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Default Greek yogurt?

I love how much protein that greek yogurt has, and I was thinking it could it be a good part of a lower carb diet. But I'm used to having my yogurt sweet, and I definitely do NOT like plain yogurt. What ways do you like to eat it without adding lots of carbs? I'm wondering if I could use DaVinci or Torani SF syrups, or if that would make it too liquidy. I'd also be interested in hearing non-sweet options for eating greek yogurt.

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There is another thread about this recently... Basically, stop thinking of it as yogourt. It's sour cream, it's cottage cheese, it's mayo. Would probably work fine in place of ranch dressing, too.

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I've added a little DaVinci's syrup & some cinnamon. I've also added a few blueberries & toasted almonds and still managed to keep it low carb depending on what phase of a low carb plan you're doing
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I've recently fallen in love with Chobani Greek Yogurt. Mind you, there is no other yogurt I can tolerate for the lack of sweetness reason too. Chobani I find very creamy and just delicious. My favorite is the Pomegranate, yet the Peach, Blueberry, Strawberry & Strawberry Banana are all yummy. What I do is mix it up really good, put in some ground walnuts and it's like dessert.

I hope you find a way to enjoy it, it is fabulous for you
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I mix all sorts of DF syrups (my favorite is English Toffee w/ walnuts and/or some unsweetened coconut) into my 0% Fage and it never comes out liquid-y. I usually mix it up in the AM before work and eat it w/ my lunch so it has time to "steep", if you will.

I also use mine in place of sour cream - I mix in Penzey's Fox Point seasonings to make a dip, I make cucumber-dill dip and eat it w/ steak kabobs, I make salad dressings, put it on taco salad and more. It's *so* versatile!
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I but Barlean's Omega Swirls on top of my Greek yogurt. They come in different flavors and are approximately 5 carbs per tablespoon, 0 sugars. My favorite is the pomegranate blueberry. However, some of them mix better with some Greek yogurts than others. If you buy a tangy Greek yogurt, you may prefer the Lemon Zest, which stands up better to the tang.

They contain various oils, depending on flavor. Some are flax oil, some are fish oil, and some are mixed oils.
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Mmmm, y'all just made me hungry! Thanks for all the great ideas!
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I've used it with whatever fruit I am allowed (ie berrys) and 1 pack of splenda, and yes, mixing it up and letting it "steep" is best.
ALso use it in place of sour cream for cheesecakes, and dips. You can get packets of stuff for making ranch or other dressings and add to the yoghurt, then "steep" for your dip or dressing. (just watch out for added sugar)
Plain yoghurt IS an acquired taste, but the greek isn't sour and you do get used to it. I now drink unsweetened soy milk too, and could never have done that a few years ago.
have a great day
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wow, I cannot imagine eating yogurt sweetened. I have always eaten full fat, plain yogurt and love it. I cannot stand nonfat, it tastes bitter.
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Are you eating full fat, or a reduced or nonfat variety? I find full fat to be very creamy and, while not sweet, very pleasant to eat. Sometimes I eat it plain but usually I mix in berries. For an occasional splurge, I may drizzle a tiny bit of honey over the top. Yum. I am with martinimouse - I find nonfat yogurt bitter and not worth eating.
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Love Chobani with fruits, nuts and cinnamom. You can use it as sour cream in Chili, tacos and dips. Its a great source of protein so experiement with it. My newest Chobani and Chives Dip, mix the two and add some chili powder for a kittle kick.
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i love mixing my chobani non-fat with sugar-free jam!
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