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Default When and how do you weigh in?

Ok I'm just gonna say it... I'm having an affair with my bathroom scale!
I can't go a day with out checking at least 3 or 4 times (and more when I'm home on the weekends).
I know many of you will say you shouldn't check but once or week or more, but honestly its not like I'm hurting my body for it. I'm just motivated by numbers so I'm a lil OCD about it is all. So unless I foolishly decide to trash my scale I'm gonna use it!

But I never know how much to say I lost since I do realize that your weight fluctuates a good two pounds or so during the day.
I wonder if I should use my "after my morning pee" weight,
my "got home from work and gotta decide what's for dinner" weight,
or my "well let's see how I did today before I go to sleep" weigh in?
Or do you average it all up?
LOL... Told you I"m a lil OCD.

PS. I pretty much wear nothing but my skivies and a t-shirt when I weigh in each time. So that variable is mute.

So what weight do you guys normally use? ... Just curious!

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Every Monday morning! After I go for a morning pee lol I also take measurments at this time too. Then I put my scale away for the week because if I leave it out - I very much become like you. If my scale is out of sight I dont think about it as often. It took me some time to adjust to this otherwise I was on it 100 times a day!
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I always USE my morning weight because it's almost always lower. I will sometimes check during the day just to see what the fluctuation is and so I have an excuse when I have a doctor's appointment and have to be weighed.....yeah, that 2 pound difference is going to really convince her that it was just a time of day thing when I should love over 200 pounds!

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Losing the baby weight
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Every morning after my first pee. I might weigh later in the day, but I don't count that weight.

Lost weight in 2010, had a baby and lost it again, had another baby and now I'm back! My mini goal photos from when I first lost weight here:
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We have a scale at work and I check it every Monday am. If I had one at home I'd become too fixated with it. If I won't be at work on a Monday, I'll check at the condo gym.
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I weight in the morning after I go number 2, I always get woken up by the need to go, thanks to chia, chlorela and spirulina. If I weight mid day or at night I can go up as much as 5 lbs, that would be disappointing. I usually refuse to weigh after eating, don't like what the scale says.
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Monday morning first thing for my weekly weigh in and Thursday morning just to check were I'm at.
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I'm a khaleesi!!
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First thing in the morning, buck naked, after peeing. If later I happen to evacuate my bowels, I will jump on the scale again just for the heck of it (and it does make a difference).
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Morning, every few days, naked (except for sox... it's to damn cold ) after peeing... etc....and after drinking 2-3 cups of java so that I can move.

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Every morning, after peering, before eating. I recently weighed myself every couple of hours during a weekend to see how much it fluctuated. SEVEN pounds during 24 hours! So the same time every day makes sense.

Also, don't worry about a weight on any one day. I average my weight for the week, and consider it a legitimate loss if the average is down, not if the day is down.
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Yea, waking up in the morning and jumping on a scale has become this rediculous little routine that I do look forward to.
Wake up, weigh, go pee, and weigh again.
I usually pee a half pound or more! hahah.. TMI, I know. I started going to a new clinic and they have this high tech scale that accounts for your clothes and everything! And I'm always lighter on that scale so like Nan S said, I dont freak too much if a day or two is kinda high. I still use the dr's scale to anchor my number.
St. Pat's Day challenge:

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F - Yeah, I'm doing this.
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Every morning, naked, after a poop and a pee and before I eat... and then sometimes again before and after another poop. Yeah that's right, sometimes I like to see how much my poop weighs... I try not to get on the scale more than once a day though. I tried weighing myself more than once a day and the numbers changed so much throughout the day I found it to be depressing, so no more of that!

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Starting over sucks.
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I weigh every day. On the weekdays, I weigh after I swim, so that's no food, a pee (and usually a bowel movement) and a workout before I look at the number. On weekends, I can't swim until noon so I usually just wait until I've been up a while and have gone to the bathroom. I do it buck naked.

When I first started, I was on the thing every five minutes, but now I only occasionally step on it at night before bed to see the daily fluctuation. I can gain up to eight pounds in a day, so if I weighed myself too often I'd go nuts.

I need to weigh every day to keep myself on plan and accountable.

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