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Question I just failed a 1 hour glucose tolerance test while doing low-carb

I just had a miscarriage and was scheduled for an early Glucose Tolerance Test at my next pregnancy visit. My midwives asked me to still take the GTT because of my weight and to help determine if I have any fertility issues due to insulin resistance.

Today I got the results that I failed with a 142 (anything over 140 is a red flag). They reccomended a 3 hour retest before diagnosing diabetes. I asked what the next steps would be and they responded I would be first sent to a dietician to discuss diet and exercise. While I am not exercising the 30 minutes a day they recommended, I was on low-carb faithfully for 3 months, then got pregnant and modified the diet by adding whole grain bread rice products for 6 weeks. Since the miscarriage in the middle of December, I have been back on low carb-with only 2 small slices of pie Christmas Eve and Day. The test was on Dec 28. I have decided to exercise more and retest when I get pregnant again, since I am doing half of what they have said will be recomended.

While searching on WebMd, I read that this test is not accurate for those on low-carb diets. I am wondering how this affected my results. If anyone has medical experience with this please let me know. I told my midwife i was on low carb, but it did not seem to raise any flags. They support my WOE, because it is good for fertility. I hate to call them back because they are so busy and since I lost the baby I feel there are other patients who need their attention more. Thanks for any help!
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Hi Martha,

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I had a miscarriage a few months before I got pregnant with my daughter and I know how devastating it can be.

I hope some one here can help you out with your questions.

Good luck and to 3FC's

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Hi Martha, are 2points too high? That isnt too too bad, I would suspect if you stuck to low carbing, got a bit more exercise and your weight started dropping, that your next test result will be lower.

You have to remember that even tho you are low carbing, that alone wont do anything. Its the combination of low carbing, exercising, and loosing weight that will bring all your numbers back into check.

Im not a dr, or a nurse, I dont know much about the technical stuff, but the purpose of you doing low carb was to what? lose weight? Loosing weight, and controling the amount of sugar that goes into your body and exercising will help the most with getting everything into shape.

I dont know if this is what you wanted to hear, but I hope it helped a bit.

Take care of yourself.
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Hang in there Martha!

IA with robin on assessing what you wanted to accomplish with the lc lifestyle and feel sure if you took the weight off b4 becoming pregnant again (by adding that exercise/walking etc) all your numbers would be better.

Best Wishes to you!
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OK, I have to put in my 2cents.

Most of all sorry about the miscarriage and the scary news. Either would be hard by itself. :hugs:

1st: Get a test called Hemoglobin A1C. I think it's more accurate than a glucose tolerance test that may be wacky from low carbing.

2nd: Lots of medical people and even dieticians "think" they know a lot about diabetes but don't. Ask people that live is successfully! I can tell you no one of them is doing it exactly the same cause we're all different bodies with different needs. I have a diabetic family, I'm doing what has worked for the most successful relatives in my genetic pool - phooey with all the research, do they know my genes? Did they study my individual diabetic family? uh, NO. They do wide scopes of research, usually tainted by expected results then preach to diabetics that have high blood sugars how they are noncompliant. Well, I give them more lee way and tell them to find their own answers. I give them a lot of different ideas and directions and tell them to find what works for them.

3rd: If you are diabetic - as I just said - start testing your own sugar and find out what works for you. Diabetes is very individual - what you do or don't do for you has a lot to do with how well you will do with it. Find your own path.

4th: Options. Walking is proven to lower blood sugar. Losing wt is proven to reduce insulin resistance (meaning you got enough insulin it just can't get the sugar going into the cells like it should). Try low carb to get the wt down. Not working for you? Try ADA diet. Not working for you. Try balanced carb. Not working for you - Try glycemic index. Not working for you - try to figure out what particular foods cause blood sugar spikes for you and eliminate them. And the list goes on. Make your own plan - just figure out what works!

5th: ok, you find out you're a diabetic. GET IN CONTROL!! Take charge. Start a plan. A lot of successful diabetics are those who take charge of their health. Work on your diet (see no 4). Get a glucometer and use it. Get moving - walking helps. Make a plan. Dig into diabetic teaching beyond diet - there's lots you have to start doing besides food/exercise (ex: check the bottoms of your feet, always wear comfortable shoes that don't rub sores on your feet, be sure eye doctor checks for glaucoma etc.) And hey, being diabetic is a good excuse to shut up the meddling coworkers and family members trying to poke sugar in your mouth!

NO matter what, don't lose faith. Don't lose hope. This is your health. Take control of it. Diabetes is rough, but it ain't the end of the world. Lots folks have it - it's been a side effect of the obesity epidemic. I myself am trying to prevent or delay it in me.

Sorry, this is one of my soap boxes. I am a nurse, and teaching is just something we do.
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