Primal/Paleo Jan 2011!

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  • CJ ONEDERLAND Congrats!!

    Claire the olive oil I used is called : Filippo Berio Mild and Light olive oil. I used the extra virgin olive oil once and wow, yea, bitter is right ! Today I made some more mayo took a chance and used my hand wand thingy because I find it easier and it came out perfect... At first I had my doubts it was very liquidy and I thought , damn Claire was right it won't work, but I kept slowly drizzling the oil and all of a sudden is thickened... Claire if I can do it so can you
  • I have a great appetizer, and my new favorite snack (though it's not terribly cheap, it is to die for!)... grill up some strip steak and cut it into bite-sized pieces. Make up some fresh guacamole with chunks of onion, tomato, spices, etc. Dip the steak into the guac... oh dear, a little slice of heaven right there in your mouth!!!

    Not sure if that would be ok on the 30-day program you are all doing but it's definitely paleo and ever so satisfying!
  • babygrant - sorry, I forgot to add this - nope, I don't count calories. I however have only been moderately successful so far as I haven't been completely compliant (maybe I should say I'm doin 3/4 30 instead of whole?). My goal was whole, but this is my first adventure in paleo, so I'm not beating myself up. I've still come a long way, and I feel obviously better on paleo - mood, energy, motivation etc. It's not been hard overall.

    walking2lose: Having that roast was our motivation to come home instead of eating out. Will do that next time too! I might wait to try mayo until your experiments are complete - keep up the info on the progress!

    CJZee - OMG, YOU GO GIRL!!! ONDERLAND???!!!!??? WOWZERS! I am completely jealous.

    Today, big cooking to do this afternoon alternating with big laundry LOL. Planning meatballs, and dividing up some bulk meat I bought. (NOT grass fed - not very available in my area - am considering cowpooling though to get some). Got some chicken thighs cheap, and some chicken breast. We'll see what happens to it all. Also, yummo beef broth leftover from roast. Maybe reduce it to drizzle over meatballs (OMG doesn't that sound fab).

    Have a Good W30 day Y'all!
  • Congrats CJZee!!!!!!
  • Congratulations CJZee! That's fabulous!
  • I'm so happy with myself I stayed on plan all weekend!! No wine, no grains, no dairy, no ALCOHOL not that's something to cheer about ... I haven't weighed myself yet either, 15 days no scale : I just hope that I lose enough not to be disapointed after the 30 days.. I feel awesome though ... My skin feels really soft, my celulite has diminished a lot ... All is very good
  • Ilene -- ok, so maybe it was the type of olive oil? I'm trying to figure out if grapeseed is primal/paleo friendly, as I read it makes a nice, mild unbitter mayo. I'll tackle that next weekend... And WAY TO GO on making it through the weekend!! Sounds like the whole30 is making you feel great (skin, cellulite = +1,000,000!!!!!) -- how can you be disappointed with those results?!

    Plum - that sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. I'll copy it to my primal recipe file for future use.

    Kel - maybe you shouldn't wait for me on the mayo - beginning to think it's ME, not the recipe/ingredients -- lol. I agree that you shouldn't beat yourself up over small/minor slips - sounds as though you have made radical changes, and I for one, and super impressed at how well you are adjusted. Incidentally, how did you find out about primal? Was it doctor recommended? So glad you've joined us here!

    I am off work today for MLK day -- what a treat! I went to the gym yesterday with a friend and am quite sore from doing some arm machines - phew. I've been primarily walking, so I needed the kick in the butt. I really want/need to start doing some weights, but I haven't been too motivated. Hope yesterday broke the ice for me on going back to the gym.

    Dinner at folks last night was good, except for getting quite pissed when my brother asked, "So, how's your new diet going - dad said all you eat is meat." WTH????? I have discussed primal with my parents who are very health conscious and my mom has done zone for years and gets the concept of healthy fats, more protein, low carb. My brother, on the other hand, is 45 and has been told he has metabolic syndrome, which means his tri and chol and BP are all bad, and he's essentially pre-type 2. He, of ALL people, would benefit from changing his eating, but he had to make a joke of it... argh

    I know he was trying to be a pain in the *** and get my goat because I know neither of my parents told him I was eating only meat (again, WTH???), but still it ticked me off. I am reticent to talk about how I'm eating with people who will look at me like I have a third eyeball (You don't eat grains??!!) -- some people refuse to open their mind to "get" it, so I'd rather just eat my pork tenderloin, mashed cauliflower, greens, and skip the pecan pie thank you very much without making an issue out of it.

    I know I was being overly sensitive, but still it upset me, and I had to vent.

    Yeah, I feel better now. Venting is good. Thanks for listening and have a wonderfully healthy primal day, ladies!
  • Plum, that recipe sounds W30 friendly ...
  • walking2lose: How did I find primal? I don't actually know! I've done low carb a couple times - but it didn't work the second time at all and when I got frustrated with feeling odd in a group or when the choices meant paying for a $12 plate to eat a burger patty and a micro salad - it would fall by the wayside. Found Mark Sisson by accident online - and it grew from there!

    I don't even tell people I'm eating differently. I just happily munch through my salad or meat n veg while they eat fried breaded crap. Then keep 'em confused by my occasional slip (oh, call it an indulgence instead and they won't know the difference when u eat one bite of something). Learned that from low carb. If they're pushy about trying something - eat a bite, and move on. Then they don't know the difference. This afternoon I ate an apple, my office mate had pastry. Mine was better, hers looked dry/stale. Not even worth a slip.

    Plum: nice, steak and guac - yummo! and it is whole30!

    OK, today's run down - completely on plan. Breakfast of fried banana (only a few slices - not great - DH's invention), sausage, eggs, coffee. Lunch: BAS (Big A Salad) with homemade greek dressing, and leftover chicken. Snack: 1 perfect, juicy, sweet, cold apple - better than you can picture! Supper - OMG chicken thigh quarter roasted with rosemary/garlic/EVOO, boiled carrots, asparagus spears (with commerical mayo - I know, I know - but I wasn't in the mood to try it yet). And now, handful nuts with some hot tea.
  • AK and Claire-- I don't tell people about the way I eat either I made the mistake I think of telling one teacher at school and I know half the school will know about it in no time ... He says he's going to try it, I doubt he will pass day 2 without cheats he's a funny man... Already 2 people have asked me about the plan since I've told him, oh well, me and my big mouth ... Like you said Claire, they look at you like you have a "third eye" well said

    Run down of my day:

    1 egg with HM mayo and capers
    carrots and orange
    left over sausage burgers cut up into my vegetable cabbage soup it was goood
    apple and macadamias
    we had chicken thighs tonight too, grilled with just a dash of S&P along with mashed turnips/carrots/sweet potatoes more soup

    My breakfast of 2 boiled eggs, capers, chopped carrots and celery with HM mayo is ready, along with a blueberry coconut milk shake for my mid-morning snack, is all ready for tomorrow... I'm feeling really good

    Night all .....
  • Ugh... rough night sleep. Feel like I've been up since 3 or so. Not good.

    Why can't I sleep through till 6??? Other days I can. I don't get it. At least lunch is packed.
  • I have trouble sleeping too! Actually I went thru this a year an a half ago....when we moved back from England. I think my body was all out of wack and I lost alot of sleep. I think all the stress from the holidays got me out of wack again.

    Anyway, I'm trying Melatonin.....anyone ever use it? I have some Ambien which I use if I absolutely have to.

    Somethings what helps me (in case it may help any of you.....)
    - sleepy time tea before bed (but may make you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night)
    - exercise
    - not eating late at night

    If I wake up in the middle of the night, I try not to look at the clock as that causes anxiety and if I'm in the middle of a dream I try to go back to it....try to think about it and it sometimes works. If my mind is wide awake, i say to myself as I'm breathing....."breath in, breath out" and if my mind wanders to something serious I bring it back to the breath. I do this til I fall asleep...this has been working lately for some reason.

    Good luck.....

    Walking2lose......I too don't tell anyone....NO ONE gets it! I'm not a very good at debating or sticking up for myself so I say nothing now. It does make me angry too.

    But that is why I love this board!
  • I don't sleep well either... Last night it was 1:30 the last time I dared look at te clock...I've been taking Magnesium Citrate, I thought it was working but last night it didn't ....

    I run twice today, at 3pm and 5:30 but no gym...
  • wild and walking and Ilene: I have a bedtime tea ritual I've come to stick with. The tea flavor varies based on mood - but always a decaf choice. I hate chamomile (sp?) Nasty stuff. Love constant comment. Sometimes I have the tea with a half piece of pretty sliced up fruit. Belly settles. Body settles. When I wake up I plan something boring to get back to sleep. I plan every item I'd pack for my next vaca or what to buy at grocery store - aisle by aisle. I usually fall back to sleep pretty soon. I guess it's like counting sheep but personalized?

    Today's rundown: Breakfast - sausage, eggs, half apple fried in EVOO (better than it sounds), coffee. Lunch - I SLIPPED. OH I SLIPPED AND FELL INTO THE FRIED CHICKEN! Ok, at work they have awesome fried chicken. Today was fried chicken day. I had one piece, mashed pot, gravy, green beans, and a wheat roll - then a cookie fell into my mouth. OMG. I'd feel bad if it hadn't been seductively good. Yeah, mama needs a little chickeny goodness, feels so good to be bad sometimes. OH baby. Anyway, back on track. Ate nothing else at work, had 2 bites of lara bar on way home - was STARVING by then. Supper: spaghetti squash with meatballs, onion, EVOO, herbs and garlic sauce. mmmmmmamama can cook sometimes!!! Paaapa - helped and said it was awesome! Later - tea maybe with some orange segments. My praise - at least I went off for something I love not just something to eat. Heck, the cookie was even fresh baked.

    Tomorrow - crap is being served in cafeteria. No fear for tomorrow. Bring it on! RELEASE THE CRACKEN!
  • Kel .... I had these visuals of you falling into the chicken and the cookie falling in your mouth....It struck me though that although you ate all that food you were ravenous on the way home... Yet another reason why this way of eating is better for us, it keeps us fuller longer ....

    Food has been on plan today... Ran twice the first time for 50 minutes the second 35 minutes, I'm tired, I hope I sleep tonight....