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Hi Ladies

Happy to report my bacterial infection is almost gone.Of course I will finish my med until the end.

One of my friends called asking me if my DD house is contaminated with bacteria,as I always get sick when going down to visit with them.Told my sister and she say I should bring my clorox wipes with me and wash the door knobs and the faucets & fixtures in the bathroom that we share with my DGS & the maid. Thinking seriously about that.

Sunchick-I like to go from low carb web site also,to get idea what other low carber are doing.It can be very inspirational.

Lily-Dancing is great form of exercising,wish my DH doesn't like to dance.Thanks for the kinds words,One thats one thing I'm not a quitter. I'm going to win that golden ring at the end of this low carb ride.I have to bake my rev rolls as I can't go without bread of any form even on Induction. I need it, I guess as a crutch,to lean on, especially at night when we have supper.Its usually soup & salad or soup & sandwich combo.I can go with out pasta ,rice cereal but I need my bread.Once i get over this infection I will be back on the bike and doing my exercising walking tapes. This is the year. Wish me Luck as I'm going to need it.

Aud-Sorry to hear about the headaches hope they disappear fast. Great idea I should follow suit upping my drinking water also.I'm getting headaches also from the singular meds my doctor gave me. Once I'm off of them they'll probably disappear.

Have a great day

Hugs BB
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Lovin' Life
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Good Morning

Lily~ I bought my treadmill for only $75. Walking and atkins was how I lost all my weight the first time too. Did you wear your boots dancing??

Aud~ Ya!!! on the pretty nails!! stop in at my blog, Ive started writing a bit more inspirational stuff.


to those I missed

Can I tell you how much I love love love my new haircut!!! When I had it cut, I told her to take an inch off the layers, but leave the length, then after she was done, I had her take another inch off the layers. WOW!! It is exactly the way I pictured it. It is a long curly shag cut, and is beautiful. I colored my hair yesterday, and did it all up.....Im very pleased

Im a bit down in the dumps, but that has to do with personal issues I wont go into here. I am coming back out....this kind of thing usually makes me hit the marshmallows, and drags me down for a couple weeks. BUT, Ive been keeping up with my reading, and listening to "The Secret" has helped alot in keeping my attitude from plunging into the pit of black smelly sticky tar. Another day, and I should be alright, and back to normal.

Eating is good, exercise is is good
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Default Time to reset

Hi all.

The forward momentum of the new year has compelled me to come back and begin reading and posting again. I enjoy hearing the inspiring stories of others and love that people are so supportive of one another even in the hard times.

I lost around 60 pounds on Atkins a couple of years back, never reaching my goal but getting past the halfway mark. Can't begin to know what happened, but I gained back 15 pounds of it almost immediately, and have slowly been gaining since then. I stepped on the scale just after Christmas and weighed 213 pounds! It was a shocker for me, since the last time I had bothered to weigh, I was around 202 and telling myself "You're above 200lbs again...DO SOMETHING!!!"

Anyway, I kept trying to start Atkins induction, but couldn't even make it through a single day, so last week I decided to do my own modified version and was able be low-carb enough that the terrible sugar cravings are gone. I think I can probably manage to do induction and have one day under my very-tight belt already. Today I noticed the energy surge I remember feeling after 3 or 4 days of induction, so I'm excited and hopeful for the future.

Back to cleaning my distressingly messy house, now that I have energy to do so. Thanks all for being here and I look forward to journeying on with you.
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lc lifestyle
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Height: 5'6"


" . . . pit of black smelly sticky tar" - OMGosh have I been there b4, robin! Not sure if I Posted it here - but on my 47th B-day/12-23 - I just stayed AND wallowed in the pit - darkdarkdark pit. Got my bearings finally (Thank Goodness that I responded to my 10 yr olds rally cry that we needed to get ready for Santa - yes she still believes!) . . . got myself and up and got my years of the same "style" - shoulder length curly layered mop cut & colored up to MY EARS!!

I've felt liberated ever since . . . still having the soaking hot flashes - but just rinse with creme rinse now - waaaay less creme rinse that is!

My eating is still way oooofffff plan - but getting the exercise and plenty of water in as of today beachie - I'm guessing I've got sinus(???) Woke up today with ear aches in BOTH ears but is passing the longer I'm up and the more water I drink. Headache was back too. It's 65 degrees here in MO today - Wednesday last was hig of 20 degrees!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder everyone is sick around here, eh?

I need to CLOROX too . . . but first have to get some order to this messiness to jen. Unfortunately, I've been a NFL Playoff Vegetable for the most part of the last two days!!! Welcome Back BTW - we'll get thru Low Carbing '08 together, won't we gals!!!!??? I'm making the LC Egg Bread today - and getting a fridge full of tuna salad ready to fulfill my goal of MORE seafood.

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Robin thanks for the hugs.Need pix of you new do.

Jen-Welcome back to Atkins and low carbing. Stay with us and you will lose weight with all this motivation and support around here.

Aud-Oh sorry about your headaches and earaches besides.That must be very painful. Sending some [[[[[healing vibes]]]your way.

Got to go start making supper,have a nice evening and hope to see you guys tomorrow

Hugs BB
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