Cheat day during induction?

  • So, I recently decided to switch from vegetarian to a low-carb diet, so I'm going to be starting Atkins diet this Friday or Saturday. The problem is, Thanksgiving is very shortly after, and I'm worried about how badly it will throw me off. I plan to workout that day and immediately jump back into induction, but I really, really, don't want to wait a whole week before starting. I didn't go back to eating meat to eat crap. So, will it hurt me a lot? I'm thinking it will be fine, seeings as it's planned, and I'm going to workout, drink loads of water, etc. Should I stop worrying about it? If i'm truly dedicated to keeping the lifestyle, one off day in the beginning can't ruin it all, right?
  • Induction helps you get into ketosis. If you cheat with carbs, it will throw you out of ketosis. Some people get keto flu (ie miserable feelings) when achieving ketosis. You might be going through the whole symptoms twice. It won't ruin everything. But how well your body handles it depends on how well you can go in and out of ketosis. I personally don't experience keto flu, but other people find it miserable. I can cheat one day and go right back with no issues, this isn't true for everyone.
  • Low carb diets do not really have cheat days. You are on or off because it is biochemical. It won't ruin anything, but you will gain weight possibly, and also it will take about 3 days of low carb to get back on the diet. You have to go through induction again.
  • Being a vegetarian on thanksgiving would be great because all you could eat would be mashed potat, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce! I should try that!
  • If you are going low carb then just don't have potatoes, stuffing or bread. Being a Vegetarian you should be used to eating mostly veggies this isn't much different just adding some meat for protein
  • cheat day should be in a week, it gives us what we want to eat
  • I think all this is nonsense with cheat days