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zinawarriorforGod 04-10-2007 12:07 PM

Looking for friends to take the Atkins journey with
I am 42 year old female. I did Atkins about 2 years ago and went from a size 20W to a 14. I was at a stand still for about 3 months and gave up. I originally started Atkins because my friend was getting married and I did not want to be the fat bridesmaid. My brother was doing Atkins and lost a lot of weight. So I did it and lost the weight I wanted to for the wedding. Again I got discouraged because of the stand still. Well 2 years later and I am a size 18. In September I am getting married and I don't want to be the fat bride. So I am starting Atkins again. I really don't go by the scales. Realistically I will be happy to be a size 12. I am looking for some friends to go on the weight loss journey with. People male or female that would like to share the good and bad. I will check in everyday. If you are interested let me know and if not thanks for visiting. Zina

lady_adnerb 04-10-2007 06:41 PM

Zina, you've come to the right place for weight loss friends. THe people here are AMAZING!! Come join us on the weekly chat. It's where we "hang out". Welcome :)

Dropzofjupiter29 04-15-2007 04:14 PM

Hi zina! id love to have someone to check in with every day. it really helps keep u motivated. I used to have an atkins buddy on another board when i did this diet 3 years ago. If u have yahoo or aim u can find me there :) Looks like their is a lot of support on this site. I like it here!

ThinMeWantsOut 04-15-2007 04:17 PM

Hey Dropz and Zina -- I'm just starting again with Atkins, too. I'd love to have some extra accountability as well. We know this works -- so let's help each other along the way!

Dropzofjupiter29 04-15-2007 04:20 PM

hi thinmewantsout! welcome :)

zinawarriorforGod 04-16-2007 10:12 AM

Hi Dropzofjupiter29, Dropzofjupiter29, Thank you for responding. I am doing Atkins and it is hard to find small support groups to check in with. But I would love to be buddies with you two. I am getting ready for my daycare right now but just wanted to touch base with you. Have a great day and I will check in later. Zina

Dropzofjupiter29 04-16-2007 03:29 PM

i am also in child care! Thats pretty cool :)

zinawarriorforGod 04-17-2007 10:53 AM

How is everyone today? I hope all well. I love doing home daycare. Not only do I get to care and love other children, but I don't have to worry about who is watching mine. The parents are wonderful. Do you work in your home or at a center? Well I will go for now my kids are comming. Take care and have a blessed day. Zina

Dropzofjupiter29 04-17-2007 12:27 PM

i was working as a nanny. My last family no longer needs my services. So looking for another job now. I may be taking a regular job. I have interviews today eeeeek. So im gonna be on the road most of today. I gotta stick to my diet today! ahhh!!!!!!! So far so good. I had the munchies sooo bad yesterday. So i ate a couple hard boiled eggs lol. Hope everyone has a great day today :)

zinawarriorforGod 04-18-2007 02:36 PM

I hope your job interviews went well. I hate job interveiws. I still get interveiewed by parents to bring their children to my home. But it is not so bad because I am on my own territory. If that makes sense. I have been doing ok on Atkins till night then I want ice cream or something sweet. I have bought the low carb candies, they seem to help. Well I will go for now, let me know how the job hunting went. Zina

Dropzofjupiter29 04-18-2007 02:52 PM

last night was the worst for me!! i was craving sweets soooooo bad. i went and got a spoonful of sugar free cool whip lol. About 1 carb there. But it helped lol. My interview went ok. Today i have another one. This guy is a real stickler too. The agency has sent 20 people over and he hasnt been happy yet. So we will see how that goes eeeeeek. If i land that i almost want to celebrate with an ice cream sundae! ha ha. Maybe ill just settle for some sugar free low carb cookies. MMM yummy!

pacemomof4 04-18-2007 05:05 PM

Hello everyone!!!! I am on my 4th day of Atkins and I must say I feel great!!!! I will be glad to be buddies with all of you!!!! Hey Zina and Droptz, I work at a center. I teach 2 yr olds. Challenging, but I love it. I worked at my friends family childcare home for 3 yrs. Then my friend was offered a position to be a Director at a center and we both work there now. I must say I like a center, but the fcch to me was much better. Lower ratios. You can give the kids more of your attention, when you have less. Anywhoo, nice to meet you all. Have a great day!!!!!!

Dropzofjupiter29 04-18-2007 07:46 PM

Hi pace! thats cool all of us working with children! he he. I just got a new job today tho. Working at a hotel! Im really excited cuz i wanted something graveyard with good pay. And now i got it! I start tomorrow. Im on my 5th day of atkins. So were about at the same! your 12 lbs has that been since u just started? The first 2 weeks are nuts cuz so much comes off! But i luv it!he he. Im down 10 since i weighed on friday morning.

pacemomof4 04-19-2007 07:07 PM

I have lost about 4 lbs. The 12 lbs was doing weight watchers. Hey congrats on your loss!!! 10 lbs!!! That's awesome!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!! I am going on my 6th day tomorrow and it has been really good so far. I am past having the headache and the grouchiness. I haven't been craving sweets. (Those darn kids and their snacks!!) I thought being around the kids at daycare I would do like normal and eat everything in sight. Daycare is where I put all my weight on. Eating nervously constantly. I love my job, but it can be very stressful!!! You know about all that!!! I hope to talk to you soon. Keep on trucking chick!!!! You r doing great!!!!!!!!! -Paula

Leenie 04-21-2007 07:38 AM

:welcome: Zina & Dropz & Pacemom

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