think small bag of fritos) and has 2 carbs for the whole bag!!

I got the Nacho Cheese flavor (YUM!) and the Honey Dijon flavor which I haven't tried yet.

They were $3 per bag!!

jane8760 10-21-2003 04:30 PM

Off to the Whole Foods Market I guess!


kfs151 10-21-2003 04:40 PM

Hi All,

Mostly I've been lurking and just following along. During the week I don't get much time at my computer so I'm not a regular about posting as I should be :nono:

I'm making it to the gym 2-4 times per week and have recently switched my cardio to 45 min on the elliptical, a big step up from the treadmill for me. My eating hasn't been all it could be (mostly stupid stuff like a breadstick, etc.) but overall on OP. Weight loss is slow & steady and I can't complain. Down or steady is definitely better than up!

Storybook - another thought, how much SF/aspartame are you taking in on average? I've found "too much" aspartame would stall my weight loss even though I was in ketosis and eating OP and not to many calories and exercising!! Just a thought...

StorybookMama 10-21-2003 04:47 PM


I avoid Aspartame - in fact, the only thing I've had with Nutrasweet in it in the past several months was the SF pudding I had over the weekend... mixed with whipped cream, etc.

I DO however, get a LOT of Spenda in...and probably should limit that, too. I only drank ONE Diet Rite a day during the first two weeks and have been more relaxed since then.

I also have to quit coffee - it just stalls me if I drink it the way I really like it. So, coffee with cream and Splenda will have to be a weekend "Treat" for me.

Thanks - all of these thoughts are really helping me focus!!!

StarPrincess 10-21-2003 04:58 PM

Just the Cheese
For those of you new to "Just the Cheese" -

The white cheddar and herb & garlic varities are wonderful as well. I snack on the white cheddar. I also break up the herb & garlic and use them as "croutons" on my salad. Delicious!

jdoggmartin 10-21-2003 05:20 PM

These "Just the Cheese" things sound great! Thanks for all the info on them!

Karen: It was good to hear your story! I've been so impressed at your weight and inches lost. I lost 8.5 pounds the first week, too. The second week -- nothing. I do need to step up my exercise, so thanks for mentioning how important it is.

I, too, realized that my coffee should just be considered a "treat." And, I got a little carried away using aspartame as well. I think since I lost so much the first week I thought that these things that stall some people wouldn't effect me. Bad thinking, I know. So, hopefully, after cutting down on coffee, cream and aspartame and adding exercise, I'll be losing again.

Thanks for all the great info and tips, ladies! I learn so much here!

Take care,

Kim in NJ 10-21-2003 11:10 PM

Hi everyone :D Glad to see everyone helping each other out!

Froufy - I hope things are looking up from Monday. I am a real stress eater and that's one area I really need to beware of. So great you are giving away your clothes - great move!

Lisa - I too had GD and was on insulin from about 30 weeks on. The AM numbers are always highest in all humans because there has been no food in our system since evening of the night before. I too need to avoid sweets big time and I just stick with SF jello - that's it. As Star Princess mentioned though - have you been monitoring your measurements? I am same as her where one week I will lose lbs - but on the weeks my lb loss is minimal I really notice the rearrangement of my body and the way my clothing fits. I began in July on Atkins and in August I was a little disappointed with my loss after that first week. I began taking Co-Q10 and Acetyl L-Carnitine they seem to help me and I'm going to stick with them. Read Atkins chapter on Supplements.

Karen - I agree with Lisa on the Acidolphilus. I take it in capsule form which does not need to be refrigerated though (most do require refrigeration). I found it at GNC - called "Probiotic Acidolphilus" in a blue and white labeled bottle. I have a real problem with yeasts and molds - even though I have never had a yeast infection. My asthma is severly triggered by molds especially this time of year. Since taking the acidol. daily, I have not had any asthmatic issues this fall yet (thank God).

StarPrincess - We are experiencing the same results with Atkins and I am so happy to see that you began at 200 and are down into the 160's. That gives me so much hope!!! I began on 7/10 and am down 42 lbs. I agree with your statement on weight loss vs. inches lost. Are you lifting weights? When I've lost weight before and got down to 160, I was still in a size 14/16 - but I'm 5'5". I didn't even get the 9/10 size until getting all the way down to 140 - but I also wasn't lifting any weights - I was just doing cardio. I think your results are jus so encouraging to all of us!!!!

Jina - Oh I love my Dunkin Donuts Cafe Blend coffee....and you are right it IS a treat!!! I do have about 3 cups a day but that in itself has helped me to avoid sweets because I treat it as my dessert each night. At lunch I have SF jello and at night DD coffee! YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow everyone - sorry if I missed anyone!

dinki 10-22-2003 01:07 AM

Hi all!

I will weigh in on Thursday, I use the scale at work for my official weight. (hopital scales) I had a good start to the week I bought 2 pairs of jeans that are down 1 size. YEA

I tried a new exercise tape Pilates for Dummys which is perfect for me. It feels great to do all the stretches.


Leenie 10-22-2003 09:09 AM


Jina, coffee to me is a staple in my diet. I do drink alot of it, I just have a hard time giving it up :no: hang in there, this whole new way of eating is a learning experience.

You know girls, this word I keep seeing posted in these threads is starting to worry me. Its that nasty dirty word EXERCISE!!! I'm wondering if I should tell a moderator you guys are using it so often ?

ROFLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :s:

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