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Default stay in induction?

kinda new here and recently started induction (last tuesday with 8.8lbs dropped so far). i'm wondering if i can stay on induction? how much will the weight loss slow down (too much to hope that it keeps up at this pace...)? any harm in staying under 20 carbs until i get closer to my goal weight? (i understand the importance of gradually increasing my carb intake, so i'm not planning on getting to my goal on induction then going right back to my potato-chomping ways....

also, i was wondering if someone can tell me if i'm doing okay so far. i'm taking phentermine in the morning, and drinking 4 protein shakes per day (with water, not milk). i've also thrown bacon/eggs in for breakfast the past 2 mornings, and if i don't eat breakfast i try to bump my calories up at night with some meat and a little cheese....any suggestions on what i can add? i am NOT a veggie fan, but i can stand lettuce with italian dressing (is there low carb italian dressing?), green beans and....yeah, that's about it for the greenies.

anyway! any help or advice you can give is GREATLY appreciated!

135 here i come!

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Im getting the impression that you are not eating alot of real food. Is that correct? answer your question about the carb count. Yes you can stay at 20 grams for quite a while until you get the bulk of your weight off. I do not suggest going too far under 20. I tend to average it out over the week....some days would be 10, 17, 24, etc., you will not continue to loose at the pace you are currently loosing.

I highly recommend that you eat breakfast. Even if it is a string cheese and a protein to wake up your metabolism!!

dont like veggies? Then where are you getting your carbs from? That is where you should be getting most of your carbs. Give them a try, fried cabbage, broccoli w/ranch dressing, etc. Hit the recipe section to see how many things you can do with veggies. It doesnt all have to be salads. (I hate salads)

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thank you so much and i will join the weekly chat! do you know about how much i can expect the weight loss to slow down as i remain on induction? i've been drinking a protein shake first thing in the morning, and i ate some string cheese around 9 am.....luckily i can still have those! the protein shakes have 3 carbs each, which accounts for about half of what i'm allowed per day...the rest (i've been staying around 17 or so per day) come from cheese or bacon (because it's cured with sugar). def. not enough veggies in there from the sounds of it....
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Red face Welcome!

From your previous post, I'm assuming you are on Atkins Induction. Have you read Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution? If not, you definitely should to understand how the plan works. In the meantime, Induction is 20 carbs a day, 12-15 of those 20 grams of carbohydates should be coming from salad & other vegetables on the acceptable foods list:

You might want to check out this site, there are a lot of great recipes here, many suitable for Induction (they are marked with a *):

Drink plenty of water, take a good multivitamin, get some form of exercise.

Atkins works!

All the best to you!!


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