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RobinW 02-12-2007 10:53 AM

Weekly Chick Chat Feb 12-18/07
Good Morning :sunny:

Just getting us started.....have a great day ladies, I'll check back later this afternooon.

lilybelle 02-12-2007 11:02 AM

Hi ladies, I'm down to 5 puppies now. Yippee.

My house is still tipsy-turvy with the extra family. Don't see any change in that for about 4 more weeks.

It is cold and rainy with snow forecasted for tonite. Dang it, I'm ready for spring.

Hope everyone has a great day.

beach bum 02-12-2007 12:35 PM

Hi Ladies:)

Nothing new this morning,except we're planning another trip to Hawaii in 08, cause we didn't see that much being on the cruise.We were restricted because of Leo's Cancer. This time we want to see the more of the islands that we missed.The only other news is that today is my sons birthday[Abe Lincoln baby].

Robin-Thanks:thanks: for getting us started. Hope you have a better week OPing than you last week.

Lily-Thats great,that your living quarters are diminishing with puppies all over the place. Hope you don't get over stress :stress: with the remaining family.

Have a great day

Hugs :) BB

tqvirgo 02-12-2007 12:46 PM

Hi everyone!
Sorry I was MIA this weekend...go go go.
Eating sucked, but not as bad as last weekend. I made better choices and exhibited far more restraint.
Had to go over to the SIL for dinner for the MIL's birthday, so there was cake and the only low/no carb food item was turkey and frozen veggies with peas and lima beans YUK! So I ate other things.
I like his family, but they always seem to put me in an awkward situation. Everytime I go out there they want haircuts. I emphasized yesterday that I NEVER bring my scizzors out of the salon, trying to stress the fact that I cut enough f*****g hair during the 50 hours I already work, but the MIL kept asking SIL if she had some good scizzors around so I could give her a hair cut.....f**k!!. Then our ceice was looking for sponsorship for her volleyball team, so she was talking to the BIL who owns a huge surveying company about it and he proceeded to say very loudly "WELL IF IT INVOLVES A BANNER WITH ADVERTISING THAN SOMEONE WHO HAS A SMALL NEW BUSINESS SHOULD INVEST TO GET ADVERTISING..." (caps are because he was pretty much yelling for the whole house to hear). I cut him off and said "I can't get THIS frickin family to come get services, why would a bunch of small town people I don't know make their way into the city to get services from us?!" Everyone proceeded to get defensive and make excuses....I wasn't looking for that at all, just trying to make a point and shut him up....he's a loud, obnoxious, arrogant, patronizing jerk. My point...All of this lead me to eat cake.
Back OP today and DH voiced his desire to eat the way I have been...so meal planning will take place later today.
Have a great day and thanks for listening to my rant!

lady_adnerb 02-12-2007 02:42 PM

Robin: :wave: How's it going?

Lily: WTG on getting the puppies gone. I'm ready for spring as well! Hope you can hold out the time until you have the house to yourself again!!

BB: Another cruise sounds like fun! Hope you get to see what you want this time. Happy BD to your son :)

Tracy: Next time you go there, wrap your hand up and tell them you're not allowed to move it for 3 days :lol: Maybe that'll work? And sounds like you wouldn't have gotten your point across no matter what you had said. My sympathies go to you :hug:

Well, after stupidity this weekend, I'm back OP. I talked to DH and told him that I've GOT to stay OP even during the weekend because this is just not healthy. I'm never going to lose weight at this rate. In fact, all my jeans are too tight, and the scale has creeped up. UGH! So I'm determined THIS TIME I'm going to stay OP, drink my water and exercise. So far I've got half my water in, I've exercised, and I'm OP (so far). I plan on making some SF jello in case I need to snack. ONWARD!!!!!

lilybelle 02-12-2007 05:03 PM

Thanks ladies for the show of support.

I am down to only 4 female puppies left. We did put an ad in the paper for the 2 extras that we'll have. I had a relay message today that sounded like a real sham. Someone wanting me to ship a puppy to London and they would send me a money order, to which I am supposed to ship the puppy and wait to be reimbursed. That is a crock. I won't send a puppy anywhere. I have to personally meet and feel comfortable with any prospective owner of my pups. This relay person wanted me to go ahead and ship it with only a $50.00 deposit. I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. DUH. I replied online to him with quite a message, I'm sure he'll get my point. Says he is "hearing impaired" hence why he was doing a relay message.

Last night I cooked baked chicken and wild rice and was gonna have fresh green beans with it.
I'd be furious too if someone expected me to cut their hair on my time off.


carolr3639 02-12-2007 07:38 PM

Lily, We sell lots of dogs and have had the very same "hearing impaired" message sent to us. I suppose it works for some or they wouldn't be doing it.

tqvirgo 02-12-2007 10:43 PM

Lily...lol about the beans. I would weigh 50 pounds more if I had to deal with that kind of chaos and DH just ran off. Mine wasn't in the room when this hair cutting business happened, but he was happy to hear that I called them on their crap. He doesn't expect me to put up with it thank goodness. I can't believe your SD puts chocolate in the babies bottle....yikes. I have to say that the mouldy baby clothes are what got me! WOW....that's aweful.
good luck not throwing her in a lake! Just tell DH that he's paying for your fancy hotel room if he doesn't do something, and you're not coming back 'til their gone!

lady_adnerb 02-13-2007 08:49 AM

Lily: I can't believe people actually fall for that. Most people need money up front!

Carol: :wave:

Tracy: Glad to hear your DH is supportive of you and doesn't take their side!

Well, stepped on the scale this morning. UGH. Well, I brought it on myself. Only "bad" thing I ate yesterday was a banana. Other than that, I was OP, and almost got all my water in! If I keep this up, I'm hoping for at least a 2 pound loss this week!! But I'll be happy with one :lol:

beach bum 02-13-2007 09:36 AM

Good Morning Ladies:)

Nothing new to report,just hanging in there.Going to work on my focus list.Thinking positive,eat slowly, drink extra water and exercise every day even if its only 30 mins.

Tracy-You have a right to:tantrum: Thats the hazard of the trade. Don't bring work out to the family anymore.

Lady_Adnerb-I loved :love:my DH taking me back to paradise on earth,but to think all that food out there I don't want to
gain another 10 lbs. Thats the scary :fr: part of the trip.Sorry:sorry: for the scale not saying what you wanted to say HERES TO NEXT WEEK

Lily-Happy:) to know that you saw that it was a scam. So many people fall for them,especially senior citizens. Great having 4 more pups. Hope they all find good homes.

Have to go

Hugs :) BB

carolr3639 02-13-2007 11:16 AM

Hi Brenda!

lilybelle 02-13-2007 12:31 PM

Hi ladies, I'm happy to report that after today I'll be down to only 1 pup. The owners are all coming today. I told them "better come get them cause I've got people here wanting to buy them and you wouldn't want me to sell your puppy".

lady_adnerb 02-13-2007 04:55 PM

BB: Sounds like a good list! Keep up the great work :)

Carol: How's it going?

Lily: WTG on getting rid of almost all the puppies! And that's a great way to make sure the people come get the puppies. I'd also like to say that what you're selling them for is DIRT CHEAP compared to around here. I paid that much for the lab we got---and that was at a discount (we knew the guy that owned the stud dog. It was his free stud fee---we paid him. lol)!!! So nope-don't ever think about going lower!

Well, today was a good day. Didn't get exercise in (got a monster headache) and the water intake wasn't that good either. But food choices are better and I'm feeling better about myself :) ONWARD!!!

lilybelle 02-14-2007 12:03 AM

I think I was very reasonable on the price of the puppies. I put a lot of work into them. It has been expensive that is for sure. I hope they all have happy lives with their new owners. My DD cried today when the last ones were picked up. But, we kept Lucy and still have Molly, so 2 dogs is plenty.

We just got back from going and picking up my son's broken jeep. I hope it can be mended. Then, I want him to get rid of it and buy himself a new car.

Brenda, good to hear you are back on program. Sorry about the headache. I wake up with one every morning. I think it is caffeine withdrawal, because after my morning coffee I'm fine.

SD is leaving tomorrow to my MIL's.

Leenie 02-14-2007 07:36 AM

Happy Valentines Day

:val1: :chockiss: :val1: :chockiss: :val1: :chockiss: :val1: :chockiss: :val1: :chockiss: :val1:

(low carb kisses of course ;) )

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