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Tonz 04-17-2013 11:23 AM

Dee, I know Billie lives in Canada how about you?

deetermined2 04-17-2013 07:55 PM

I'm in New Hampshire.

The Grand Canyon is on my "bucket list", though I haven't figured out when we'll get there. Have a great vacation! Celebrating your 33rd is awesome.

Billster 04-17-2013 09:51 PM

Thanks ladies! I was pretty shocked at my first week results as well. DH is eating more 60/40 and lost another 5 lbs.... Ugh MEN! Lol

I travel to the city 1 hour each way for groceries (or most of them anyways) as the closest town has very limited selections. So when i head in its an easy 4-6 hours.... I always have a zip lock bag of raw seeds and nuts with me and i cut up a cucumber to take with me. Traveling i would suggest going to grocery stores- up here most have a deli that has fresh salads, always ask for the gluten free menu as most restaurants carry them now. At the very least continue gluten free and worry about following WB when you get back!

I finally broke down and bought a food processor this week! Have wanted one for a long time and was at Walmart yesterday on my lunch break and found one on clearance and an amazing deal so i had to test it out and made guacamole last night! DH had his with rice crackers and i was stumped what to use for myself- cucumber! Who knew they would be such a great replacement for crackers!

Its a VERY happy day in our household today (no- not expecting yet...) But my dear sweet wonderful mother sent me a package... Well it was something i have wanted for 15 years since i was 14! A vita mix blender! I am so darn excited! If you dont know what they are google it! Throw all ur veggies in an 6 mins last warm raw soup!

Tonz 04-18-2013 09:22 AM

Isn't it aggreviating how men can lose so quickly? My husband has lost 30 pounds since February 1 and he only needed to lose about 25. That's my dream!

Billie, you will be expecting before you know it! I've heard a vita mix blender is the premier of blenders. I know you will enjoy it. And how thoughtful of your mom because I know they are very pricey!

Billie, I looked at your weight thingy and you're almost half way to your goal weight. Way to go!

I tried your shake recipe this morning and it was OK and I will try it again. I added a teaspoon of Truvia as I wasn't sure it would be sweet enough. My, my it is not a shake that you can make and drink/eat on the run. Those little darn chia seeds found every little crevis in my mouth. You definitely need a toothbrush after consuming that. LOL

Both of you probably are still having cold weather. I know Billie said it recently snowed. It's hot, hot, hot and very, very humid here in Louisiana. THanks the good Lord for air conditioner! I couldn't live without it.

Well y'all (a truly southern word) have a great day!

deetermined2 04-18-2013 07:36 PM

We've just had 2 days of 60 degree weather, and the daffodils are starting to bloom. This is a very late spring for us this year. My magnolia buds went from barely there to lots of pink showing all within those 2 days.

My hubby had a vita mixer from before we were married. Know it worked well for frozen drinks back then. May have to rescue it from the farm and see how it fares with veggie grinding. What a great gift from your Mom, Billie!

I wish our bodies lost weight the way our men's do.

Billster 04-20-2013 11:24 AM

Well im VERY jealous of the nice weather both of you are having! Its railing here today when i took the dogs out- i was dancing in the rain i was so happy it wasnt snow! Fyi i think my dogs think im nuts lol

I had about a dozen jalapeños i needed to use up again... So i made DH GF jalapeño poppers, stuffed them with cream cheese and wrapped them in bacon- in the oven till the bacon was crisp- i had two they were so darn good! Next time ill remember to put parchment paper down as it was not easy to clean the pan!

Tonz- as for the shakes if you dont find them sweet enough cut back on the kale and work your way into more, i started with very little then worked my way up. As for chia seeds i dont find they get stuck in my teeth, again i make a shake before i leave for work and drink it at my desk so almost an hour an a half after i made it and the have gelled up by that time.

This morning was the first time in a long time my iron pills made me feel nauseous ! I normally take it with a huge glass of water in the morning an wait about an hour before i put anything else into my system and i have never had an issue- today i had to eat an apple about 20 mins later as i felt like i was going to vomit!

Dee if you have a vita mix use it! I made an amazing mushroom soup in 5 mins last night! Im in complete love with it! However my only dog fall is Harley our 5 year old boarder collie is scared of the thing and barked the whole time it was on!

deetermined2 04-20-2013 05:55 PM

Just went on Amazon to see what a vitamix goes for, and I'm floored. I knew they were expensive but didn't realize just how outrageous they are. Wow! (Can tell my hubby bought that back in his bachelor days, these days I don't think he'd spring for one.) Too bad Harley is not a fan. My dog used to hate the vacuum cleaner. And my last dog used to bark when Thriller came on. Hopefully Harley will get used to it.

The GF jalapeno poppers sound good.

Down another pound as of yesterday. Yeah!!!

Billster 04-20-2013 06:46 PM

Way to go Dee on another pound down!!! The shocking part is Vita Mixes have come down in price!!!! The one i have was 950$ canadian plus shipping about 3 years ago! My next kitchen goodie i was is a food dehydrator!

patns 04-26-2013 10:08 PM

Billie, I am starting a juicing experiment this week. I just thought I'd mention I am using some juicing recipes that takes the pulp from the juiced veggies for soup. That way you get the pulp and there is no waste.

Billster 04-27-2013 12:15 AM

Patns- i have nothing against juicing- so please dont get me wrong! I have found that a lot of people waste the good stuff (pulp) which is where all the fiber is! I would love to hear what pulp you are using in soups! I have made so really bad ones this week!!!!!

Made more raw bars this week!! Added some raw hemp seeds to them and they were so good! Down another three this week! Hoping this will help me NOT gain week as i start my first cycle of Clomid next week... Lets hope im not too much of a nut job when im on it!!!!!

Billster 04-27-2013 12:58 AM

Patns- were you not on the 3FC IP form for a long time?

deetermined2 04-30-2013 10:02 PM

Hi, all!

Welcome, patns!

Congrats on the additional 3 lbs., Billie!!!

I've been away. Have been afraid to check the scale, since we returned home last night. My hubby who had been eating to maintain because he had been losing so much, was up 10 lbs. in the week we were gone. Scary!

Billster 05-01-2013 08:58 PM

Thanks Dee!

Still just eating cooking meats at dinner time, everything else is raw. Down to only some cream in my coffee- have not been able to kick that just yet! I have been hooked on jicama salads! I love that stuff! Wit avocado dressing! Mmmm

Day 3 of clomid and so far still feel fine. Mornings im a bit more crabby then normal but that could be due to work too as its VERY stressful right now! No weight gain!

deetermined2 05-02-2013 07:28 PM


Billie, besides the 2 pound a month weight gain if I didn't exercise a lot while on clomid, I also found that I was more emotional and had to make sure I had enough B vitamins. The good side effect from the hormonal impact of clomid was that it made "trying" even more fun.

I have to get back on track diet-wise. Still haven't checked the scale. My husband seemed surprised that I didn't want to know the impact of our vacation, but I don't. I'll check soon, once I'm eating slightly better. I never ate bread or anything like that, but there may have been soy containing gluten in one or two things I had, or in things that I didn't suspect contained it. It is much harder eating gluten free when travelling in a foreign country, where English is not the primary language. That and the place we stayed was an all inclusive including drinks, and I mixed a little rum with my coconut. That may have had a bigger impact on my weight. Though we were doing stairs a lot. The resort was set on a hillside, and the main dining room was down one flight and up four flights from our room. No elevator. And we could either go up and down a hill to get to and from the beach or climb up and down more stairs, we usually opted for the hill.

patns 05-04-2013 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by Billster (Post 4720823)
Patns- were you not on the 3FC IP form for a long time?

Yes Billie I was on IP and lost 39 pounds. I had actually lost 40 before that over several years by cutting out wheat long before wheat belly was all the rage. I gained back 5 pounds instantly on phase 3 of IP then 5 over Christmas and have been fighting that 10 pounds all winter.
IP just didn't seem to kick in second time around. It seems my body had adjusted to it. Plus I don't like the artificial ingredients in it. I did it with alternatives I didn't go to a clinic.

So I am trying with juicing for breakfast and for snack plus two Paleo type meals a day.

As for the pulp I am not creative; I just throw some of it in the Paleo broth I make from soup bones. I actually throw quite a bit of it into the juice itself too.

There are lots more recipes for soups etc in the book I am reading. I will share any that I try and think are not bad.

But I'm thinking some are likely going to turn out like the ones you weren't pleased with.

There are some great suggestions on the net about adding the pulp to bread and muffin recipes. With wheat not an option for me that is not going to happen but they look yummy.
Glad to hear from a fellow Albertan!

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