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emurph 12-29-2012 03:50 PM

New to low carb.
Hi! I just recently joined 3FC after lurking for awhile. I've done calorie counting, mostly in the form of WW, over and over again and I always fall off the wagon. I'm a married SAHM of a 2 year old boy and I do not want to be an overweight mom.

I feel like calorie counting encourages me to eat processed food as opposed to real food and I am constantly hungry. I have hypothryoidism (controlled and medicated) and have been doing some research into low carb + hypo and from what I've read eating 100-150 grams of carbs a day seems to be a good starting point for me. I think it's doable, but I really have no idea if it's considered low carb. So really, I think what I'm trying is to be more carb conscious. I've also read, but never been told by my doctor, that low carb in general is beneficial to those with hypo as long as you don't go so low that it whacks out your thyroid. Honestly I am so overwhelmed with information about inflammation and autoimmune disorders, low carb, ketosis, etc. that I'm still trying to take it all in.

I've been using LoseIt! off and on for awhile now, but usually don't pay that much attention to anything other than the calories number. I'm going to be a bit more vigilant about planning meals and snacks and trying to find foods that will keep me full. After looking back through my food logs it seems like I'm eating around 200 carbs on a good day when I stay on track. On a day where I binge in the afternoon.....well, I'm not sure I want to know that number.

If anyone has any tips, suggestions, or other insight into hypothyroidism and low carb I'd love to hear it!

EagleRiverDee 12-29-2012 05:00 PM

I recently started low carbing using the Primal Blueprint (a variant on the Paleo diet). You might like it also. Basically, under 50g of carb is considered VLC (very low carb) and is when you'll go into ketosis. 50-100g of carb a day is where I try to be- it's basically a good area for losing about 2 lbs of fat a week. 100-150g of carbs is considered the "maintenance" area- easy to maintain weight, not as easy to lose, but you shouldn't gain weight. More than 150g of carb is the weight gain area- the higher the carbs, the more you gain. The standard American diet often is 300g+ a day, which explains our obesity epidemic.

FYI, I also suffer from hypothyroidism. I have Hashimotos. I am on 1-1/2 grain Naturethroid a day. I also exercise using home videos (currently P90X). I am truly unable to lose weight unless I go low carb, so it works for me. I get routine blood tests and so far so good- my cholesterol, thryoid, etc. all look good.

The nice thing about low carb- at least the version I'm doing- is there is no calorie counting needed for most people. Most people find that when they aren't constantly spiking their insulin that they don't get the cravings and the wild blood sugar swings that drive them to overeat.

TripSwitch 12-29-2012 05:17 PM

Hi... and welcome... I think your idea of being "carb conscious" is great... and actually I think it's something everyone should do, regardless of whatever plan they chose...

I think I can relate to what you are saying about calorie counting and WW's... I've done WW before and actually was very successful on it, but there were definitely times when I used my points on let's just say, not the best choices...

I think "low carb" is relative... I'm currently eating between 120 and 150 grams of carbs a day and that has been working well for me... And actually I never really went below between 60 and 80 and lost weight very rapidly at those levels... and even at 100 to 120 the weight came off easily... I didn't lose the weight because of ketosis... I lost the weight because when I kept my carbs down... I also kept my calories down...

For me watching my carbs has helped me make better choices... Lots of salads, lots of fresh veggies, fresh fruit, nuts... And lots less space in my diet for pasta, potatoes, rice, bread, and sweets... Which I just don't want to spend so many calories on anymore...

It definitely took some trial and error on my part... But it's actually been sort of fun in a way to see how my body reacts and just as importantly, how I feel better with these fairly simple changes...

Nora52 12-29-2012 05:38 PM

Hi, I am doing low carb - Wheat Belly Diet - and feel comfortable with the lifestyle. It seems to be working for me this time really well. I have done calorie etc before and was always too hungry and brain dead to function. And did not lose weight. Counting carbs is much easier IMO. I still keep an eye on calories in a vague sense of course but overall it is about eating healthy real food , and only when hungry... which you will find happens less and less. I try to keep carbs < 100grams a day but if the weight was to plateau too long then it would mean I need <50grams a day as some say.... but so far that is not happening. I am not seeking fast weight loss .I also have Hashimotos and take tablets. I take T4/ T3 combination as I had a Reverse T3 problem. Dr tests both FT4 and FT3 levels to keep that on track now. :-)

The best thing I like about low carb is the lack of constant hunger and brain fog that I previously had. I could eat and feel starving and faint an hour later! Now I can go hours and just grab some nuts and go another few hours. It is so liberating to be able to do that. I would never go back to the old ways...

emurph 12-29-2012 10:15 PM

Thank you so much, those responses were really helpful and encouraging.

I think I'm going to try to count carbs and calories for awhile. I'm only 5 feet tall and past experience has told me that I really have to be conscious of how many calories I'm eating in order to lose weight. Granted I wasn't conscious of carbs then so that might make a huge difference as I get into this.

I also am not looking for fast weight loss. I am ready for a total lifestyle change. We joined a CSA last fall and I'm really getting into the local food movement. I loved finding new recipes to make with the stuff in my basket each week and can't wait for it to start up again in the spring. Now that I no longer have fresh local fruit/veggies to use up each week I can see the pounds creeping back on and I know exactly what it's from. That holiday meal that lasts from Halloween to New Year's Eve. Ugh, I don't know why I do this to myself every year.

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