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kaarin 01-06-2014 11:18 AM


Originally Posted by Loumomoffour (Post 4911540)
Good Morning,
So far I've been doing pretty good with the calorie counting, not great but good. The kids go back to school Tomorrow so I hope that I can get back on a schedule. My main problem is snacking and not knowing what to eat. I've always been a snacker, a couple of crackers with butter here and a piece of bread there ect...no real meals just lots of snacks.
So my goal for this week will be to cut out the snacking and log everything I eat into my phone.

I've found that if I have a pile of cut up veggies ready to go, that really helps with what to snack on. My favourites are cucumber, radishes and peppers. With a little bit of Ranch calorie wise dressing, I find it quite satisfying. I absolutely LOVE cheese, but that is such a spend of calories for so little.

Robsia 01-06-2014 12:58 PM


I'm new to the thread, although not new to the forum, by any means.

In 2006/7 I lost 84 lb. Sadly, some of it has crept back on again, mostly over the last couple of years. I've always done calorie counting, as I know it works to lose the weight, just need to get some strategies for keeping it off once it's gone.

So can I join in here for accountability? I really want to do it this year, properly this time. I lost 25 lb last spring down to 147, and got back into all my cute summer stuff, but here we are a-bloody-gain!

Cals yesterday were 1606 which is pretty high, but my average since I started again, over the last four days is 1324.

My calorie 'envelope' is between 1100-1500. I try to keep it as close to 1200 as I can, but I don't panic if it gets near to the 1500 a couple of times a week. It gives me a little treat room. But I do want to keep my average below 1300 if possible.


Originally Posted by kaarin (Post 4912035)
I've got the calorie room for wine, but it's just that often the wine will start cravings for other nibbles, and then I'm screwed! :D

I know how that feels. One of my weaknesses over the last few months has been vodka. I like to mix up a tall glass of peach squash (condensed fruit juice - very common in the UK) with sparkling lemonade and a couple of measures of vodka. A couple of those in the evening and I'm very chilled but I have abstained since I started my diet. I still had some left over from Xmas so I figured last night I'd have one. The peach squash and lemonade are both sugar-free so the only cals are in the vodka. But one turned into two, and next thing I was scoffing down the nibbles.

So I really need accountability.

Kilketay 01-06-2014 04:34 PM

I met my calorie goal yesterday (1650 cal - my goal is 1500-1900) - despite going out to eat, which is a huge challenge for me. I'm on track for today (921 cal at 2pm, planning a 600 cal dinner). Yay me!

skelley331 01-06-2014 04:41 PM

Well I haven't been doing so good since Christmas and new years, my goal was to start on 1/1/14 but we've been swamped by winter storm and haven't been able to get out of the house for two days, no excuse but just sayin, I go back to work tomorrow so I'm going to get back in my routine again and get serious!


CalCounter1003 01-06-2014 08:27 PM

This is a cookbook I have been using a lot the past few months. http://www.amazon.com/Fix-It-Forget-...ghtly+cookbook

I have found some great recipes in it. It says there are 600 recipes but I've only made about ten of them....over and over! The only thing with crock pot recipes is it will say something like serves 8 and give you the calories but it isn't realistic to divide a crock pot meal into eight servings if there are just two of us at home, so I just scoop out what looks reasonable. My DD is still home from college and she has enjoyed these meals I've made also. She's 6'2" and weighs less than me so isn't watching her weight, but she still thinks they are good! Of course, after dorm eating, any home cooking is good!
I know a website is easier for some people, but I can't seem to organize recipes that way. I lose the website even if I bookmark them! Anyway, I make two meals on Sunday and freeze half of them. Then I will pull them out two weeks later to have some variety. It makes the week so much easier.

Today was the first day back to school. I was dreading it but it was fine. Kids were so tired they just sat and listened, lol. By Friday we will all be asleep in class. I am way under my calorie goal because it was so busy I didn't have time to snack, so I'm going to do that now!

So glad to see lots of new and returning people on the site that are calorie counters. I just think calorie counting is so great! As I said in an earlier post, that was the first type of diet I ever did many years ago and why I left it and tried 50 other weird diets is beyond me!

SeeMyFeet 01-07-2014 09:22 AM

Welcome back, Robsia!
Hello Kilketay! and Great Job!
Yep, it's back to the ole routine! I hear ya skelley! Typing while bleary-eyed and running around like a racehorse this AM.
I will have a look at the cookbook, CalCounter...I use the Crock a lot, too.

1382 calories yesterday--on plan. 37day average: 1236. 7 day average: 996. And blistering cold.

Over the past 37 days, I have lost maybe 1 lb. Ugh. Still experimenting. I have a new strategy. I'll let you know if it works.

Robsia 01-07-2014 09:38 AM

Cals yesterday were 1184 - yay.

Steps were my best ever since I downloaded a pedometer app called Pacer and started tracking them: 13725

I find it quite easy to get my steps up as I walk the dog every morning and do between 2-2.5 miles then I do a 'bedroom' version of C25K - walking and jogging up and down. i watch an episode of Star Trek as I do it, so I extend the whole thing to 45 minutes. I'm only on Week 1 - but it's only been a few days.

I'm doing all the right things but after a good initial drop, my weight's been stalled for a few days. Hoping for a dip sometime soon. Are you listening, scales?

kaarin 01-07-2014 10:14 AM

Good morning everyone!

Welcome back to 3FC Robsia! I know those scales will cooperate for you soon! :)
I was a little over my goal yesterday at 1375 (weekly Rotary lunch). I must be extra good today as my 1 week weigh-in is tomorrow and I want to be down 5+ lbs.
I got a new toy yesterday - a fitbit flex. It's a wristband that tracks steps, distance, calories as well as your sleep patterns. It automatically syncs to iPhone and computer to tell you how you're doing, and talks to MFP too. Just another tool I'm hoping will keep me focused. I tried that Pacer app Robsia, but you have to have your iPhone on you at all times and it chews through my battery.
SeeMyFeet, we've been watching the news here and can't believe the weather you're having. Keep warm! I believe it's supposed to get better within the next few days.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

skinnyki 01-07-2014 10:21 PM

Stayed within calories today whoo hoo

CalCounter1003 01-07-2014 10:47 PM

I'm in range today but have been really hungry all day.

I had a huge box of store-bought fancy Belgium cookies that was given to us. It was almost half gone and I kept looking at it in the pantry. So today I brought into one of my classes. It's a HS class of mostly boys and they ate them up quickly! So that temptation is gone! Now the teachers with daughters are trying to sell Girl Scout cookies. It just never stops! :D

I think that ChangerGirl mentioned drinking hot tea. I have really gotten into that the past two weeks. My DD started drinking hot green tea, which I never liked but I decided to try it with her since she's home and it has really helped me not eat snacks. At first I had to add honey or a cube of sugar but now I just have it plain. Now I found a Good Earth tea called Sweet and Spicy - wow, it's good. My DD said "this has to have sugar in it, it's so sweet!" So then I looked it up on their website and it says no sugar but the teas do have 5 or less calories. Well... I'm not counting that!

SeeMyFeet - I know that feels discouraging to only be down a pound after 37 days but think about how many pounds most of the US gained during that 37 days! And you didn't gain any, and lost 1. It will come... you might have to calories to trick your body if you are always eating around the same number.

Robsia - That's great that you found an app to do your steps. I have a FitBit One that I just got a few weeks ago and I LOVE it! It really motivates me to walk more! I only have a little dog right not and he's not into walking too much but I hope to get a big dog again soon - lost our Golden Retriever to cancer a year ago. I want another one, but DH wants a Doberman... IDK.

Kaarin- I love my FitBit too! It's so motivating! I have it in MFP as well. I always override the exercise I do (which is a walking DVD) and type in the calories into MFP though because Fitbit gives me not as many as I claim I burn. I've been losing with those #s so I'm sticking with it!

SkinnyKi - Yay!
Skelley - Glad you are back!

Hello to everyone else! I'm just replying to the last few posts!

SeeMyFeet 01-08-2014 09:24 AM

Morning all!

Last night was another red-knuckle night! I kept the calories low: 810 --maybe a little more...I'll have to re-think. 38da average: 1225. 7da average: 1007.

Scale budged a smidgeon today. Thanks CalCounter, but the holidays are not my downfall....last year, my downfall was from Jan through Aug....which scares me....I want to, and have to, lose this weight.

kaarin 01-08-2014 10:33 AM

Good morning!
I stayed within my calories yesterday - 1108. According to the scale this morning I am down exactly 5 lbs since Jan 1. I'll take it! I retain water easily, so I know that's a lot of water loss but that's okay. Now the goal is 2 lbs a week.
SeeMyFeet - I think CalCounter is right, all of a sudden the scale will move. What kind of exercise/activity do you do? I find if I get active I see results.
CalCounter - on the activity theme, boy, my fitbit shows that I need to work on this!!! Not even 5000 steps my first day. :( I know that I work at a desk job, but I thought with the amount I have to get up to go get files, photocopy etc, it might be a bit more. I AM motivated though! I am not counting the calories burned that fitbit gives to MFP either. I'll only do that if I've gone on a special walk or done extra exercise etc.
Have a great day everyone!

edoetsch1 01-08-2014 11:49 AM

Day 10: 1518/1800 calories yesterday. :carrot:
Late night was a struggle. Wanted to snack out of boredom but was able to keep it under control.

NewKate2014 01-08-2014 01:29 PM

Hi all! I'm Kate, I've been looking for a calorie counter thread! :)
Currently eating between 1200-1500kcal per day, the closer to 1200 the better.
Looking for calorie accountability and this looks like the place to be, nice to meet you all!


SW(1.1.2014) 191.1
CW 188.8
GW 140

Silverfire 01-08-2014 01:33 PM

I went over my calories by 8 yesterday :( I had a sliver of costco tuxido cake that just pushed me over the edge. Otherwise I would have been under by 250!

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