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  • Think I'll skip the flax mush...y'all let me know how you like it!! ;-)

    Great eating day yesterday - homemade chicken salad - delicious free range chicken roasted with lots of herbs, mixed with the elusive homemade mayo. OMG. Divine. A couple of hard boiled eggs in a huge salad with 3 kalamata olives, 1/2 avocado, and my olive oil vinagrette. Dinner was huge portion of brocoli with a piece of chicken. I had a very hungry day, and it didn't even include exercise because Tuesdays are my night school days (a 12+ hour day). Yeah, I packed all that and took it to work!

    Just before bed, I had a slip up that was identical to the other night - 2nd time where a little dairy slipped in. I had maybe 4 T. whipped cream with about a 1 1/2 t. maple syrup drizzled over it. It's all fine and good, but I'm disappointed that I haven't truly don't the whole30 "clean", and I truly wanted to.

    I will probably relax for a week or so when done and then try another whole 30 and see if I can stay dairy free. I have really rather enjoyed the whole clean eating challenge... maybe I just need to remove whipped cream from my house ...oh, and pure organic maple syrup - hide that too!

    My birthday is in Feb, and I will go out to eat, so maybe mid Feb, I'll get back onto whole30. I know I don't have to follow it perfectly; however, I want to! So, that's my plan.

    Still planning to post about the mayo success later -- wish I could put my pic up. Do you really have to have an online pic account to post anything here? I don't see why you just can't upload them?

    Have a deliciously primal day, ladies! So glad to have so many wonderful gals to chat with!
  • Quote: Still planning to post about the mayo success later -- wish I could put my pic up. Do you really have to have an online pic account to post anything here? I don't see why you just can't upload them?
    Claire, you can attach an image to a message when you use the Advanced Reply box which is accessed by clicking either the
    - "Post Reply" button at the top+bottom of the 3FC page
    - "Quote" button in every post
    - "Go advanced" below the Quick Reply box.

    There's a paper clip in the options that run along the top, and the images you can post are gif, jpg, png and tiff.
  • HI Ladies,
    So I went to Trader Joes and bought some whole flax seed and some flax seed oil. How do you all use it exactly? Do you grind it or leave it whole? I know Ilene said she uses the oil for salads and what not. I'm a little confused on the cereal thing......

    Thanks for the input.
  • Hey WV!
    Ok so for Flax "Hot Cereal"
    Take 1/4 cup of Ground flax
    You either add boiling water until you get the consistency you like
    or pour some water in and nuke for 1 minute

    Then Stir in up to 1 tbsp Nut butter of your choice

    I tend to stir in a half cap vanilla cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg
  • I'll be having some Very Soon
  • Thank you! Sounds good!
  • I ground my Flax and keep it in the freezer because it goes rancid very quickly after it's ground. When it's not ground it will last forever... Don't ground it too much just enough to break the shell, the coarseness is what makes it so good to clean your colon... The flax oil I use on almost everything now, tonight I added it to my plate of shredded cabbage along with some HM mayo, very good... it has a very nice smooth buttery taste...

    Another good day... 5k run and food was spot on too
  • Hi, everyone. I'm coming back to 3FC after too long an absence, and migrating to the paleo/low-carb camp. I've known about paleo for a year or two, but have never been successful at it. I've been listening to podcasts and reading books and blogs by many different experts, and I think I know how to modify the food plan this time to succeed long-term.

    I had a great day today, which unfortunately followed not the best day yesterday.

    The standard American diet has left me with a lot of pain and various problems, so I am very hopeful that paleo will improve my health.
  • Athenacapella
  • Hi Athenacapella -- Welcome to the club - we are glad to have ya! :

    Great food day, and I will not be having any whipped cream or maple syrup, thank you very much.

    Thanks to Svelting I will now attempt to load my mayo pics... here I go.

    I followed Susan and Ilene's advice/directions and also this guy's.

    I put 2 yolks (brought to room temp for about 4 hours) in a mason jar with 1/4 t. salt, pinch of white pepper, 2 T. cider vinegar, and 1 T. lemon juice.

    Using my hand blender stick thingy, I whisked those ingredients together. Then I used my empty agave squeeze bottle (I no longer use agave, but boy, the bottle worked GREAT for this) to literally drizzle drop by drop (well, a few drops at a time, but very slowly) the oil into the yolk mixture with my stick blender on LOW. I used about a cup and a 1/4 oil total (the light and mild olive oil, NOT EVOO!!!!!).

    Once I had added maybe a quarter or third of the oil, it started to emusify!!!!!! I was SO excited! After that it was easy. I could add the oil a little faster and just watch it turn into delicious goodness. Umm, um, good!

    Thanks to Susan and Ilene for the coaching and encouragement. I believe the secrets were making sure the yolks weren't cold and drizzling the oil super slowly at first -- way more slowly than I thought you had to. The squeeze bottle was perfect. It took me about 10 min total from when I began to add oil until it was done.

    And, guess what? It's already gone! Egg salad, deviled eggs, chicken salad - so awesome. I will make more this weekend.

    Glad to hear everyone is having a good day and enjoying your flax!

  • Claire
  • Quote: Claire

    Thanks, Ilene!

    Ok, ladies ... let's have a great day! And I hope we hear from Sandy and Mikki soon... wondering where they are and how they are doing.
  • Thank you CLaire!!!

    I am a happy mayo making mama! It worked!!!!!!
  • Short post for now from the itouch and a longer one later...

    Yesterday was so busy!! I went for my remicade infusion so I'm hoping to have a bit of energy this afternoon; maybe I can get some housework done.
    We are snowed in for now so i' m not going to be venturing out soon..

    Been doing good onplan but am out off almost all my foods so really need to get to the store. Worse comes to worse I will just cook a roast And gnaw on that lol. Got my books too and read Gary raines book and about a quarter of primal blueprint. I really like Siddons writing style but it looks like carb level for this plan is way higher than what I would need to lose weight... But it looks like he has good tips and pearls of wisdom, and perhaps I can up my carbs to his levels at maintenance. But still follow the principles and spirit of the plan.

    I'm going to keep a closer eye on the carbs as I may have to make my max z40G for now. I feel like not much is coming off but I know lc is for me.
    so even though they weren't making me crave I'm gonna dump the clemmies for now and watch the nuts, maybe one serving a day . Dairy will be only if I have room in my 40g. I was reading a eades' blog entry about how weight can come off much slower the third etc time you low carb, like the body remembers and holds out for awhile.
    Very interesting read. I am also borderline hypo and very very sedentary.. Lol
    I'm just gonna keep on keepin on .. At the very least I'm not gainingand I feel so so much better with this woe that my craving don't have control over me anymore. I used to be like a prisoner..

    Ah well this looks like it got pretty long after all lol
    have a great day chickies!!!!!
  • So now we're all a bunch of mayo mamas ...

    Natalia -- hang in there you can do this...