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I too have come up with a new plan to take this weight off. I think Iwas eating too many carbs. I am cutting some out and eating more protein. Also, I am limiting to one piece of fruit a day. I was eating two, it might be to much for me. I will continue to WI once a week. Hope this works!!

Ladies reading all your posts is great gives me great inspiration.
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Finding My Bliss
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Hey, Ladies (And Gents, if there are any)...I would like to know what your personal carb gram ranges are that you keep within.

I eat only vegan foods but have cut out all concentrated carbs. My levels have been around 20-40 a day and I am in ketosis, according to the Ketostix. Do you use these?

Other than Atkins and South Beach, what are y'all doing? Are there any vegetarian low carbers here?

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Welcome to the new ladies and I'm glad our collective moanin and a groanin provides some inspiration. I have been more whiner than motivator so I will try to do better. I'm not a good judge of carb ranges right now because my ketostix have been turning pretty dark the entire month and I stay at 20 carbs or less and between 900 and 1100 calories. BUT I am in a two week stall (if you read my recent posts) and know it must be my fault and not something wrong with the eating plan. I think collective thought I've picked up across the boards is that you should probably pick a formal plan and stick to it for awhile. If it doesn't work and you have been doing it by the book switch to another one. Once you have finished the introductory phase or phases of the plan you chose then you can start kind of playing with foods you can and cannot tolerate and the number of carbs you can really tolerate while losing and later on just to maintain. My personal opinion of free styling it is that you can easily get discouraged as the weeks pass and things are not working out. With something structured, be it Atkins or Southbeach or whatever you can always go back to your introductory phase for awhile and then build to see where you are going theory anyway.

That is my two cents from the whiney gal who left a "poor me" post this morning.

PS to all: As soon as I got home from a meeting a few minutes ago (9:01 p.m. my time) I stripped and got on the scale as promised. 222. At least it wasn't jumping between 222 and 223 like it was this morning. I'm actually grateful.

Peace out.
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Awwww, you guys, it's good to be back. Now I'm all motivated. I'm gonna start writiing down every bite again, explore belly dancing dvds, get a used copy of Fat is a Feminist Issue, go hug my jeep again, and, um, um, get a friend to take a picture of me. I can't think of a way to get the whole body in the shot -- I need twenve-foot arms.

Every day I seem to be eating something off plan. Yesterday it was organic peanut butter. Today it was 2 cookies. Tomorrow it is going to be NOTHING OFF PLAN. I'll report in.

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Finding My Bliss
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Stayincalm, thanks for your response.
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Aw, you guys, I'm so sorry you've got plateaus going on - but Go Team, with the plan-making! Good on you both!

Welcome aboard, Countrymom, SoulBliss!

SB, wrt your question: I'm only onto my 4th week of Low Carbing (and my 3rd week of Atkins) but I'm trying to stay at no more than 20 carbs, at the minute. I'm not counting calories right now - but I'm entering everything I eat into religiously, and I have to say that that site really is made of awesome! Love it!

I'm pretty much staying with Induction for the moment, but I may want to add in legumes after a while - so much nicer to be able to put kidney beans in one's chili, after all. But I've got a shedload of weight to shift, so I'm going to give the Atkin plan a bloody good go.

Although I didn't lose last week I'm still feeling very positive about losing in general - I've been going over to the threads with people's Before Goal and After Goal pictures, and reading their weightloss stories, and that is just tremendously inspiring. And I'm making plans for myself too - one of my colleagues, who's really All About The Health, is being so encouraging to me, and I really do appreciate it - she's very Sex In The City, and she LOVES her shoes. I mentioned to her the other day that it had occured to me that once I lose enough weight, I'll be able to wear heels, rather than my ubiquitous flats - and she's all about getting me some heels for once I've lost 25lb! And another colleague is going running in the park nearby, and going and doing the aerobics classes they have in the park, and I'm going to go with him next Wednesday and join in, insh'allah. That's my game plan, anyway.

I'm going along to audition for the Fringe festival of my wee drama group on Monday. I'll definitely get something, because EVERYONE gets a part - and also, although I wince at how conceited this sounds, I am quite good. (God. God, that makes me sound like the Ego Queen, doesn't it? But I know it's one of the things I do well, and I do enjoy the **** out of it.) Anyway, yes - the performance will be March 20th. Now I was in our production of A Christmas Carol back in November, and when I saw the photographs and the DVD I just could have wept, because I looked like The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man's Victorian sister. Ack. Anyway, I'm determined that in the photos for the next thing I'm in, whatever the **** it is, I will NOT feel so humiliated by the photographs. It's 7 weeks - if I stay on-plan I could have lost a stone in that time. (14lb) That would just ROCK.

Today the staffroom was caketastic, because one of our Teaching Assistants was leaving, so there was cake. Looked like nice cake too, but I genuinely wasn't at all tempted. Actually, so far I haven't been at all tempted by cakes or cookies or icecream or what have you. I'd quite like to be able to have fruit sometimes - I walk past dozens of stalls selling fresh fruit on my way home, and I do think that (further down the road) buying fresh pineapple shouldn't be a terrible thing to do. (I *am* heartened to realise that I can factor in strawberries if I want to, since they're in season at the moment. Maybe I'll buy some and freeze them, for later use in smoothies and things? Hmm.) Anyway, yes - there was a whopping great big chocolate cake, slabs of pound cake, lots of fresh fruit, cheese and crackers - and I found it easy enough to resist all the bad stuff. I did have several pieces of cheese, though - and, man, it was DELICIOUS.

...You know, I've been to the gym already and I'm almost tempted to go to the park for a walk. But I don't think I'm quite brave enough to do that. I could maybe do it in normal clothes, though - I feel very self-conscious in my gym gear - it's so pathetic, you know? 'Look, I'm fat! Here I am, being fat, with petentions of health!' I'd rather just be well dressed, on the whole.

(Um - I pretty much DON'T ever dress down. The gym is the only circumstance in which you will catch me wearing a T shirt. You know Anna Leonowens, the Victorian governess in 'The King and I'? I'm kind of more going for that look, on the whole - lots of ankle length skirts and big hats. My sartorial mission statement is anything but subtle.)

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lc lifestyle
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Ahhhhhhhh . . . what a great read - hiya soulb - good to cya!

'Night fay . . . enjoyed seeing you here in the Wee Hours . . . I'm passing out facedown on the keyboard now . . . ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Talk to everyone after coffeecoffeecoffee later . . . I'm with you lily - could NEVAH give up!
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Good Morning!

Sounds like a lot of us are having plateau issues I know I am. My official WI was Tuesday and there was no change from my last one and today I weighed myself and I was still exactly the same! To the ounce even! UGH! Sooo like a lot of you, I will be looking very carefully at my diet. In my case I know that my problem is that I have let my carbs creep up to 30-40 mostly being "good" carbs, but a couple slips here and there. Time to buckle down because I really want to see a loss next Tuesday!

Well ladies, I am sick and working from home today so I guess I had better get to it!
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Aud: Wee hours is right. I just popped up at 7:26 here. Late rise. I hate that. Now I only have 1/2 an hour to get DD fed, showered, dressed, lunch made, animals fed and same for me. Panic!!! Fay: I think your life and hobbies sound lovely and you are right about acting. Its the bomb Go You! I wish I dressed a little bit more like Deborah Kerr and a little bit less like fat lady with only 3 pairs of pants that fit right now. I did wear heels yesterday though (due to having a meeting). For the first time in an long time I was not dying to take them off and they seemed to be fitting looser.

This morning: 222 (still). Going out to dinner with my groovin' boss and his partner tonight but we are going to a steak joint so that is cool

Best to all today. Keep smilin'

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Lovin' Life
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Im here........super busy today!!

Welcome to the new girls!!!

Im off to get an order done and out of here for tomorrow so I can have both saturday and sunday off!!

Have a great day ladies!!
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I've been on Atkins nearly 4 years (April), lost the weight in a little over a year and have been maintaining since.

My carb count is normally between 25-35 per day. I concentrate mainly on veggies & salad. I eat a lot of chicken, fish, turkey burgers as well as occasional beef & pork. I eat low carb/low sugar yogurt daily as part of my breakfast. I occasionally eat nuts...natural almonds or walnuts. I enjoy blueberries occasionally. I avoid bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, sugar, white flour, caffeine. I also avoid "low carb" & "sugar-free" treats...candy, jello, pudding, dreamfields pasta, crystal light, etc., etc., etc. Sugar alcohols are pure EVIL! I drink a lot of water (usually 12-14 glasses per day). I also drink decaf herbal tea or decaf green tea.

For me, Atkins has been a total lifestyle change and when done correctly, it does work!
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Snow day! No school, but here I am at work. Is that fair? I actually came in late and almost didn't make it. There's only about an inch of wet snow and I am from the Northeast, so I drove in. We live about 20 mins out of town. It's hilly around here, there are few snow plows here and I drive a little car, so it might have been better to stay put! I managed to slip up the one big hill and down the other side and I made it to work. I'll end up leaving early too because if all this mush freezes after dark, it will be way slippery. But with half the town and all the schools closed, there's not much to do here at work anyway.

For Soul Bliss, I'm doing Atkins Induction for the fifth week now. My goal is to stay around 10-15 carbs a day, always including one salad. That's lower than it has to be, but it seems to work for me. I know the rest of my carbs, besides the salad, do not come from the best sources. They include cream in the coffee (bad) and slices of cheese, but I can usually stay in that range without feeling completely deprived. I lost 10 pounds the first three weeks and am now stuck on the dreaded plateau, but I cheated a little last week so what can I say?

I use the keysticks, but I can't quite trust them. For one thing, I'm negative a lot more than I'm positive and my positives are very faint. Sometimes I think I can tell when I'm in Ketosis by the taste in my mouth and the way I feel, but I'm never really sure. I wish the Keysticks were a little more definitive, but I think that's one of those things that's different for everyone. Other people on this thread have better results with the sticks.

Fay, I know a lot of people in our local drama group (although I'd rather die then be on stage myself!) and I can see how much they enjoy it. They'll get going on a production and it's like a second full time job for the performers, but they love it. I'm a little jealous! but things like public speaking and (OMG) acting, just aren't for me. I guess that's one reason I let my daughers continue dance even when it got very expensive and time consuming. I'd love for them to be able to perform and speak in front of audiences even if I can't. It does impact my career in ways I never imagined. I'm pretty sure my older DD (who will graduate from college this year) won't have that particular handicap.

Gotta get some stuff done so I can think about heading home. See you all later, Lynn
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Quick Good News:

This is gross but I have to share. I weighed this morning literally the second I got out of bed. After I logged out this morning I did my business (which usually happens after my cup of coffe...even decaf coffee), took my shower and jumped on the scale again. I got 3 consistent readings of 219. I'm hopeful this remains the same over the next few days(I want to make sure it has gotten down to that number before I change my ticker).

I did do something different starting on Tuesday that I forgot to tell everyone about. DH bought some expensive supplement a couple of months ago that I found in the cupboard. I looked at it and it had some of the supplements recommended for low carb so I started taking it. It is supposed to be taken 3 times a day but I can only take it once. Somethings about vitamens and supplements make them very hard for me to swallow. My throat just closes up. I have been able to take the vitamens I bought for a week because I super charge some water with True Lemon and that seems to help me swallow them down. Anyway. That may have had something to do with getting a whoosh. It is called Miracleburn (for what its worth but it is probably the combination of some of the supplements recommended by Atkins that may have helped me rather than this product). Here is what is in it:

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 48mg
Biotin 3 mg
Chromium 168 mcg
Iodine 63 mcg
Proprietary Blend 1695 mg
Bitter Orange
Yerba Mate
White Willow Bark Extract
Apple Cider Vinegar
Cascara Sagrada

Peace Out.

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Hi ladies, it looks like everyone's tweaking plans to try to get these extra lbs. off. I am too. My official WI isn't til Sunday, but my clothes fit looser and my tummy is starting to feel/look flatter. When I have a gain , I can always tell it right in my gut.

Fay, WTG on the theatrical plans. I was in plays in high school and college but never pursued it any further. Plus, it's perfectly OK to say you are good at it. That's not bragging. We should all be proud of ourselves for the areas that we excel in. I had one thing I was very good at. I was great at starting IV's. Local hospitals would call me in to put in IV's (especially in babies) when noone else could get them in. I was proud of my skill and you should be too.

My insurance adjustor hasn't came to look at my roof yet. I'm hoping we don't end up with a leak. Forecast today says to expect 4 inches of snow.

SC, WTG. LOL at your post. Hmmm, maybe I should have weighed this morning after I did my business. Maybe those supplements will help you, keep us posted. Unfortunately I'm severely allergic to iodine! (which really sucks cause I can never eat seafood again and I used to tear up those crab legs cause they were low carb).

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Hello Friend
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Hi ,
Just stoping in for a quick hello. I'm finaly back below the 200 mark, I was hoping to be back to my ticker weight befor my B-day (31 this saterday) doesn't look like that will happen.

SC, congrats on your loss, I just wanted to share this link with you. Yerba mate is also a stimulant simmilar to caffeine but milder.

I quit drinking coffee everyday but still have it as a treat one day a week , usualy sunday morning.

Soulbliss, What kind of vegan foods do you eat to keep your carbs so low?
I'm trying to folow atkins as closely as possable, keeping my carbs below 20gr.

I hope you get a great part Fay! I'm with lynnar, I'd rather die than be on stage in front of a large group of people.
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