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Faithiskey 12-10-2010 12:55 PM

Curves Diet vs Weight Watchers
I've been reading a lot about the NEW WW plan. I think that this Curves plan that I found is very similar (except you have to count cals yourself).

From what I read the WW points for my weight range would equal about 1200-1300 cals. Plus I would get unlimited fruit and veggies. The new plan apparently qualifies the starches/grains.

The Curves plan (Calorie Sensitive) is 1200 cals plus unlimited non-starchy veggies that aren't counted and 1 protein shake that isn't counted. I figured that the protein shake would be about 100- 200 calories. They ask you to avoid starchy veggies, limit bread to about 1 slice, and eat no more than 60g carbs daily (not including the unlimited veggies).
Fruit is not unlimited. The carbs and calories must be counted. There is really no emphasis on fat restriction though.

Do these seem very similar to you?

mkroyer 12-10-2010 01:07 PM

i think the huge difference is the unlimited fruit... i dont understand this at all.... fruit has SO MANY calories.....if you are eating 1200 a day, not including fruit... having 2 or 3 servings can EASILY put you up another 300 + cals...... than you add the veggies.... well, whther or not you count them, they DO have calories! I eat approx 200 cals a day in just vegetables..... i understand that it still works well for a lot of people...guess it depends on how much you weigh to start, and how much you are trying to lose?

I think the curves sounds like it might be better, just due to the calorie counting--- but really, the ONLY theing that matters for fat loss is that you are in a caloric deficit.... doesnt matter what program or diet you choose

QuilterInVA 12-10-2010 01:33 PM

That sounds like the first Curves diet. They have changed it a lot. That is nothing like the new WW plan and doesn't seem to very balanced. Basically you are doing a low carb plan with that. I used to go to Curves so have all 3 of their diets over the years. The newer one would be more like WW. You ave 135 grams carbs. 90 grams of protein, 35 g fat, and 1400 calories after the first week.

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