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  • I for one love your rambles Susan ... They always make sense to me ...

    Susan, are you coming down this way again this summer? It would be fun...
  • I like the ramble. I've always thought there was more to it than calories in, calories out. I think that by eating primal, we are burning fat more efficiently. It is odd that you're not losing weight, but are shrinking. In my mind, that must mean that you're gaining muscle. But, how? I agree that that it sounds magical. I hope to see some magical results when I get past my vacation and start my hard-core 30 day challenge.

    Keep us posted on your results. It's interesting to follow.
  • You all may soon be sorry that you've encouraged me to ramble

    We would love to come back Ilene! Should we start scanning our summer calenders?
  • Very interesting, Susan. Ramble on, you crazy diamond! (Is that a song or did I make it up?) I love it.

    That muscle of yours, how about this? It was there all along but now you can see it because the fat is going.

    Little or no weight loss. I can't believe it's new muscle as we know it's v hard to build & you're not working at it that hard. Water? Your hair's grown? Um, slower digestive processes?

    Jeans. Good work! (But is it getting a bit expensive??)
  • It's a Led Zeppelin song!!

    Fluid balance has been very good! I'm particularly pleased with that aspect of PB. I'm not having near the trouble I normally have. And my blood pressure is accordingly good.
    Bowel habits are better than I expected
    My hair is short and I even shaved my legs.

    How about if I'm so used to wasting muscle while low calorie-ing that I don't recognise fat loss ... just fat loss???
  • Morning!

    That sounds plausible. Yes, I like the sound of that. Have you been very (can't think of the word) compliant with not eating grains? You know, 100%? 75%

    Really interesting.
  • Oh yes, grains have been very easy for me. Early in March I had popcorn and cookies. On Good Friday I had fish with crispy coating and two donut holes. There may have been some grain filler in a couple of burger patties and pepperettes. So ... easily better than 90%.

    And the wasting muscle could also explain why (although I'm strong) I never really progessed with weight lifting.
  • I like the ramblings too!

    Yesterday was a bust but I identified the problems. Poor planning, being hungry, not having the correct foods available.

    I'm going to start tracking my foods on FitDay here at home. Should be interesting. I'm curious about the macro ratios.

    For breakfast I had 1 c spinach sauteed in olive oil, 2 eggs, some blue cheese, and a tomato.

    My fit day macros are: 355 cal, 29 g fat, 7 gr carbs, 18 g protein.

    I'm at the part of the book where he approaches the Korgs' diets, so we'll see how what I think it will be stacks up with what it is.
  • I hung around these parts several years ago, lost a good bit of weight. Got pregnant, ate the recommended diet, gained a ton of weight during my pregnancy and then gained more afterward. I'm heavier now than I was when I started my first weight loss attempt.

    I found out about Primal on another website and have been hooked. I'm 2.5 weeks in and feeling so much better!
  • Welcome Jennylou! Nice to have you here with us!
  • Quote:
    We would love to come back Ilene! Should we start scanning our summer calenders?
    I will definitely get back to you on that...
  • Ok - back on the horse!

    The last week was ... not good. But today, I'm determinined and have already had a great day in terms of sticking to my no-wheat and no-sugar goals. I did have some tortilla chips though, so in no way am I pretending to be grain-free!

    The REALLY exciting thing - I completed my first ever kettlebell workout today!! It was AMAZING! It was about 50 minutes long, and wow ... am I ever going to feel it tomorrow! It made me feel very positive, even though I'm certainly not perfect at it ... but I'll get better!
  • By the way Susan - I loved the rambling too and would welcome more of your rambles!
  • Hey Primal Peeps!

    Welcome Jenny!
    Well done on the kettle bells, Cheeky! It sounds like many of us are getting our feet under us with this plan. Progress, not perfection, eh?

    So today for the first time in my entire life, I used Fitday. I've done running totals in my head for calories, I've had targets in mind for protein and carbs, but I've never looked at calories, protein, fat and carbs within context of each other. So....drumroll puleaze!

    1300 calories (shocking! I would have guessed 1700, just goes to show that I can underestimate!), 94 grams of fat, 55 grams of carbs, 67 grams of protein. Ideally I would have hit more protein and had some more veggies and fruit today. The fat was from eggs, olive oil, and avocado. My protein was from turkey, eggs, shrimp and cheese. And my main carbs were spinach, tomato, and sweet potato. I missed my planned snack of strawberries due to being at my nephew's baseball game (and can I just say that ballpark snack bar food is NOT primal??? I considered a bunfree burger but held off) and I lacked time to run, but overall I am pleased with the day.

    My dinner protein is usually higher cal than shrimp, so I think that this 1300 is an anomaly. I'm a little concerned, actually, so if I'm hungry before bed, I'll have some strawberries and a protein shake.

    My goal tomorrow: don't blow it!
  • I'm always surprised how few calories it is. Weird, I tells ya, just weird!

    But ... but ... it's working

    BTW ... delicious snack ... banana with almond butter!