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Smile New lease on life....ready to get healthy!

On Feb. 2, 2007 I got the news most of us women don't want to hear. You have breast cancer. I was 38 and saw my life flash before my eyes. I have 3 kids Alyssa 17, Jordyn 9 and Jonny 8. Two girls and a boy. All I could think of was I won't be around to see my children get married and have kids etc... I was diagnosed with stage 2 IDC (invasive ductal carcinoma) my tumor was 4.5 cm. I was also tested for BRCA 1 and 2 ( the gene mutation that causes cancer) and I tested positive for BRCA 1. Which put me at an 87% chance of getting breast cancer by the age of 70 and a 50% chance of getting ovarian cancer by the age of 70. I did chemo first and this ended 8/16/07 and then I went in for my surgeries 9/21/07 I received a bilateral mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap reconstruction, a complete hysterectomy and an Oopherectomy (ovaries out). Doing this ups my chances for survival by 90%. My surgery experience was horrible. I was in surgery for 14hrs and had to get 10 units of blood. I was then in ICU for 5 days I am on the mend now! Oh and all the tissues and some lymph nodes were tested and came out cancer free!!! I am a survivor and will not take my life or health for granted ever again.

I have done LC in the past and been very successful. I always felt great and lost weight. I new it was the way of life for me but never stuck to it. My doctors told me that eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight is the best way for me to do what I can to keep cancer at bay. I have 20-30lbs to lose and I will do it. I have tried many diets and I feel the best when I eat low carb.

I have now been thrown into early menopause I am only 39 and this is not pleasant. I am interested in seeing how LC will help me. I have hot flashes and some hormonal ups and downs. The hot flashes are driving me crazy

Today is my first day back to LC and I am so happy to have started. The last 8 months have been **** for me. I am so ready to get back to normal. Not sure if my old normal will be possible. My body has been tortured Who knows maybe I will be better than before

Anyway, I am so glad I found this site. I am inspired to go for it and do this for the rest of my life. Life is good! I look forward to getting to know you all.


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This is a great place for advice, support & encouragement. You will find a lot of knowledge here and as they say, knowledge is power. You've come so far already!!! You CAN do this!!!

All the best to you!!!

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Thanks Kim!
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Thumbs up

{{{{{{{TINA}}}}}}}}}} and a BIG OLE Congratz on beating cancer!

I know if you can get through that ****, surely you can do this too!
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You are going to do so well here. I am really glad that you beat the cancer. This is the best support you will ever find and not just for dieting. Welcome to our little corner of the world.
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Welcome and good luck. Sorry you have had such a bad time but glad you are on the mend.

Another survivor,
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Wow, Tina. Welcome. You'll find that we've survived all kinds of things, here. In fact, we appear to excel at survival. This is a good place, with good people. Not a brainless twit in the bunch, so far as I can tell (unless maybe it's me... I really admire you for choosing the radical surgery to save your life, many don't because of fear of losing their femininity, as if that were a body thing, instead of a spirit thing! We all get through menopause, and very few of us actually kill anybody even when they deserve it, and personally, the post-menopause me is MUCH improved over the pre-menopause me!

I like ya already, and hope you like us back!
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Thank you all for the warm welcome. I don't get out much lately so its nice to be able to talk to other women.

A big high five to you Barbara!

Shelley~ I am so glad I chose to take the preventative path. I am very blessed to have all the kids I wanted and be with a wonderful husband who loves me no matter what. I just don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering if the cancer has showed up in my other breast or even worse my ovaries. Now I have to move on and enjoy life.
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Hi Tina!

Welcome to 3Fc!
What a wonderful feeling to know that you are cancer free! Congradulations!! I pray that you will stay cancer free and live a long and healthy life!
I'm glad that your husband is supportive, it sounds like you have a great family! That helps so much in trying to get through something like this.

I'm from AZ too, it's good to see someone from the same state I'm in!!!

You only have 20 to 30 lb to lose! Piece of cake! You will and can lose that easily. Just stick to it the way you're supposed and eat the foods you're supposed and you see that the weight will fall right off.
You can do it, just don't discouraged, but after what you've gone through, I bet you are full of hope!!!

We're here for you and you can come here anytime for support!

I pray for the very best for you and your sucess in losing weight!

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Hi Tinamy,

I can definitely empathize with the hot flashes; I had a hysterectomy almost ten years ago. For several years I was on HRT, but then quit due to the bad stuff in the press about it. I really thought I couldn't take the hot flashes and insomnia any longer. :-( I'm sure all people are different, but my symptoms do finally seem to be subsiding after about four years. Just tough it out and I hope yours go away quicker than mine did.
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Hi Tina

Glad to here that you are cancer free and on the mend. You must have had a brutal year ... you are an inspiration to us all.

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Hi Tina!

Sending good <<<vibes>>> your way Lots of nice people here....welcome!
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