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Default Introductions 2015

Happy New Year! Are you new to 3FC? Returning? Post your intro here!! You can tell us about your goals, your challenges, and your plans.

We are glad you are here.
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Hi! I'm starting on counting calories this year! It's been a week since I started so I'm planing on see how it goes with the 1600 calorie plan I've been following, I am not good at following a diet because I don't like to take too much time on preparing my meals, so I find this really easy to do as I can eat raw veggies, and some other things that don't need too much time to make so I'm guessing I can do this as a long term deal! Nice to meet you everyone, I hope I can make some friends here.
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Originally Posted by midwife View Post
Happy New Year! Are you new to 3FC? Returning? Post your intro here!! You can tell us about your goals, your challenges, and your plans.

We are glad you are here.
Hello, I am newbie here . I am just trying gain inspiration from others and help those along the way need the courage. I am currently still eating calorie based with variously different foods and not overall paranoid about it as this would be lifestyle change, started in August 2014 lost 25 lb. Have to lose about 35 more fighting each day this war of mind over body . Think most has helped is not deprived of any food but listening to when satisfaction but not full of food and using the app lose it app and using my at home working ou on stationary bike and just dance Wii game 2015 ; playing live really kicked those hard lose lb. Good luck everyone
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I signed up a few years ago but have just decided to become active in this forum. What great people!! I have lost almost 60 lbs by counting calories and using an activity tracker. I'm at my goal weight and plan to stay here. It would be nice if I was an "intuitive eater" but I'm more of an "intuitive overeater". So count calories I will continue to do. It's like a little hobby.

I weigh my food whenever possible so that I can get an accurate calorie count. My food choices are 90% "healthy" and I favor a high protein diet. I try to get all my nutrients from food although some days that is difficult.
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Hi everyone! I'm going to be hanging around here for a while. Since August of last year I have gained 15 pounds due to a variety of stressful things in my life, including dealing with my mother's lung cancer and death. I hit 150 lbs day before yesterday and that was a wakeup call since I'm technically into the overweight category now. I'd like to get down to the high 120's ultimately! I'm a calorie counter using MyFitnessPal, and I run (FitBit user) and lift weights.
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Default Welcome Spring

Hello All! Today is the official start of my journey. I am 58 years old and hoping to return to a healthy BMI by the time I am 60. I know that this is going to be a hard road for me. I am an emotional eater and the last year has been my worst. My 20 year old nephew who I am very close with has been diagnosed with a rare serious cancer. It has been so hard on our family and has had a dramatic effect on my health. It is time to trust in God and for me to stop using this as an excuse to overeat. Spring is a new beginning and I hope to encourage all of you to join this road to good health with me.
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Hello! I'm back. It’s been awhile. This winter really threw me into lack of moving, too much snow on the ground and much too cold. I should have joined a gym, but...well.... I picked up a tracker yesterday, using the lose it app along with it and moving forward :-)
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Hi! I've been counting calories for a couple of years and have lost slowly (1-2 lbs a month). I feel that's fine as long as the slope is pointing downward. But it would be nicer if it were a little faster. I'm really looking forward to more tips - it feels easier to eat lots of produce in the summer, and it's very warm where I am (eastern U.S.), but it's always tough to balance numbers with cravings.

My maintenance amount if sedentary is about 1400 cals/day. I have two levels of calorie goal, and I try to almost-always meet the first and usually meet the second. The first is a day of 1400 net and the second is a day of 1000 net.

My ideal day is eating 1400 cals and doing 400 cals of exercise. Most of my exercise is walking.

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Hi! I'm no stranger to calorie counting, but I'm new here. (Longtime lurker)

In the past I've kept losing 15 lbs, quitting and gaining it all back...rinse and repeat. I'm going to do it this time, I don't want to be obese anymore. I'm just done.

My current calorie goal is 1440, though it varies 900-1600. I'm going to make an effort to keep it more stable, because going too far under is what has screwed me up in the past.
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Hi everybody! I'm Susan and I'm not new. In fact, I join 3FC in 2003, was a mod for a while and wandered off ... probably because so much has changed in my life and on the internet since then
Anyway ... here I am again! I never gained all my weight back but a good bunch of it.
Calorie counting has always been my staple. I've learned so much about food and nutrition this way!
The biggest change for me lately is exercise. I love my fitbit and a bootcamp my husband and I attend.
So thanks me ... calories counting and exercise ...
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Ok, I probably should introduce myself here. I am a mother of two boys (a toddler and a newborn) and I have previously lost over 80 pounds with weight watchers. Thanks to the two joys in my life I have found myself 60 pounds heavier again. So Time to re-lose! This time around I cannot afford weight watchers so I am counting calories using My Fitness Pal and a FitBit my husband bought me for my birthday. Best husband ever! So far I have lost 4.8 pounds in 2 weeks. I am quite happy. My goal is to get back down to 140 by my 30th birthday next year. Then maybe look at losing more until I'm at a healthy range BMI (according to my height I should be between (95-125) It stinks being short! lol
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