New 2 3 chicks and keto

  • Hi i started keto about 8 days ago i was doing atkins but started reading about even lowercarbs and decided to give it a go.ive been able to find lots of recipesand meal plans on pinterest.
    Now i need to find me some strips.i live in coquitlam bc anybody know where to buy them in canada? Help please
  • Any pharmacy that carries Diabetes supplies should have keto-sticks. It's not a specialized thing for the low carb diet. It is just to tell if you have shedding ketones in your urine. By the way, I have read or heard that this is not a great test, and if possible a better test is the Glucose meter which works on a finger stick and drop of blood. I have one of these. There is actually a better testing instrument as well. It is quite expensive. Also, these are really meant to be "training wheels" to give you evidence that you actually are going into ketosis. Once you have the diet under control you really do not have to use them.