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Originally Posted by Peaches5577 View Post
Hello. I am new to this board, but am not new to the low carb way of eating. I have done Atkins in the past and really liked it, and honestly know that this lifestyle of eating is the best for me. I fell off the wagon though over the winter/spring and gained back about ten pounds. I need to get focused again and my goal is to lose at least another 25 lbs.

I have been reading about the Paleo diet. Can you give me your thoughts and experiences for those that have tried and liked it and even those that have not? Thanks a ton!
I enjoyed being on the paleo diet but I found that I had to keep fruits to a bare minimum in order to lose weight. Cutting out dairy was hard to do at first but my skin looked so much nicer without it in my diet.

I need to get back to eating that way. I should start tomorrow.
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I'm a fan of Mark Sisson and Primal as well. It's basically what I've been doing for the last month, with a few slip-ups here and there, and I've lost 15 lbs since getting back from my vacation at the beginning of July.

I'm not really eating a lot of fruit, though I don't avoid it. I mainly avoid grains and veggie oils, and I've found that potatoes are a problem (mainly because they're hard to stop eating!). I have not given up dairy - I am most likely lactase-persistent (based on my genotype) and I really don't want to have to figure out a way to eat without dairy.

I haven't been exercising, and I probably won't until my company gets the company gym finished. *shrug*

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Primal/Paleo eating transformed my health. Really helps to avoid excess cardio. Strength training with Kettlebells has also helped me as well as a weekly sprint or two.

Really encouraged by my experiments with Jack Kruse's Leptin Reset plan which other Primal and Paleo folk shared with me. Can be found with your favorite search engine.
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Yay for primal/paleo way of life! Great to see so many interested and/or already eating this way.
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I just found the primal blueprint website and am seriously thinking I should do the 30 day challenge. I did Ideal Protein last year and lost 26 lbs and then immediately gained it back after going off and I can't bear the thought of going back on again...I want to lose 25 lbs and realize I can't do that in isolation so I hope other primals will chime in and we can keep each other going.
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Default paleo/primal

hey sydneydaffodil,

I, too, did ideal protein almost a year ago now and lost around 15 lbs, but didn't stick to it. I have been attempting to eat primarily paleo, and more primal lately, since I quit ideal protein, but just cannot quit having my little cheats- which have resulted in no more weight loss, and 3 lbs shy of my starting weight when I first began ideal protein. I logged onto here tonight wanting to find others who were looking for accountability in their paleo/primal journey as well! Glad to find your comment!

One of my best friends began eating a paleo/primal diet last November right after Thanksgiving. Her starting weight was around 175, and she now weighs 125. She stuck to a strict paleo diet and never cheated in the first few months, until she had lost a significant amount of her goal weight loss. She suffered from numerous allergies, anxiety, and other chronic illnesses, and now, has only caught a cold maybe 2 times since going paleo. She is a huge support and role model for me in my journey! I also read the success stories on Mark's Daily Apple for motivation. His primal blueprint- quick & easy meals in 30 minutes is great as well for good, easy recipes!

I suffer from a horrible upset stomach and headaches, and have found that when I stick to the diet strictly, I feel significantly better, and my symptoms go away.

Good luck!
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wow sarahlace, the story about your friend is definately an inspiration!

I'm starting robbwolf's paleo solution today!

yay Day 1!
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Hi all,

I started out Paleo (and still fully believe in a Paleo template for health), but right now to help some IBS issues I've been doing Dukan for a week. It seems when I was doing high-fat Paleo my stomach was going nuts!!! I was so sick. I totally understand animal fat is healthy but I guess my body can't handle it. Anyway, my plan is to regroup with Dukan for a few weeks, keep up with the Paleo lifestyle and community, and instead of incorporating "all foods" in Dukan's 3rd stage of the diet, I'll incorporate the Paleo "carbs" like yams, squashes, and more veggies. So I'd love to keep up with this thread! It's amazing how good I felt once I ditched the grains!
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I'm not following Paleo per se, but I was strongly influenced by Paleo authors of books like Neanderthin, The Paleo Diet, The Paleolithic Prescription, and Primal Blueprint.

I do use artificial sweeteners (though less and less of them) and I haven't given up dairy (though that's not necesarilly unpaleo. Many of the paleo authors disagree on the appropriateness of some modern foods).

For example many paleo authors argue against dairy, because it's not a paleo food (in a paleo world, milk is only for babies), but others argue that dairy is a necessary evil unless we're willing we're willing to eat the paleolithich high-calcium foods (I don't remember the whole list but it was all unpalatable, and included insects, animal and fish bones, scales and shells).

Overall, I try to make more and more paleo-friendly choices. I use an exchange plan, and try to use paleo principles in choosing most of the foods I eat. The exchange plan is my basic plan, and paleo is a guideline I try to use as often as possible.

I'm moving towards a more and more paleo diet, but like all of the changes I've made, I seem to succeed much better with gradual changes than lifestyle overhauls.

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I've been eating Paleo for 5 days now and I've already lost 8 lbs. The first 2 months a counted calories and ate super clean, but after the first month had barely lost anything.

I'm loving Paleo so far, I feel like I have more energy and I'm droppin' those lbs again!! It's a great plan so far!!
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Personally cutting out grains and dairy has positive impacts on my health. You'll still need to run a shortfall but it's simpler to fill up on meats and veggies than it is when eating carbs in my knowledge. I am on paleo for 3 months and the results are amazing.
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I love Paleo Diet!!!! I soon as i turned vegetarian and switched to paleo its been almost 15 months now and i've lost 30 pounds, lost the absurd looking fat around my waist, my sugar and cholesterol levels are back to normal and i feel a lot more energized. My health is greatly improved and I feel young. So, I recommend this diet to almost everyone who wants to try it. Here is a good resource if you are willing to go ahead with it.
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I'm planning to start at the first week of December. Any preparation I should do?
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Paleo diet is amazing and what humans should follow... but for some reason over time human's have developed a strong affinity to eating a lot of meat every day.
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I first time here about this diet
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