WW vs. Primal/Paleo

  • I've been on and off Weight Watchers since my teens. My most recent attempt began in October 2007 and ended January 2009. I went from 205 to 146. Then the stuff hit the fan in my personal life and I went off plan and on anti-depressants. January of 2010 I was back up to 192.

    I've been a firm believer in full-fat products, veggies, and protein for a while and the more I read about the Primal diet, the more I like it. I'm scared to make a switch, though, because I fear that it won't work. Weight Watchers is routine, established, and objective (in my mind) and I like the accountability of weighing in and getting that official, external, third party confirmation.

    What I don't like is that WW penalizes you for fat in food. The other day I decided to track my calories and my Points. I'm allowed 26 Points per day at the moment. I consumed 29 Points but only 1175 calories!

    Thinking ahead to goal, which I've set at 140, my maintenance Points level would be about what I'm currently allowed. I don't think I can eat that way for the rest of my life.

    So, I'd like some input on choosing between WW and Primal/Paleo. Is it sustainable for a lifetime? Will it work? Should I switch? I'm so confused.
  • I don't eat that way but I know people who do and they love it! They all say they'd happily eat that way for the rest of their lives. Like anything, I think it works for some and not for others. Some people say carbs shouldn't matter but I balloon up if I even eat them "normally" so I know a lower carb program is the way to go for me. I also don't enjoy a lot of high fat foods, so any diet that promotes that won't work for me. So I say go with what works for you. It's a new thing but you won't know if it'll work for you unless you try it, but you definitely need to choose a way of eating that you feel you can do for a lifetime or you'll just end up gaining the weight back. If primal/paleo eating sounds like something that would work for you, it's worth a try, especially if you feel your current woe won't be maintanable.
  • Primal is certainly sustainable since it is NOT just for weight loss, in fact weightloss with Primal is just an option. If you go to the website of the author, www.marksdailyapple.com you will see that the majority of the forum posters there are in shape, and at prime weight, in fact many of them extreme fitness buffs!

    Many people that have dieted long term, or yo-yo, will find that Primal is a good way to shake up the system, and certainly worth a try~ But what I think will happen is that as you start feeling WONDERFUL and full of energy, and do more reading about the basis and reasoning and science behind this, you will want to continue past meeting your goal weight.

    Since accountability is important to you, and you talked about depression and stress being a factor in gaining the weight back I would also suggest another book "Becks Diet Solution" this is not an eating program, this is a THINKING and retraining the brain program!~

    Both Primal and Becks have forums right here on 3FC as well!
  • To give you an idea of a daily menu for myself (and my family!)

    Breakfast- Yesterday Left over rainbow chard from last night with 2 eggs over easy ontop---OR 2 eggs and 4 pieces of bacon----OR 1/2 cup cottage cheese and a tomato, --- OR if I am not hungry I dont eat!

    Lunch--Yesterday 1 ounce cashews (I wasnt hungry after my great breakfast) Todays lunch was what the author calls 'Big Arse Salad" although he used another word lol two big handfuls of greens, topped with what ever veggies you have on hand, I used cucs, cherry toms, celery, blue berries, dressing of red wine vinegar, garlic and olive oil.....and I had it with egg cups (beat eggs, cheese, chopped veggies, bake in muffin tins, great for on the go meals) typically I would have my salad with left over meat from the night before!

    Dinner-- 2 pork chops with cajun seasoning, Zucchini and patty pan squash cooked in olive oil with onion, garlic and fresh basil, Half the plate was protien, half was veggies! What ever I have it is half a plate of some kind of veggie, and half of meat, chicken, fish....fresh herbs make great seasonings, fresh salsa etc

    Dessert--(daughters birthday) Bowl with fresh blueberries, half peach, half kewi, and a little cream

    Everything on that menu was on plan, everything within my target numbers, and I woke up this morning so refreshed and WANTING to get out of bed.

    You eat veggies, you eat fruit, meat, some dairy (although not on Paleo plan I dont think) no sugar, no flour, no processed JUNK, just real, whole foods!
  • The Beck book is what helped me stick to WW last time, so I wholeheartedly agree with the recommendation.

    I'm just freaked out to finally let go of my WW crutch.
  • I have done weight watchers and was perpetually hungry. Counting points is a hard habit to break though.

    Mikki- good explanation of primal eating. BTW, I am primal too and feel really great on it. Come on over and visit our thread!