Different Beverages

  • I know nothing is better than good ol water but what else do you guys find to drink that has zero carbs or low carbs.
    I was just at the store and saw all these different flavored sparkling waters or tonic waters that were zero carbs but wondered if anybody has tried them.
    I also drink Sobe Lean once in a while cause it only has like 2 carbs or something in it and I swear that grapefruit (which is in it) helps me loose weight. They have it at my favorite salad bar place in the tap so I like to get it instead of pop.
    Other than that I probably drink way too much diet pop but it really helps me get through a sweet craving (not that I really have that many on atkins)
  • diet green tea.....and it is GOOD!!! it speeds up your metabolism! and its a great source of energy!! if you have not tried this...YOU MUST!!! but make sure its diet!!!
  • I'm a huge fan of drinking sparkling water with lemon, which also supposedly helps with weight loss.
    It's especially a great option when you're at a nice restaurant.
    I used to drink diet soda, A LOT, but I swear it slowed down my weight loss.
  • I brew green tea and regular for 3 quarts iced a day - can't give up caffeine with the hours I work.

    Be careful of the "flavored" or "vitamin enhanced" waters when calculating TOTAL carbs - Thought I was having 2 carbs and saw that they were counting it as THREE servings per bottle - not much but kind of tricky when you're on Induction.

    I've given up (except for the occasional fountain) diet Coke this time around. I think the sweetener and carbonation was stalling me - PLUS - I don't like anything I've read about "soda" period lately.
  • Quote: I know nothing is better than good ol water
    You are 100% correct, nothing is better than water!! Be very careful of the sparkling & flavored waters out there. Many (NOT all) contain aspartame & even maltodextrin....both common "stallers" for most people. For me, diet soda's are no-no's. They are bloating & cause sugar cravings as well as a lot of them contain caffeine, which I have avoided since day 1 of Atkins.

    Celestial Seaonings makes many, many varieties of flavored decaf tea's (the True Blueberry is my favorite!) that are very good iced.
  • I"m going to jump in here and say that I know caffeine's not the best for you, but I've gotten tired of drinking plain old water, especially when I'm dead tired going into work at night after dealing with the kids all day. So, I"ve resorted to drinking about 3 cups of black coffee while at work. I haven't noticed any cravings coming back, and I haven't stalled while drinking it. It actually stears away the hunger.

    what is it exactly that makes caffeine so bad while doing atkins, other than it causes unstable blood sugar levels and can make you crave sweets? Just for my info...
  • Quote: what is it exactly that makes caffeine so bad while doing atkins, other than it causes unstable blood sugar levels and can make you crave sweets? Just for my info...
    From page 189 of Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution:

    "Stay out of the java jungle. Excessive caffeine (found not only in coffee, but, in tea, chocolate and many soft drinks) has been shown to cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) reaction which will provoke cravings and cause you to overeat. Omitting caffeine may be a big sacrifice for you, but, in my experience, weight loss usually starts up again as soon as people remove aspartame and caffeine from their regimen."

    ANYTHING that is going to provoke cravings and cause me to overeat is off limits for me! This WOL is about losing weight....not about defeating the purpose by consuming anything that would prevent that. JMHO
  • Fortunately for me, I learned in the past that aspartame doesn't affect me, so my options are more open than for some folks.

    I drink plenty of water, but once or twice a day I'll have one of the diet Lipton teas (normal tea Peach flavor or Green Tea Mixed Berry flavor, both zero grama), or one of the Wal-Mart brand flavored sparkling waters (Free and Clear or whatever they call it).
  • Celestial Seasonings has some REALLY awesome herbal teas I'll brew 3 bags of a fruity flavor (I like Orange/Tangerine Zinger and Apple/Cranberry Zinger and Blueberry), put it in a 1.5 liter bottle, add a packet of splenda and refrigerate it. It's a cold, very lightly sweet and fruity drink that really helps the water go down.

    Also, I've become a fan of seltzer water. Plain old regular seltzer has no calories, no carbs and low or no sodium--it really is just carbonated water. I like seltzer with a wedge of lime squeezed in it. It's refreshing and you can get it at most restaurants if you want a little bubble with your meal