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  • Quote: Where is the best place to ask science-type questions regarding the rationale for eliminating entire food groups (esp., dairy, grains and legumes) from an omnivore's diet? Is there data to back this program up (I don't mean data to back up the weight loss claims- eating 1000 daily calories of cheetos and pepsi will result in weight loss too)? Long-term (5+ years) consequences of removing so much of the normal omnivore food sources and eating far more of certain fats than any of our ancestors ever got (e.g. coconut oil?). I'm a physician, and to me, this diet seems really "lunatic fringe," but I'd genuinely like to understand what the appeal is, besides the novelty factor.
    Many of us have done a lot of reading to come to this place, so I will share a few links with you to help you get a basic understanding of why this way of eating is certainly the antithesis of "lunatic fringe".

    1. For a good, basic explanation of Gary Taubes work plus some good links to the original article in the NY Times outlining his thesis plus a lecture he gave in 2008 at Stevens Institute of Technology (I think his ideas have advanced since then):

    2. Most of us have read tons of literature showing that grains (and gluten grains in particular) contribute to inflammation, an underlying contributor to variety of diseases including heart disease and diabetes. What surprises us is that doctors and health professionals apparently know this don't share it with their patients because they believe a low-grain/low-sugar diet is unrealistic and unpalatable in the modern world. Here an MD gives his reasoning why he is against cereal grains:

    Another view of wheat by a Ph.D biochemist/neurobiologist. I would urge you to also read the comments.

    And more:

    3. Most of us believe that the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids is skewed so we try to reduce our Omega 6 by avoiding industrial seed oils.

    So, I have many more links I can share if you tell me what specifically you are interested in.
  • LOL at Kel! That's funny.

    Had a pretty good weekend. The air was lovely and crisp and cold so I walked a few times. Paid an arm and a leg for some nice ripe strawberries that tasted like a decadent treat.
  • Kel -- Kale chips are super easy... Clean and dry some Kale... in a large bowl drizzle with olive oil... put on parchment paper on a cookie sheet add sea salt if desire.... oven at 350 for about 15 mins... Watch them because they burn fast

    Very primal weekend, NO wine imagine that!? I never thought it was possible

    Onward with the new week ...
  • Phew... long day. Just got home at 7:30, so I won't be exercising today. Decent day food wise -- leftover chicken, peppers, asparagus, mushroom concoction for lunch and leftover Asian beef wraps for dinner. A handful too many macademias - otherwise good. Need to get a walk in tomorrow.

    CJ - love those links! I opened them but will save them for later to read. The more I learn, the harder it is to imagine not eating this way. Thanks for providing all of them.

    Ilene- yum on the kale chips. When I get a chance, I'll share a yummy easy recipe I have for Zesty Kale Chips (can't remember where I got it, but I love 'em.). The olive oil ones are delish too.

    Susan - strawberries --- yum! You deserve the splurge!

    Everyone else - hope the week is going well so far!
  • Claire -- I finally finished my macadamia and I think I'll take a break from buying them for a while, at least during the W30...

    I just came upon this site : Julianne's Paleo & Zone Nutrition Blog she reinforces my resolve to stick to this life style (not sure if someone has already posted this one I will post to the other thread you started ...
  • Don't know if this is of interest to anyone, but it's a list of low-carb forums, sites and blogs:
  • Ooooo I went to that link of Ilene's and read this.
    “Carbohydrates are a metabolic bully,” Phinney says. “They cut in front of fat as a fuel source and insist on being burned first. What isn’t burned gets stored as fat, and doesn’t come out of storage as long as carbs are available. And in the average American diet, they always are.”

    Love it! I've been trying to come up with an effective way to say that for months. That's good!
  • This list of "diet myths" on Yahoo's news site today has some very progressive and paleo friendly tips. Amazing!
  • Kel,
    THank you so much for your tips on making the chicken bone soup. I did what you said sort of but separated the chicken parts in one pot and the veggie mixture in another. I took the chicken out, pulled off the meat and put the rest back in the broth. I know have a wonderful chicken broth going and a very yummy veggie broth. They are still cooking.

    I took a little broth from the chicken stock, a little broth from the veggie stock (which I pureed so it was alittle thicker) add some coconut milk, shredded chicken and it was DELICIOUS!!!! And so healthy! (It needed some cilantro tho).

    Anyway, sorry to get all excited, but i love to cook, especially something healthy and it was really cheap.

    Have a good day all....I have alot of blogs to check out it seems.It's so exciting to see so many people are interested in this lifestyle.
  • Violet, your soup sounds delish

    CJ, great info, finally!

    Today a really grrrreat day food wise ....
    1. egg and carrots sticks, I think carrots will be my go to vegetable for breakfast
    2. 1/2c coconut milk and 1c blueberries
    3. 2 sausages, shredded cabbage drizzled with oil and cayenne ( strange spice for coleslaw, I know, but it worked for me) small orange
    4. apple
    5. london broil, mashed carrots and turnip, steamed broccoli
  • Hello girls, its been a LONG time since I have been on, probably 4-5 weeks. Alot has gone on, I had a birthday, I fell on the ice and had to go to the ER, they Xrayed my shoulder and did not find anything serious from the fall....BUT wanted me to go to my dermatologist.
    I had a 'substance' under my skin that looked odd. Sure enough it was cancer and so odd that it would show up on an Xray---that NEVER happens. THis is not the first time I have had skin cancer. SO December I have had 3 chemo treatments, I have gained 10 pounds I believe, and it is ALL right above my big bloat.
    I have been living on bone broth while doing Chemo and have felt really good, not even missing any work--WAY different than the last time.
    SO I am back on the mend........well until 2 weeks ago when I sat down in my sons recliner and it flipped backwards and I landed on my head and shoulder against the cast iron wood stove....back to ER, bruised up, one broken rib.....So my 3 day NY weekend was spent in MY recliner with lots of coffee, OH and home made cookies too LOL

    SO, now back on the road to recovery. And its hard to get off the sugar, although I am not having THAT much, as well as the flour (cookies, and a couple portions of pasta, and 2 sammiches) doesnt seem like that much which would be hard to get off of, but it is.

    Anyway, all that being said, it is wonderful to see so many new 'faces'

    Whole30 is a bit much for me right now, but I am going to be back on track, allowing cheese 1-2 times a week, and having BUTTER when ever I dang well please. No alcohol, no processed with the exception of some high quality bacon, and some cheese
  • Ah, there's our Mikkijoe ... what a month you've had, it can only get better glad to have you back
  • Oh my goodness Mikki!

    We just had the most delightful dinner with friends.
    They don't live far away but you know how it is ... It's been ages.
    We met in the parking lot at WalMart and just decided we'd better get together today.
    I now can enjoy the cuisine of my friend Janet who is celiac. She'd made pasta and sauce for her family. We had a delicious meat sauce, tossed salad and homemade mayonnaise.

    I'm definitely going to try to make some mayonnaise soon.
  • Quote:
    I'm definitely going to try to make some mayonnaise soon.
    OMG I was going to make a batch tonight!!! Great minds think alike
  • Were you lurking at my friend's house Ilene? She does something to her's to make part of it into a caesar-like dressing too.