Primal/Paleo in December

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  • I cannot believe it is the 6th of Dec and we did not have a new thread...

  • Thank you for reminding me!! It's been busy
  • Where is everyone? I may not post often but I look forward to reading ever day.

    CJZee....your pics were awesome. I so wish I had such progress to show.

    Lately I'm getting stuck on some health issues. I'm starting to think maybe I have a sluggish thyroid and many of the books say that it's important to get your TSH low. Mine is 2.44. I was considering taking and iodine supplement but then the Healthy Skeptic is against it and other doctors are very for it and I got myself confused.

    Does anyway take an iodine supplement? Does anyone else have thyroid issues? I think I might because I always have a low basal temperature....dry skin, fatigue, can't lose weight to save my life, irritability, cold hands and feet (my DH calls them the icy claws of death)....things like that. My regular GP would think I was crazy if I said anything so i'm trying to research on my own.

    Well have a nice weeikend i anyone is out there!
  • Slow thread! I'm going to do this again, but adapted so I can meet my exercise goals!
  • Hi girls yea it's been busy, so no time to post much...

    Wild violet -- Sorry I have no idea about iodine sups and sluggish thyroid ...

    Finally went running yesterday... Ran also on Sunday ... It's been difficult to get myself out there since I lost my two running partners...One got pneumonia the other hurt her back ... But I am back at it ... Food has been good...
  • CJ -- -Love your pics too ... on your progress you look great! ....
  • wildviolets...

    Swamped here with year-end work...
    Will give it my'all (posting) come January.

    Just trying to stay on track and get through the holidays intact.

    Don't know anything about iodine, either.
  • Thanks, everyone, for the atta-girls on my photos (I have since taken them down). Even though I've pretty much maintained since maybe August, it's only now that my weight loss has come onto people's radar. I am getting so many comments and compliments I definitely think there is some body re-arranging going on. And I'm happy to report that maintaining here seems pretty effortless. I was worried about set-point theory, but perhaps I have convinced my body 200 is a new set point. (I keep imagining in my head that 176 is the new setpoint so maybe my body will begin to believe that, but so far I haven't fooled it, lol.) I actually think this little rest stop is good for my body and, while I can't wait to begin sliding down again (and WHY couldn't it have stopped at 199 instead of 200 ... tell me why!???), I am totally okay with being here for a time.

    I'm in Florida today, and Monday will head back to the frozen north (don't ask me why, there is no logic to it except my fiance feels cozy with fireplaces or some such).

    , I am hypothyroid, have been for 40+ years, and take Synthroid. My bloodwork (with Synthroid) shows everything in normal range, but I have often suspected something is out-of-whack because of all the reasons you're quoting. I too have read bad things about iodine and don't think I would self-medicate with it. But, to be honest, I haven't studied up on the thyroid very much. There is a website called "Stop the Thyroid Madness" which I have heard is a pretty good site (you can google it). Let us know what you discover. I know taking your temperature first thing in the morning before you get up provides an indication that you may have thyroid problems if your body temperature is low.
  • I found a website that has paleo-type recipes. Haven't tried any, but they look good.
  • Over on MDA, someone posted that "fathead" the movie is free on

    here's the link:

    It is very entertaining but very educational especially for reluctant family members. My DH actually became very angry, mostly at those who have always known what is best for us dummies...
  • CJ,

    I have been "stuck" in the low 150s for about a month now and I'm thinking kinda like you....It's OK and maybe I am set pointing right here. I too wish I could be just a bit lower like 149 just to cross off another milestone.

    I have needed to work more. One night, I was up all night working on a new website, just couldn't go to sleep. I am trying so hard to figure out how to balance everything and be able to post, work, clean, babysit, work-out, sleep and relax all in one day and not be frantic. I do not know why this is so hard for me.

    I have not been able to sustain a fast day for about 1 1/2 months. This is also weird. IFing is probably responsible for most of the weight-loss so far. I am going to try the eat for 4 hours in the middle of the day thingy and see if I can jump start my weightloss.
  • Quote: I cannot believe it is the 6th of Dec and we did not have a new thread...

    Ha,ha! Sandy, you should've just gone for it and started it!
  • Hello ladies and happy half way through December!!

    Seems like all of us have been busy, busy, busy... the holidays combined with normal life plus work = less time for posting on 3FC.

    DH and I do not like the commercialism and stress of Christmas, and so a few years ago we simplified our holidays by having a talk with our families about gift giving. Both families agreed that it would make the holidays more enjoyable to just do gifts for the kids - so we buy for our 5 nieces and nephews (they are 11 and under) but not for adults in the family. This worked great until a couple years ago when we were at the in-laws, and both his parents and brother gave us gifts - we had none-DH even confirmed with them before our visit "no gifts, right?" It was awfully embarrassing and awkward, let me tell you. We are going to there this year, and I'm really hoping it doesn't happen again. DH says all have agreed no gifts, but...

    MIL can be a difficult person, and I'm hoping it won't be too stressful of a visit- I'm really worried about the food too because I do not plan to go into any sort of explanation of my new way of eating - it would only create a very unpleasant conversation (Oh, so you are doing the Atkins diet -- all you're eating is bacon and steak? well, that's not healthy -- here, have a whole wheat English muffin with MARGARINE -- now, that's healthy!)I will just not eat all the rolls, breads (they have with every meal), and sweets. Hoping for enough meat and veggies to sustain me through the visit.

    CJ -- yes, your loss and pics are very inspiring! It's great that you're maintaining easily at 200 - I know you will break through that and lower your set point once again. Keep up the great work!

    Sandy, hang in there -- you are doing GREAT especially considering how busy you are -- websites, baby sitting, LIFE - it's a LOT. Don't be too hard on yourself! Slow and steady wins the race.

    I've been maintaining in the mid 140s all fall and would really like to get rid of 5 more pounds. I know part of my plateau is lack of exercise - I've been busy and tired and have just not been getting my walks/yoga/weights in at all. Fortunately, I have not gained, which I think is because I've really adapted to the way of eating, and food has been good (I did have a carb explosion about 2 months ago where I had a week or two of carby eating but I'm back on track from that).

    Last night we had roasted chicken with sauteed asparagus with store bought hollandaise sauce from Trader Joe's - not 100% primal, but darn, that stuff is delicious!

    I want to be more diligent checking in here at our thread - it's always a source of support, and I shouldn't neglect it.

    Off to clean....Have a wonderful day all!
  • Quote: Ha,ha! Sandy, you should've just gone for it and started it!
    I actually didn't even think of it until well into Dec. as I said. I just miss you and Susan so I take every opportunity to whine...
  • Hello, ladies!

    Seems like everyone is busy, lots of living, less posting. But it is great to catch up on the news Ö

    CJZee, I managed to view your progress photos last week and the change is incredible. You look great! Sorry to hear you are headed back to the cold, frozen north.

    Sandy, congrats on your low fasting BG! That is wonderful news. It seems your body is indeed healing and perhaps your weight loss will resume shortly. Some time back, I read something by an endocrinologist and what remains in my memory is her statement that you cannot really lose weight safely until your body heals. So keep caring for yourself and know it will happen. It just may take time.

    Wildviolets, I donít know anything about thyroid and iodine. Which is surprising, because I was treated for mild hypothyroid symptoms for a couple of years. The endo, however, stopped seeing me because I wouldnít lose weight. How dare I not lose weight, no matter what combo of drugs he tried???

    So what have I been up to, the last month or so since I disappeared from here? Not much, except stressing myself out. Work is very stressful, but a bit less so now than previously. At the same time as work was getting to me, I was stressing myself out by reading too much on reasons for elevated blood glucose. If you recall, I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, which led me to primal eating. So I decided I needed to take an ďinternet breakĒ and focus on caring for myself. I had a few slip-ups with eating, but they are less and less.

    Based on some things I read before I took my internet break, I decided to go slightly higher carb, but still no wheat and other toxic grains. I havenít tracked my food for a while, but am going for about 100g of carbs a day by eating sweet potatoes, squash, some fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese. I am eating white potatoes once in a while, though I find them very dry and bland now unless I cover them with tons of butter. I also eat a bit of white rice on occasion; rice is my least-favorite grain, so itís easy to stop after a couple of bites. I backed off on sprints and even slightly intense exercise and right now only walk and do yoga.

    The changes seem to help. I am much less anxious now. I almost feel calm, although work still has me stressed on occasion. However, I feel better equipped to cope with it. I am not waking up with an anxious, racing heart anymore, which may have been contributing to my elevated fasting BG. My weight loss is stuck according to the scale, but the interesting thing is I am still shrinking and am just about out of my smallest jeans. So I guess this means I am losing fat, even at nearly 100g of carbs per day and very little light exercise. Canít complain!

    I am cautiously happy right now and think I need/want to enjoy this feeling for a few more weeks before I start testing my BG again. The reason for waiting is that I feel like I am perched on the edge right now and that a fasting BG reading higher than I would like to see will push me over to the bad mental place I was before I took my internet break. I need to move away from the edge a safe distance before I want to test again. Sounds weird, but something I need to do.