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  • I see we can have pumpkin seeds, but that doesn't help much with not being allowed actual pumpkin.... we can have some squash, maybe they aren't the kind you want.
  • Jab, what about spaghetti squash, I punch holes in it micro the whole thing 5-6 min, cut in half scoop out seeds and string, and keep it in fridge to sauteed with onions, put pesto sauce on, or LC spag sauce. I make a lasagna out of it too. Or just add butter and season. fry up until crispy and have with eggs.
    Plain Chabani yogurt is 4.5 carbs per 1/2 cup, if you have flavorings you can have many flavors.
    Cabbage, for cole slaw, sauteed, add tomotoes and onions for a change. roasted and cauliflower is very good roasted as well, changes the flavor.
    Snap peas are neutral, just micro lightly, I have them at meals and also just use for dips for munchies.
    Hopefully more ideas later.

    Aunt nelly as long as you add back carbs small amounts at a time until you stop losing you will be fine.
  • auntnelly ~ I do understand what you mean about the cost. Feeding a family then buying special items for a "diet" can be difficult. Overall I find eating healthy to be much more costly at the checkout. I can see waiting if you don't have the right foods it will only stress you.

    Thank you for all the suggestions. I have 2 more heads of cauliflower that will need to be picked from the garden this weekend. So I know that will be in my food plan ...lol. I have one more spaghetti squash as well. The winter squash family is my preference but they are not allowed... acorn, butternut, pumpkin. Thankfully my garden was attacked by squash borers this year so unlike last year I don't have 50 acorn squash staring at me saying what are you going to make now...lol.

    I will check the grocery for Chobani. I will compare to Fage full fat as I believe that is on the list of acceptable. This is from the MM website...
    ■Dannon Light and Fit Reduced Sugar “Diabetic Friendly” yogurt (3 grams)
    ■˝ cup plain FAGE Greek Yogurt (5 grams)
    ■˝ cup plain Chobani Greek Yogurt (5 grams)

    The only flavorings I have now are caramel and vanilla, anything else I will have to order online. But I use to buy Stoneyfield plain in the big tubs all the time so I don't expect there to be an issue.
  • New Low Carb Yogurt! Dannon Light'n Fit Carb Control
    Carb Freedom. by Blue bunny

    I am doing a little bit better. I did a Tabata work out last night and whipped my own butt! It did the trick and I got rid of one gained pound!

    The problem area I have is dinner. I will be in a perfect place and then I have dinner! I just need to not eat dinner and have something small.

    Also I have found that out of all the working out I have done and all the equipment and classes I have done.. It's jogging that does the trick for me. A month of Zumba did nothing.. working out at the gym did nothing. An hour everyday and not an ounce, i gained weight. As soon as I went back to jogging BAM weight started peeling off. (Of course the MET B is an added factor)

    Does anyone else have a work out that just does it for you?
  • Quote: Aunt nelly as long as you add back carbs small amounts at a time until you stop losing you will be fine.
    well, the MM diet has a very specific plan for Step 2. It is 11-20 grams of carbs at every meal and before bed...and in a snack if it will be longer than 5 hours between meals

    So that will be a large increase that makes me crazy to think about. For example the 5x5 carb tortillas I can have now, I could actually eat 3 for a meal because I need that many carbs I suppose she knows what she's talking about...but wow, that is an adjustment.

    I have been re-thinking the foods I can have and I should be able to do it. Like 1/2 a sweet potato is not that expensive, as beans and some other low cost items I could eat, I will have to be creative which makes it more difficult.

    Plus I HAVE to have something, not like now where if I don't I can skip it, next Step, you eat carbs and you keep eating them or you gain weight

    Exercise? Well, I think it would have helped had I done some, but I haven't. I had planned to, but can't get into a schedule like I wanted, always something else to do.

    What I'm finding is that when I did Zumba for months and months I would think I lost some weight but it was always just a fluctuation.
    This diet has been the only thing that has worked, eating less and exercising did NOT work. I had to factor in the Met B problem.

    I don't sit all day, I do do paper route every week day which is in and out of the car for an hour, but that doesn't count as "Extra 30 mins" beyond what I had already been doing.

    She makes a strong argument that the weight gain and loss are HORMONAL, so what works for a normal Met A person, won't work for you, although, she does say we need to exercise to burn the fats we eat so our body can get on to the fat after that.

    I have only lost about 6 lbs in the 8 weeks. I can't say it would have been more or less had I done something differently, but I DO know I have lost inches. 3 inches at my bra line, and I"ll measure for real tomorrow or Sunday so I will know what the rest will be then.
  • I agree she has pretty specific steps and I hope they work for you as they have for her. I guess all I was saying is that if her program becomes hard or too expensive to follow, to just add back low GI carbs slowly until you start gaining and then you will know how many carbs your body can handle and maintain good BS control.

    As much as I like her program she is not the only game in town on controlling diabetes and insulin resistance, she just came up with a new name to call it, met b. And structures the diet a little differently from other docs. We are part of a very big experiment in new science and thought about how to handle these diseases and how diet plays a part. Even Dr. Eades, Atkins and Dr. Bernstein have revised programs as time has gone along. All I am saying is don't' let it stress you to the max and follow your gut, no one knows your body as you do and it will tell you what you can handle if you listen and live by your meter.
  • I know this is not the only diet out there, but I have tried lowering calories and increasing exercise and that didn't work, I tried SB and it worked the first time but as soon as I added back carbs, I gained it back, and I had the huge babies with "normal" blood sugar levels with no explanation. I feel Met B is the explanation I have been searching for for many years.

    I have it, and I did respond to it. At the end of Step 1 (8 weeks), this is what I have been able to accomplish:
    Weight down 6 lbs ( I know that isn't much, but considering I haven't been able to loose even a pound for at least a year, this is HUGE!
    Inches Lost
    Chest 2.5 inches
    bra line 2 inches
    waistline 2 inches
    Hips 2 inches
    maybe upper arms 1/2 an inch

    This is all exciting so I feel the rest of the diet will be successful, just having a hard time getting my mind around how it will work.

    Popcorn is on the list and I have an air-popper and so it is very cheap, so I can use that often if need be.
  • Don't get me wrong and BTW your results are fantastic! I sure do hope this works, as you say every time we add back carbs the pounds come back. I sure hope this plan does work as she say's I want a life back too. Preferably skinnier!
  • Yes, this is why Step 2 is important to follow as she recommends, because the carbs are reintroduced in very specific manor.

    Been looking at the list of carbs, and it does open up a whole new world! But in comparison to eating whatever I want, still very limited!! LOL !
  • Auntnelly ~ glad you had good results with step 1. I'm sure once you get into it step 2 will be easy enough. I've only just peeked at it and it is mind boggling. I will have to "study" up on it when my time comes.

    Working out.... I hate it. I always have. I have health issues that have changed my life considerably the last few years. I have to pace myself especially when using my arms in anything that requires a up or out motion. Lifting is hard to accomplish any longer. To make matters worse I took a fall about 3 months ago which left me very bruised. While the bruises have faded whatever I did to my hip , still has me in pain and gimping around. It is very slow getting better, but it just needs more time. I assume I tore something in the fall. It was a stretched out splits, collapse fall off a dock into the water and I hit both the dock and the boat going down. Can we say clutz...lol.

    Anyway until my pain level decreases I'm not inspired to do much of anything. I stand/walk at my job all day. I am on my feet and the only time I sit down is at my lunch break. By the time I get home, change clothes, take care of the pets,do chores, make dinner then do dishes I'm done. Thankfully all my children are grown, because I no longer have the energy for little people. Once I sit down in the evening ( I have usually been awake 14+ hours and on the go all day by that point) I just start to stiffen up to the point I look like I am 90 when I get up in the evening to shuffle off to bed. Typically I fall asleep reading within an hour of sitting down in the evening.

    I worked in the garden most of Saturday morning. Trying to clean up and get ready for fall, but it has a long way to go. Did all the housework & catch-up I leave for a day off the rest of Saturday. Sunday I was very sore from the day before so I putzed around the house. I felt like I cooked all day long because people were in and out all day. I stayed on plan although on my days off I find it more difficult to meet the five hour time frame. I get busy and lose track of time, but I am trying.

    Hope everyone has a great day OP!!
  • That has to be hard to be on your feet all day. Guess you are not living a sedentary life for sure.

    I have read and reread the Step 2 section and I think I get it, even though I don't understand the WHY, I understand the plan.

    I am starting today. It will be more carbs 11-20 grams at EVERY meal and before bed without fail....if meals are more than 5 hours apart, I get a snack of 11-20 grams of carbs as well..........plus 2 FREE 5x5 carbs when ever I want.

    sounds like alot, but it is still about 1 serving a meal, which isn't alot, but it does increase dramatically, the selection of carbs to choose from.

    off to search for supper !
  • So far I am maintaining 183. Haven't lost or gained. Not bad, but not super good either. I'd rather be losing, but at least I am not gaining. I haven't been working out though either. I need to get my butt in gear. Yesterday I spent all day tiling my wall in my kitchen. So there was alot of on the floor cutting tile and getting up and on the lader to check the tile, smearing tile paste on the wall, getting down, smearing tile paste on the tile, getting up.

    Still having a problem with Dinner. I either can't eat dinner, or I need to eat dinner at Senior Citizen hours. it seems like if I eat after 5:30 - 6:00 it just hangs around.
  • Finally a FBS of 100!!!!!!! down 1/2 lb but clothes are looser so onward ho we go!
    ksquared, tiling a wall is exercise baby count it!

    Aunt Nelly did you start step 2? What do you think so far?
    I have not even really read it, skimmed it but have several weeks to go.
  • Kandie Apple You MUST eat right before bed, not a whole meal, but a small snack of sorts. That is part of the whole plan. The eating is making your liver not "feed" you all that glucose so that your insulin levels sky rocket going straight to fat. It has been the HARDEST for me too, to eat late in the day, it has been ingrained in my BRAIN but it is in the book, you will actually gain weight if you don't eat before bed, and every 5 hours....really !

    I can't find the quote in the book and I need to get going.

    As far as Step2 ? I started yesterday and I am enjoying the carbs I get to eat, but I feel tired again but I'm not sure if it is the carbs or the big exhausting week end we had. I am trying to do it "by the book" and so far it seems ok, but I'm still wondering what will happen since I am eating more but am still supposed to loose weight ??? I guess I'll give it some time and see what happens.
  • Quote:
    I am trying to do it "by the book" and so far it seems ok, but I'm still wondering what will happen since I am eating more but am still supposed to lose weight ??? I guess I'll give it some time and see what happens.
    Remember the days when we could not get our head are the thought of eating steak, bacon and butter and dumping the white food and still lose weight?

    But hey it worked and we were healthier for it. I lost lots of weight, my hair and skin were better than ever, energy through the roof and I had real fingernails for the first time in my life. So if she can shake it up a bit and give me all that again and keep me from going full blown diabetes I'm all for it.