Daily carb limit

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  • I try for 20 or less carbs a day to lose weight... but can maintain my weight eating up to 45 carbs. Over 45 carbs and POP there goes the water storage and the feeling of being fuzzy headed and bloated. So Wild what we figure out about our bodies!
  • I aim for about 30 net carbs a day and use MFP to keep me on track.

    But past two days, I decided to eat a little more because I've been feeling extremely tired. Although I try to stay under 30, if I'm under 50 I am fine. Plus I am overly conscious about what carbs are going into my body.
  • If you are extremely tired, then its sleep you need. Are you not getting enough for some reason. Also its normal to want carbs when you are tired. Weight loss goes better with plenty of rest and hydration as well as good nutrition.