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Don't turn back.
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Default Just a few low carb q's

I'm low carb at the request of my dr, and I feel great after a day on this plan! My dad is a body builder and told me that 70 g of carbs was probably even too much, and 140 g protein wasn't enough, but he's very clean/carnivore with his eating. However, I do have early indicators of type 2 diabetes and I have high cholesterol, and I may be gluten intolerant. I certainly feel much better/less hungry on this few carbs, not fuzzy at all.
But does that sound about right?
Also, is it necessary that most if not all of my carbs come from dietary fiber instead of sugar?
And how much fat is too much fat?? I feel like I'm eating too much, its about 41% of my calories for today.
With dinner and snacks, today is 1431 calories, 66g fat, 59g carbs and 146g protein.
Here's what my day looks like:
Liquid eggs and reduced fat cheese, scrambled in the microwave
Lamb burger patty, topped with 2 tablespoons plain Greek yoghurt and 1oz feta cheese
Baby green salad with feta and light Caesar dressing
6 oz filet mignon
Baby green salad with lite Caesar and feta cheese
1/2 cup Fresh blackberries in 4 tablespoons cool whip
3 light string cheese sticks
Baby carrots and garlic hummus

I think this is good, but I'm not sure. It feels great to eat so fresh and clean. I'm just wondering whether there will be side effects from going so low on carbs right away. I trust my dad and he looks great and eats great but he is the tiniest bit extreme by my standards, but my standards got me to 262 lbs. the truth is, I'm 22 and pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Maybe I need extreme?
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You may want to consider doing some low carb research. Knowledge is power and understanding exactly how & why low carb eating works...well...just makes it easier to do IMHO.
We have all been so brain washed to believe fat is the enemy and detrimental to our health, its difficult to wrap our brain around anything to the contrary. With that said, I would recommend you read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, Why We Get Fat also by Gary Taubes and of course, Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution by Dr. Robert C. Atkins.
From my personal experience, low carb works. I just celebrated 8 years on Atkins I don't think I could eat any other way.
Please do yourself a favor and educate yourself about low carb as much as you can. You will be glad you did. It will answer a lot of your questions.
You CAN do this!!
All the best to you!
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Don't turn back.
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Jerseygyrl- it's so great to hear how much low carb has helped you, you've lost so much! As far as I can tell, for a lot of people, once they go low carb they never go back. If how I feel from one day of eating this way is any indication, I can see why.
You're very right that I need to educate myself, that's usually my first step because I'm such a reader and I want to know everything I possibly can. I will order all three of those right now, hopefully they're on iBooks! If not I guess I can wait for shipping, sigh. Lol.
The reason I ask here really is 1. I'm scared after my dr appointment and I don't want to waste any time if this is the answer and will get my health back on track, and 2. It's finals week over here so spending hours reading articles online like I want to is limited (I'm in a Charles Dickens single-author study and have about 1000 pages of reading due by next thursday, yikes. Haha) but I guess now is the time to get comfortable with the basics and just count carbs.
Thanks for your advice and reading suggestions, and way to go again. 100 lbs?!?! Amazing.
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70-80 is my sweet spot carb number. But it is different for everybody. If you feel good at that number and are losing then it is probably a good number for you, too. If you stall then you can always rethink it.
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Cut out the 'light' 'reduced fat' stuff. They compensate for the loss of flavor with sugar carbs.

There is nothing wrong with eating full fat foods. I'm a clean eater, too. I'd rather eat something that's naturally high in healthy fat, than something that's had the fat removed and chemicals and sugar added to enhance flavor, BLECH!

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My life changed after reading Wheat Belly. Stay as far away from processed foods and low fat products. Most low fat things have been processed with chemicals. I love coconut milk(can) and I use coconut oil in cooking.
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