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  • Have you found that you have been able to lose weight more easily eating the SAME amount of calories with a low or lower carb diet than with a diet that nets the same calories but with carb rich foods? If that makes sense??
  • Yes. When I count I count both carbs and calories (automatically happens in many of the tracking softwares). I try to limit carbs to around 25g (total, not net), protein to around 65g and calories to around 1600. I'm definitely less hungry than when I did calorie counting eating carbs eating even 1800 or more. I'm in my 40s and I find now that to lose at a rate I find motivating I need to watch all three factors. Some people have metabolisms that can take in far more calories on low carb and still lose consistently, lucky for them. That's just not my situation, so I've faced the facts and keep to the numbers above. It's a lot of tasty, satisfying food, by the way, 1600 calories on low carb, but it does mean being careful with how much cheese and cream gets put on things...
  • I'm tracking both as well. Calories at 1500, carbs at 30(total) grain or sugar.
  • I find about a 300 calorie advantage to low-carb (not counting the first week's transition from low carb to high carb or vice versa).

    That means I lose about as well on 1800 calories of low-carb as on 1500 calories of high-carb (which I've been saying here on 3FC for years before a recent study found similar results - about a 300 calorie advantage to low-carb).

    Even better, I'm less hungry on low-carb and feel much better in many ways. It should make low-carb a no-brainer for me, but I find it very difficult to stick to low-carb. That's not a good reason to abandon low-carb, it just means I continue to try, even though I continue to struggle.

    In a very real way, my carb-addiction is like any unhealthy addiction. Abstinence is a worthy goal, even if I don't always succeed - although it is harder to define abstinence, as some carbohydrates are healthier and less addictive than others, and no-carb diets may be as unhealthy as carb-heavy, processed carb diets.

    I do have to watch even natural sugars in fruit, because I can easily overeat fruit almost as easily as breads or chips. Not usually enough to gain on fruit (alone) but enough to stall and/or exacerbate hunger/appetite. And making me hungrier can make overeating difficult to resist.
  • Great answer and does help me, i swapped out my one piece of bread that i use for a breakfast sandwich (egg and cheese) and got a low carb whole grain tortilla instead which is half the calories and much lower carbs (3) and am thinking it would make a difference even if the cals remained the same as the bread... i'm at goal but would like to get the carb count down a little further to see how that affects me and also.. some days i would like to add boiled sweet potato in for a meal (boiling has a MUCH better GA than baking and i much prefer boiled and then add in a pat of butter and that helps) so the tortilla in essence would offset it more than if i had kept the bread in at breakfast if that makes sense.

    i do of course realize that low carb doesn't mean i can eat whatever calorie count, but that 300 cal leeway does sound like it would help.
  • I am insulin resistant (read as diabetic) and ate a traditional lower fat, balance carbohydrate diet and really truly struggled to keep calories at 1800. I was hungry ALL THE TIME. It took me over a year to lose 6 lbs.

    I have been on a low carb diet eating about 50 net carbs per day and have fairly easily kept my calories between 1400 - 1600. In 12 weeks I've lost 16.5 lbs. I have never had more energy or felt more in control of my eating.
  • For me, I don't find that eating low carb helps my weight loss in terms of being able to eat more calories on low carb. The first week or two you are on low carb you do often lose a lot because your body sheds a lot of water when you don't eat carbs. It does help to the extent I don't eat junky high carb food.

    But, I've kept records of what I eat and I find that my weight loss tracks my calories not my carbs.

    I'm not saying that low carb eating is bad. Some people are very sensitive to carbs and find that they do much better weight loss wise by going low carb. Also, any time you limit any major food group - whether it be carbs or fat - you will usually eat fewer calories.

    But, if I eat 2000 calories a day regularly I will gain weight regardless of how many carbs are in what I eat. I do tend to limit my carbs - I would call it more moderate carb eating than low carb eating - because I avoid refined carbs and junk carbs. During the last 30 days I've eaten between 50g and 100g carbs a day on about half the days. For most of the rest I've eaten between 100 and 150 (I've had 3 days I went over 150g but never above 200g).

    I do think there is individual variation in this.
  • i think this is what i do, also.. i don't really track carbs OR calories anymore for that matter but i very much limit (6 days a week) breads, pasta's, etc. so i'm naturally lower carb especially when compared to the general population and also am quite aware that it is pretty much about calories but also it does seem there are some that lose weight more easily on a lower carb diet than say the same amount of calories on higher carb and i've seen others on this forum be the opposite.
  • If you are going to restrict calories you really need to be careful how you spend those calories. You need to get as much satiation and nutrition as you can. And that really does mean fat and protein, if you can stomach them!
  • I've been low carbing for years but not losing weight. I'm going to start counting calories tomorrow as well. This thread is helpful, thank you
  • Quote: I've been low carbing for years but not losing weight. I'm going to start counting calories tomorrow as well.
    Some of us are unlucky in that way... protein can also turn to glucose, hence you can't eat as much as you like.
  • Quote: Some of us are unlucky in that way... protein can also turn to glucose, hence you can't eat as much as you like.
    Actually, I think most women over 40 are in that boat, I don't think it's all that rare...

    I keep calories around 1500, protein around 65g, and total carbs (not net) between 20-30.
  • Sarah - that fact makes me want to scream -- "Not fair!" But what can we do? Life isn't fair. We just have to try harder, but at least we have the wisdom of years!
  • It's much easier to restrict calories on low carb. Basically the more carbohydrate I eat the hungrier I am. I find it easy to stay within my calorie limit, in fact I rarely hit the limit these days at all. I'm very low carb in ketosis- I eat 10-15g of carbs per day and keep it under 25.
  • Yes because I have tried just counting calories, it doesn't work for me. I can eat oatmeal and am hungry less then an hour later. If I eat a couple of eggs it sticks and I don't have to dream about my next meal. It is easier to manage your calories when you are not starving.