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christine123 03-26-2014 11:12 PM

Maintenance Calories?
Hi All,
I have been on here since summer 2012... lost some weight.. was at a size 6, which is close to my goal of a size 4! However, I fell soooo completely off the wagon that I gained 35lbs and went right back up to a 12. Well, I got my act together after running into someone who was shocked to see the drastic change in my appearance :( I am back down to a 6, and am pushing through the rest of the way....

I seem to know how to lose weight and gain weight. I have gained and lost 50lbs 3 times!! Clearly, my issue is maintenance. I think I need to start planning for that now rather than lose as fast as possible and then derail.

So how do you calorie counters plan for maintenance? How many more calories do you eat to maintain? 200? 300? I don't want to eat too much and start gaining again... this is all so crazy making for me. Any input is greatly appreciated!

Pattience 03-26-2014 11:22 PM

I would think this is a question for living maintenance….

I am a bit like you too though. I can lose and gain again very quickly. So time i'm not bothering so much with exercise because it makes it harder to keep doing it. Or i have a problem with keeping doing it. Although i might have to start doing some soon. But i plan to start training of ra race in July til november.

It could derail my maintenance though.

Anyway exercise aside, i would increase gradually. That way at least you can monitor your gains and stop when your weight starts to increase. So try to think of yourself as still being on a diet even when you've reached goal.

I also intend to continue diarising my food. I know that's going to get really boring at some point but it hunk its what i have to do. I might be able to find a way to not be quite so obsessive about it but i think if i don't keep track, it will just all fall apart.

I'm about the same height as you and have some way to go to goal but i'm not hurrying to get there now that i am fine with my weight right now for some time though i know being skinnier is generally better especially if i want to get my clothes off in public e.g. for running.

Now that i'm older my face is sagging too much when i'm skinny. That's due to a lot of sun damage, not just weight loss and probably also genetics.

how many pounds do you weigh. I don't know US dress sizes. They are different from ours. I have been down to 55kg a few times before. Taht'hs about 115pounds i guess.

christine123 03-26-2014 11:46 PM

I am probably around 153lbs - 155lbs. I have not been weighing because in the past, I can become extremely obsessive with the scale and start a starve/binge cycle.

Because I have done this lose weight/gain weight so many times, I know exactly which clothes fit at which weight. 6s are tight at 156-158, loose at 148 or so...142-145 is a perfect size 4 for me. I have been a size 2 at one point, but I was probably too thin and I couldn't keep it off to save my life. Within 6 months of hitting that weight, I ballooned 20lbs upwards.

I lose weight from all over so it usually takes 8-10lbs for a whole size for me.

Training for a race sounds like a great goal. I understand about the exercise though. I do not eat back exercise calories (I use My Fitness Pal), because I am not sure how committed I can be to exercise for the whole rest of my life. That's just the reality. I can't depend on exercise to keep it off. I absolutely MUST track my calories and stick to a set amount while in maintenance.

Thank you for the advice about increasing slowly. I think it will be trial and error. I don't even know what maintenance means for me. I am ALWAYS either trying to lose those few pounds or gaining.... :-(

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