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Default Reactive hypoglycemic and low-carb

This, in spite of my best efforts to prove it wrong, is the best diet for someone in my condition. For me the induction phase is where I live, I may be able to add in some fruit later but right now I feel my best as I always do when I'm low carbing. I'm losing weight, no longer puffy or bloated, no longer sleepy all day. I know this is the answer. I just wanted to throw in my 0.2$ and to also be accountable for a small slip in judgement this morning. One thing I know is that I have to be diligent about this thing and this morning I made an honest mistake. I had Sweet'n low instead of Splenda and had to fight to stay awake an hour later. Sometimes I'm afraid of too much splenda but I haven't had that type of reaction to Splend EVER, after injesting the Sweet N'Low I wnet right back into those familiar sleepies, standing to stay awake, going ot the bathroon to splash water on my face and praying to God I can rid it out without falling asleep at work. Normally would have gotten really frustrated but thank goodness I know that there is a solution, just don't ever do SNL again.

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