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Default So easy to give up i do it all the time

I cant seem to stop eating bad and change my lifestyle. im uncomfortable in all my clothes and dont even wana be naked in front of my bf.

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Breannaj I understand completely. I just take each day one day at a time. Its not easy but you have to want to change what is your motivation to change? More than just wanting to be skinny it has to be deeper than that. For instance my mom is heavy as well she has type 2 diabetes she has high blood pressure as well she also is a breast cancer survivor who has had a double masectomy. Do u know how hard it is to see your mom in a hospital bed as we speak right now she is in the hospital and is having tests done to see if she is in kidney failure. All bc of her bad choices of not eating healthy. Is it worth it? Is the cookies and cakes and fried foods worth your life? That is how I see things now. I have three kids and would like to have more. I never want to put them through the heart ache and pain of seeing me in the hospital bc I want to eat and drink what I want we are not invincible. Life is not guaranteed forever why not have a quality life for whatever the amount of time we are blessed to be here on this earth. We owe it to ourselves and our family! You owe it to yourself and your boyfriend to be the best person you can be. You deserve it and it all starts with not being selfish and wanting instant gratitude to deny yourself somethings in exhange for life and longevity. I have to admit when I first started this journey of calorie counting and portion control it was all for cosmetic reasons. Now after seeing my mother in that hospital bed. My journey changed to not only to look good but to be healthy on the inside as well and to be rhe best me I can be for me and for my family. They are worth it and so am I. I hope this helps.

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I will succeed
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I think everyone can relate and we all have our own motivation as to the why. Goodness knows I have gained and lost the same 30lbs so many times I am a true yo-yo always vowing never to gain it back HA Now comes the snarky part...the doing.

Take it one step at a time you can’t change everything at once that sets you up for failure. 1. Make a list of the foods you absolutely can't ever live without. It should be a short list. 2. Make a list of foods you really enjoy 3. Make a list of foods you like…can you see where this is going? Once done let’s start to look at alternatives. For me my absolute I refuse to give up for any longer than a few days is alcohol (I do know how bad that sounds) but I go around it, if I want a drink or two in the evening then I have to do some exercising, which could be walking, go to the gym, heavy house work, etc.—poof my reward for doing good!

Behavior rewarded=behavior repeated. Now on your list of foods you really enjoy and my guess these are not the healthiest for you, start to look for alternates that have the same texture and taste. For example I like salty so potato chips, fries, etc. are high up on that list but I found you can make ‘baked’ carrot fries and they are a great sub. I like buffalo wings, there is a recipe for spicy cauliflower buffalo wings that are delicious! These types of swaps and some pre-planning of your meals help tons…plus write down everything you eat and how much! My Fitness Pal is a great place to start.
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We all understand and have been there. I, too, have gained and lost the same 30 or so pounds. So frustrating. One day at a time. As far as getting motivated to start... That is something that if we could figure out and sell it, we'd be rich!

I started this diet in July and felt the same that you described. I didn't have anything left to wear so went shopping and I refused to get the next size. So I started. MFP and it worked. If you can just lose a little to start it might get you going!

Just know no one here judges anyone for falling off or gaining. Post your frustrations and you 3FC friends are here!
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Believe me, I can relate. I think we all can or we wouldn't be part of a weight-loss support community. Here's what's helping me this time: habit.

I weigh myself every day. Sometimes it makes me so crazy! I want constant progress, darn it! A pound a day! No upswings! But I don't get that, obviously. And when I don't get progress (or *gasp* get negative progress, like today), I sometimes think "but what's the point in trying?" Then I remind myself that I am NOT trying that hard. What I'm doing is forming new habits. It takes time for them to become second-nature, to think "I can eat that brownie but then I can't have cheese later" and not feel a little unnatural. But it gets easier with time.

The last time I tried to quit smoking, people kept saying it takes three weeks to form a new habit. This is sort of true. So you can stick to your plan for three weeks. I mean, that's nothing really. Then you discover, as with smoking, that it's not true. There's the first time you go to a show as a no smoker, or the first potluck as a healthy eater. There's a million firsts. There's your first autumn, with the cold telling your body to eat. And you can tell it that you're taking care of it on a new way, and that next fall it will expect reasonable portions of chili on a blustery day. And you don't need to cheat, because you're not doing anything to cheat on, you're just overwriting some faulty programming.
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As others have said take it one day at a time. Give your self a small goal such as no soda for a week from there add something else, perhaps no bread. Challenge yourself to loose 5 lbs at a time. Good luck
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The way I approach it is, there are two reasons why we usually "give up." One is taste, and the other is time. If you eliminate those two obstacles, life can be so much easier.

Cravings for me include things that are "rich and comforting." Things like chili and stew can beat those cravings in a healthy way. You can crockpot all day or cook on weekends to freeze in portions for lazy days.

Other cravings like pizza can be made with low carb/high fiber pitas, flour tortillas, or flatbreads. You can end up with a filling 20 minute pizza that is portioned, and low calorie.

Buffalo wings can be made with cauliflower (like mentioned above) or you can take chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese, and make a wrap or eat as is to fill that flavor craving. These can be made so quickly, that it's faster than takeout.

Chinese food is so so simple to make at home. Even pan frying and controlling your sauce can cut more than half of the calories of an order of sesame chicken, for example.

French fries can be baked and made out of any root vegetable including turnips and celeriac.

Chicken nuggets can be made with ground chicken with shredded vegetables mixed in, in about 20 minutes, and even pre-cooked and frozen for a 3 minute warm up.

Mexican food is always a good choice for me, because the flavors like lime, salsa, cilantro, and jalapeno are low calorie and can be added into almost anything, and corn tortillas are about 50 calories each. Low fat sour cream or Greek yogurt and 2% cheese are fabulous toppings.

It may take a little bit of prep, a little bit of imagination, and a bit of browsing healthy recipes, but you can do this!
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Im so glad that others feel this way. I have no motivation to change but hate being like this. I do this all the time and then one day i wake up and wana make the change. im gonna leave exercise out for a little while. itll make the weight change more consistant.
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Originally Posted by Breannaj1215 View Post
I have no motivation to change but hate being like this.
Reread that sentence a couple times. How much more motivation do you need? If I were you, every day I would write that sentence on a slip of paper and put it in my pocket. If I didn't have kids who could read, I would tape it to my fridge, to my pantry door, and in my car.
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Default Me too!!

I do the same thing, as you can see you are definitely not by yourself..But I'm starting again today, and I pray this is the time it clicks!! I hope it is for you too
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I was struggling with this just a few minutes ago. I have part of a dark chocolate bar in my desk at work, reserved for days when I account for a treat (either cutting calories somewhere or exercising more) and almost took it out to devour it. The only thing that stopped me was a person stopping by my office to ask a question and I would have nbeen too ashamed to have been caught red-handed with the goody at 10 am.

You just have to keep recommitting to healthy goals and realize that one slip up here or there really doesn't put you back at square one.

Not to get all religious, but when I start feeling badly for slipping I remember a quote from a movie and it makes me smile. It is "Jesus fell three times while carrying the cross to Cavalry, and He was Jesus."
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I understand how you feel exactly. My boyfriend loves me how I am but I can't bare walking around naked in front of him freely. I've been struggling with motivation for a year+ now. I think what finally kicked me in the butt was seeing 139 on the bathroom scale when I had been seeing 135/136. That seems minor but I always hated weighing 140-143 so seeing myself get that close again scared me.

What I try to think is...every time I see a girl who weighs 120 or whatever, I feel so bad. Why subject myself to that when I could feel so much better if I slimmed up myself? You need food to live but you shouldn't live for food.

If you need someone to talk to I'm always open to talk.
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Like everyone else here, I can relate too. I've been gaining and losing the same 10 pounds for the last 3 years and have felt like a failure many times but was unable to find any real motivation to change that until just recently. Don't focus on the big picture - it's overwhelming. Just focus on the little things you can do each day and as has been said here, take it one day at a time. If diet and exercise are too much for you right now, just focus on your eating for now and when you feel like you have that under control, slowly add exercise in. The two things that make me successful in my weight loss journey are 1) weighing my self every single morning (it helps me nip things in the bud before I spiral out of control) and 2) logging every bite I take, even if I have a bad day food-wise. Those things help keep me accountable.

This forum has really helped me as well. If I'm feeling down and like I'll never reach my goal, I read the success stories. Seeing before and after pictures of those who have successfully lost the weight has been a real motivator for me. Hang in there. You have support here.
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I know the feeling, also.
I have always struggled with my weight but never been this heavy before. I gain pounds extremely quick but lose them very slowly. Slip up 2 meals in a row and I've gained a pound or two, it stinks.

I think you really need to commit yourself and take it one day at a time and make some mini goals. If you can't jump all in, make small changes each week. Start holding yourself accountable for everything, big or small, that you eat and choose one thing to swap out. Or, a few ingredients can be changed to make your lunch healthier.
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What helps me hugely is knowing great recipes. By great recipes I mean low calorie, delicious, filling and fast recipes. If they don't tick all four of these boxes I won't stick to using them. It took quite a lot of research and trial and error to find ones that I love but I did find some so even when I'm less disciplined for long periods (like I have been recently) when most of my meals are these then I don't gain a lot.
I hope this helps.
As for myself I've let myself slide a bit too and came here to look for motivation.
It's okay to lapse sometimes. Everyone lapses sometimes. People have this notion that those who are thin make no effort or it's easy for them or they never have to diet. I've been a healthy weight for eighteen years now. Not because I never lapse. I do. Because when I do I go back and diet seriously again.
What is the easiest way for you to get lighter right now? Is there one thing that would be easy to do that you could try that wouldn't "hurt" too much? Maybe one set of meals (like breakfasts) that you could change. Try starting there.
Remember also to think of your friends or people that you fancy to remind yourself that it's inner qualities that people really fall for. Love is always about a meeting of souls and being lovable has nothing to do with what you look like.
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