Oh yes! We'll be Primal in May!

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  • Here's quicky body fat calculator for you. Not very scientific, but better than nothing. If I could figure out how to program my scale ...

  • I don't know Susan, it says I'm 28.8% body fat, I'm musclular, but I think I'm more around 35%. One of these days I'll have a real test done!

    So I can't find my measurements from March so I'm just going to have to start over on that part of things, I know I've lost a lot though. I lost 24 lbs in April, I can only hope and work hard in order to lose that much in May!

    Had a BAS for dinner, it was my best yet! Arugula,Red Leaf Lettuce,Roasted Chicken,avocado,bacon,pepper,tomato,goat cheese,mushrooms,roasted almonds,White Balsamic Lemon Vinagrette(homemade) YUMMY! I'm already contemplating what the next salad will be in a few days! Tomorrow I'll be IFing half the day, from 5:00pm today till 11 or 12 tomorrow.
  • No that doesn't sound right does it. Sorry ... I guess I'll have to find my calipers or figure out my scale.
  • Well, I had a great weekend overall - not foodwise, but in terms of time spent outdoors moving around, it was great! Kettlebells yesterday, then the hike, and then 1.5-2 hours biking today. I'm a bit sore, but in a good way

    I'm going to plan out tomorrow's menu. Actually, I think it will be my menu for the next 2-3 days, but lunch might vary a bit if I can find some decent celery tomorrow at the market, to use for tuna salad ...

    Breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled in butter. Coffee. Banana and/or yogurt.

    Lunch: Salad with some kind of protein (will have to buy lunch tomorrow), and possibly a vegetable-based soup.

    Snacks for work: Walnuts, pear.

    Dinner: Making lettuce "tacos" - beef, black beans (not primal, but not looking to cut out beans just yet), tomatoes, onions, spices, cilantro, etc. Wrapped up in romaine lettuce leaves, sprinkle of cheddar. Topped with a mixture of mashed avocado and salsa.
  • just got back from Marks website. Awesome recipes. The first one I'm going to try is the Thai-inspired salad of Awesome!

  • What's BAS? sigh. I assume the S is for salad. Wait. Is it Big @ss Salad?

    I make those sometimes.

    I had a steak and three egg omelette for brunch; leftover roast and cabbage for dinner. Same approximate #s as yesterday. 1100 or so cals and under 50 grams of carb.

    I'm experiencing something interesting. I feel hungry through my meals, and I am craving bread. It seems to stick with me for about an hour after eating then subsides. I feel like I haven't eaten enough, at the same time I know I have. No big deal because it's been cabbage for two days, but after that hour of craving I feel bloated. I wouldn't call this the cravings of carb addiction. I think that would be a little dramatic for what I am feeling, but it is causing me to pace a little. Also, my energy level seems low, not depleted. I feel sleepy every time I sit down too. I am sleeping "pretty good" at night. At least no different than before.

    Just sharing what a noob is noticing after two days.
  • A study of one again (me) but I can't do cabbage. Too puffy gassy yuck!

    My DH comes from a farm family background. Bread with every meal. Very shortly after dinner, he wanders into the kitchen searching. He's not even really sure what he wants Just lately he's been grabbing cheese or an egg and that's working just fine.

    I grazed at first. That's a habit that I picked up trying to keep my blood sugars level. The first couple of weeks (I think I said it in the April thread) I wouldn't have dreamed of trying IF. That'll change. I can go hours without eating and not feel weak and tired now. Your body needs to get used to the fact that you're carrying an energy supply and it doesn't need a fast shot of anything.
    I should go hunting and see just how long it took for me to get over that "low carb flu" thing but I'm afraid it'll seem frighteningly long for some folks. Rest assured that it was worth the wait!

    I really struggled to get my cals over 1000 yesterday. Wanted to, didn't want to ... I was pretty physically active gardening yesterday and thought I ought to be hungry. Wasn't.
    cals 1095
    Fats 63%
    Protein 23%
    Carbs 6%
    and a glass of wine

    Today ... I'm having whipping cream in my coffee and an omega 6 capsule
    lunch is a can of salmon and chopped up vegetables with almonds
    supper is pork in the crockpot so far
    oh and I have a couple of hard boiled eggs in my bag.
  • Today's menu so far:

    B: 2 boiled eggs -- bowl of mixed fruits, bberries, sberries, rberries, spoonful of stewed fresh from the garden rhubarb that I made yesterday no sugar or artificial sugars added it's very tart but delish, 1T grnd flax, 1T sunflower seeds, 8 almonds, 8 walnuts, a dolop of yogurt ... Delish breakfast
    S: celery and 2 triangles of laughing cow, last week I was only able to eat one triangle, I am getting fuller much faster these days...
    L: BAS of lettuce, cukes, grated cabbage, oil, tuna or salmon canned...
    S: probably last nights leftovers of green beans, salad, chicken...

    Run this afternoon weather permitting, gym tonight as always
  • Cheeky: Sounds like you're doing great...keep it up!

    Bibbob: Yep, you got it, BAS! Thats what they call it on the MDA site so I thought, describes it pretty good, it was big! You probably are feeling the effects of low carb flu kicking in, stay strong, once it subsides you will feel so great on the other end of it! 1 key to not getting so hungry is the fat, make sure you're eating enough or using enough, I didn't do so great on that the 1st few weeks and now I pay more attention to how much fat I get, it helps satisfy you for much longer.

    Susan: You're inspiring me to get out my crockpot, so easy yet I don't put it to use enough. What are your favorite cuts of meat for the crockpot?

    Today(I had planned to IF, but I woke up so hungry, salad from last night didn't tie me over enough)
    B: Sausage,spinach,veggie frittata/espresso w/coconut milk
    L: Salad with Mackerel
    D: ?
  • Ilene: How do you prepare rhubarb? I'm a huge fan but have never done it.
  • I'm so glad to see some new people! I had intentions of starting my stricter primal diet on May 1, but just could pass up some temptation this weekend. Like a babyshower yesterday with the best cake. But, then I only had a ribeye steak and a couple of pieces of pork for dinner.

    I'm starting today off right with two sausage patties (yeah! for finding nitrate free sausage) and 2 eggs scrambled in butter. I also bought a fancy new pill holder so that I can divy up all of my vitamins and actually REMEMBER to take them every day. I follow the vitamin plan from healingnaturallybybee website.

    My plan for this week is to keep it at 100 carbs or less per day. After a week of being around 100 carbs, I want to drop to 50 - 75 per day.

    Weight: 240
  • Hey everybody

    Well, I managed to stay about the same during April which I'm taking as a victory given the craziness with the kitchen and whatnot.

    But here we are - May - and I'm ready to roll! Primal all the way, baby. Plan for today:

    B: coffee with coconut oil
    L: bacon & eggs
    D: beef/chicken/fish (haven't decided yet) with roasted peppers and onions
    Snacks, if I need to, will be almond butter on a spoon - yum!

    The kettlebell DVDs haven't arrived yet; maybe today, though.
  • Thanks for the flashy welcome Ilene. This is fun. I have four sisters so I'm used to being the one fat dude. We once all vacationed in Hawaii together and I vowed to never do anything like that again without male support!

    Hi Wendy and Fressca. Fressca? Coffee with coconut oil? Wut the hey?

    Wendy, I worry a little about nitrates too, but Dr. Eades at Protein Power seems to think the dangers are way over stated. Nice find on the sausage though. I'll go hunting and gathering for some soon. I can only find uncured bacon online so far.

    Susan -- you supplement Omega 6? Wow. I need to boost my 3s. 2 pounds of wild salmon and 5 pounds of ling cod are in the freezer. I was going to grill one of them tonight, but I may just fast today.

    I freaked out last night around midnight.

    I don't know if I was truly hungry or just craving, but there was no way I was going to sleep without stuffing my face. Desperate I scanned the pantry. I have so much pasta and flour and bisquick and rice and potatoes, bad oils, meh. I feel bad that my kid is going to eat this stuff. In the fridge I found a package of kosher franks and ate 2 -- just munched them cold, one right after the other. Bah. 300 calories and I was not sated. I thought about bacon and eggs, but I hunted down a can of Costco's chicken breast. I dumped it in a bowl to make chicken salad, probably planning on bread with it, but my mayo is made from bad oil. So, I spiced up the chicken until it tasted not so bland, black pepper and tobasco, onion, garlic. It's pretty salty as is. I was going for hotwing flavor. I stuffed it in three large romaine leaves sat in front of this pooter and ate it all like three nice sandwiches. According to the can that's 210 calories of chicken. I slept fine and at 9am I am headed off on a 10 mile slow hike without breakfast. So I ended up over 1500 calories yesterday with some strange late night munching, but keeping it low carb.

    Fasting is pretty easy for me generally, so I just may go without today, or give in at midnight for a 24 hour fast. I have water fasted for 7-10 days numerous times in my life. I actually like the process and feel awesome after 3 days until my body insists I eat. I never know when that will be. I went for 7 days this past February. I didn't weigh myself but the results were obvious. I have even juice fasted for 30 days. No solids at all. I lost 50 pounds that month and had ridiculously high energy throughout. Anyway, those types of "diets" make me very impatient to see results with anything else, because despite the nonsense about them slowing metabolism so you don't lose weight, believe me the weight melts off of starving people. I woke up thinking about taking off some fast easy pounds with a fast. It's just so unsustainable, it'd probably be a mistake. We'll see how today goes. I may be famished after this hike.
  • Hi Everyone!

    BibBob - Crash diets might be tempting for some, but remember - slow and steady wins the race! I've never managed to keep weight off unless I did it in a sustainable way ... and that will hold as true for the Primal lifestyle as any other that I've tried. I think you're doing great. Keep it up!

    Kara and Ilene - Your menus for today, especially your breakfasts, sound sooo yum. I don't know why, but I've been so turned off cooking lately. I gotta get over it and make some healthy breakfast foods!

    Susan - I can't imagine ever getting to the point where I work my a** off like that without eating a thing ...
  • Cheeky I go through cooking phases...sometimes I skip dinner just so I don't have to cook, it can get to be a lot cooking 3 meals a day and the dishes...whew!

    BibBob: 10 miles? that is impressive...I'm jealous! I hope it went well!