Carbs and Your Mood ...

  • I am just wondering if anyone out there feels that carbs affect their moods?

    I have been doing my own sort of mostly SBD-like version of eating - also a WW member counting points. I've managed to lose 15 pounds like this. The most I had ever lost in my life before this was about 20 doing SBD, so I know low carb is the way for me to do it - but I wanted the weigh-ins, meetings and points, so decided to do both.

    Anyway, these past two weekends I sort of gave myself "off" and ate way too many carbs. Even refined junk. Last weekend I found myself really grumpy and depressed. Attributed it to stress from having a party at our house and hormones. Back to only low and good carbs on Monday - by Tuesday I was feeling happy and full of energy. Went along that way until Saturday (relieved, figuring it had been TOM making me moody). Yesterday I indulged in carbs again (!) - Now I am not only craving BIG TIME - having trouble controlling my eating and feeling like eating junk constantly .... BUT I am also feeling emotionally miserable, tired, and depressed. I don't even want to get up and move - I think I'd be happiest on the couch all day.

    It occurs to me that this recent moodiness is coming about when I am eating junky carbs ... Is this possible???? Can food affect your moods ????

    I've already determined that I need to stop these weekend binges if I am going to beat cravings and lose any substantial/lasting weight. But could it also be making me moody? I hate this feeling and that may even be more motivation to completely avoid the junk.
  • Oh yeah food can absolutely affect your moods!!
    Sugar and refined crap can give us an instant high, and then once it starts digesting you go thru the blood sugar swings and feel crappy and miserable not to mention fatigued.

    When you have crap, get back to plan at the very next snack! Or even follow your carb fest with some protein to mitigate the damage.

    The more treat meals you give yourself ESP in the beginning the more opportunity there is to fail.. As sugar begets sugar. So I would try to remove it from your life as much as possible and always have a plan b on food.
    Be full when going out for longer periods or to events and tuck some protein fat combo into your purse.
    Good luck and don't let negative self talk set in. None of us got chubby from one bad meal
  • Definitely, I read a book about diet and moods called "The Mood Cure" by Julia Ross that discusses how sugars and unhealthy carbs affect your mood. I restarted South Beach (because it definitely works for me too!) and I feel so much happier!
  • Carbs increase your serotonin levels. Serotonin is one of the two chemicals involved in depression. So yes, they will affect your mood.
  • Robb Wolf talks about their being opiate-type receptors for dairy and carbs, so that they initially being a mood booster, and possibly addicted. (I don't know the technical terms for it.)

    But yeah, I'm seriously addicted to sugar and carbs, and it ain't good.
  • Definitely affects your moods, and energy level. For me if I have a high carb day I am down and tired, cranky, very much PMS type feelings. A day or so with low carb, high protein and I feel much more cheerful and energetic.
  • ok, well i'm not a carb counter. i can't say it's really affected my moods. could be i wasn't paying attention. i do notice, when i eat super healthy, i feel great. have more energy. lentil and spinach soup for example.
  • Research shows a definite correlations and I remember a time when my hubby and I would eat out at a restaurant known for its cheesy fries and onion rings...after my meal which included entree and shared dessert...I would get in the car and be comatose all the way home. NO LIE!!! Seriously, my Doc said it was a CARB/FAT overload that would knowck me out!!! I hated the feeling of the fluid retention that went with it. I have not stepped in that restaurant in years...but then it took me years to realize how CARBs affect me! I just didn't want to beleive it!!!