my mind hasnt caught up with my smaller body

  • hi everyone
    it took my mom and bf to tell me that i needed smaller clothes. and i was down 2 pants sizes. how does that happen, without me knowing it. i was a size 18 and now a 14. i think i was just so used to wearing that same size??? dont know. the body image my mind has and what i am hasnt caught up with me
  • I have the same problem -- I'm down two to three dresses sizes. I have trouble telling what looks good on me now... Does it really look good? Or does it just look so much better than before that I think it looks good when it doesn't? (hello skinny jeans!) I also can't see myself compared to others. I would have been really good at placing myself in a line up before... now I have no idea how I look compared to other people!

    Anyways congrats on the loss and on the new clothes! Keep up the good work!
  • Same here, I have noticed my clothes fit a bit looser but I don't want to buy clothes for my "in-between" stage. Although I need work out pants that don't fall down with my workouts.
  • hey all
    i really like the new pants. i only bought 2 pairs for now. i want to lose more. so i will have live with some of the baggy pants. yea i have that same feeling about how i compare in size with people around me. still think im bigger. owell im sure it will catch up with me.