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katy trail 03-01-2011 09:52 AM

low carb grocery basics
ok, i'm really new to this. i've decided to try to do lower carb meals. just for a trial period. maybe a week or more. mostly taking out the most of the grains, pasta/rice. i've done meals before without rice or noodles, but i still had several slices of bread and cereal at the time.

anyway, i'm going to the grocery store this week. what kind of basics do you stock up on? how do you know how much veggies to get so you don't run out? and how much legumes?

yesterday i cooked 1/2bag of lentils and already i've eaten most of it, so apparently i'll be eating a lot of beans lol. i'm fine with that, just need more ideas.

Natalia 03-01-2011 10:42 AM

Eggs, meat, deli meat, rotisserie chicken, precooked bacon, canned green beans, salad veggies, frozen veg. Make all the veg low gi so no corn, peas, or winter squashes.

Ricotta cheese, cottage cheese, nuts and your favorite cheese are nice to have on hand too..

You will get a feel for how much veg you need but I always try to keep canned green beans and frozen broc/cauli so there is always healthy quick veg available..

If you like tuna or egg salad do a batch and it's quick and easy. I hate cooking for breakfast so I usually have ricotta creme or cottage cheese and then make fried eggs and bacon for my lunch..

The whopper in a bowl on the Atkins area is really good too.

Natalia 03-01-2011 10:46 AM

Ps while beans have protein they also have a substantial amount of carbs so I would go really easy on them. Most low carbers have a carb level low enough that beans are rarely used do to the carb cost..

katy trail 03-01-2011 01:45 PM

this isn't really a scientific experiment, although it feels like it to me a little. i wasn't too worried about the carb counts....like going for a certain total of carbs. i do see your point though.
it doesn't seem like it's really the carbs as long as they are from healthy veggies, legumes and such is the possible problem. not worried about cravings or blood sugar spikes. i just wanted to see if there's a general correllation if i eat less or none from the bread group, maybe my skin will be clearer? never tried it, so i don't know. otherwise i was happy eating whole wheat bread and other stuff from that group.

there might be other health benefits, not sure yet. it's only been 2 days. i guess i was thinking if i just tackle one part of it at a time, it won't be such a drastic change. mostly mentally, but it could be a shock to my body too.

i do like tuna and other types of fish, just had some for lunch. I've been eating eggs daily too.

what i've been trying to do at each meal- choose a protein-eggs w/yolk,lentils,tuna and veggies with it often greens. i eat raw carrots and radishes often too as snacks. my options are just limited right now, running low in the pantry.

Natalia 03-01-2011 01:54 PM

I agree, the grains/starch and sugar ate really the toxic areas. I can eat beans and legumes and not crave or binge or anything but unfortunately I stall out if my carbs get over a small amount.

I've never really noticed a correlation between dumping sugars and clearer skin- though I am less bloated and puffy .. Less water retention - so my face does tend to look better and healthier.

Interesting experiment!

synger 03-01-2011 02:34 PM

I usually look at the grocery flyers to find out what meat is on sale this week. Then I plan to cook that up in the rotisserie or the slow-cooker on the weekend, and eat off it most of the week. We also usually get a rotisserie chicken from the store on Fridays, because they have them on sale that day and I don't want to cook on Fridays. I keep the bones in the freezer, and when I have two or three chickens' worth of bones, make broth in the slow cooker. I take that as part of my lunch most days.

Other than that, our grocery staples are eggs, cheese, cream, butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, canned tuna, canned tomatoes, pepperoni, salad stuff, mushrooms, celery, carrots, onions, and cabbage.

Frozen staples are fish, hamburgers, Steak-Umms, turkey burgers, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and okra.

Refrigerator/cupboard staples are various spices and mixes, stir-fry sauce, thai sauce, hot sauce, chipotle sauce, blue cheese dressing, ranch dressing, italian dressing, horseradish, and roasted garlic olive oil (which I make myself). With those I can make all sorts of variations with the meat-of-the-week.

katy trail 03-02-2011 11:37 AM

the suggestion to get a feel for how many veggies i'll need doesn't really work right now. we're only going twice for this whole month. so whatever i get, i get. if i run out of something i just make do until we're out of stuff for the whole family. so i need a combo of stuff for the whole family (5 including me) and stuff that i'm the only one that likes it. like lentils and greens. what i've noticed is that i eat the bulk of the veggies normally. last few days i might eat a whole pan of veggies in 1 meal. such as roasted green beans or 1/2 bag of frozen turnip greens. so it's hard to tell how many i would need. clearly i can't keep eating them that quickly, i'll have nothing left for the rest of the month. so i'm thinking i'll get some salmon, lots of legumes, eggs. we always get chicken, but i try not to eat it all the time myself. it's more expensive than beans, but beans are so much more filling for me. so it's a balancing act.

i'm not really expecting any weightloss. or less acne really. i just always thoguht the whole idea was hogwash you might say. but if i feel healthier, and my skin is healthier living with less carbs and maybe grains a few times a week instead of everyday, then it's worth doing it to find out. i'm also eating fat too, but trying to keep it mostly the healthy kind. nuts, seeds, fish, evoo. limited pb. (really easy to eat too much)

i've kinda got a working theory in my head. maybe my large pimples are caused by eating pasta or rice. i probably eat those once or twice a week? i never kept track of it, but i think i've been getting those kind of pimples once a week. lately, i've been eating pasta or rice more than usual, and those type of acne have increased too. so this will be really interesting if that's true. or it could all be that nothing makes a difference.

Arkansas Kel 03-03-2011 06:33 PM

I would suggest checking out the primal/paleo threads - sounds more related to your choices - although they also frown on legumes more or less, they are tolerant of finding your own path.

As for the acne - I CAN make a HUGE recommendation. Try Proactiv - worked a miracle for me. And I have good results from the walmart Equate knock off version as well. Must try it if you are suffering with acne - promise, it was worth it for me. Can't live without it.

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