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Default to calorie counting

Hi! I've already posted in the Intro section...not sure if I need to do it again here...? I'm new to calorie counting. Definitely not to dieting. I was on Weight Watchers for a long time, many times. Actually was very successful after my first child. Lost over 100 pounds and became a fitness instructor and started working for Weight Watchers. When I became preg with my second child, I was pretty cocky in thinking, I can eat what I want because I'll just go back on WW and lose it all. HA! Not the case this time around. My second child will be 2 next month and I'm still struggling big time. I love WW but I believe in my heart, I needed to part ways with that program as hard as it was, and move on to something else. Calorie counting seems a bit easier than trying to calculate points. And I'm using an app called "Lose It", that I'm really loving. And working out every day but Sunday. Hoping this time...I will get back to a healthy weight. Thanks for "listening"...
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Welcome and good luck on your journey!!
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I LOVE calorie counting and hope it works for you too (WW is the only thing that my husband can stick with/that works for's a good program, but not for me)
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I started with Weight Watchers, and then made the switch to calorie counting also Weight Watchers was a great start, but I needed to be a bit more strict with myself, and calorie counting seems to do that for me. I use Myfitnesspal, which is similar to LoseIt, and it really makes things so much easier! It follows the same concept of Weight Watchers, where you can eat what you like just not how much you like, and I find it to be easier than tracking the points.

Good luck on your journey!
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I have been on many programs, WW included , spent a lot of money and one day had a brainstorm and decided I would never pay anybody again to tell me what to eat. I stated calorie counting and find it works best for me and it is FREE !
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I love calorie counting too! I've done several weird diets the past few years. -- four hour diet, South Beach Diet, 17 day diet, I don't know what else. I had gotten so into reading these new diet books and followed them to the letter. Of course, I would lose at first but I couldn't stick to it long term. And then this time I thought why not just go back to the old basics I learned when I was about 20 and just count calories on my own. I also use my fitness pal. It's been going great and I love that I can have whatever I decide to have and just count it. Also, reading the success stories on this site inspired me to just do what's right for me. I feel like I've invented some great plan, but really, it's what I knew all along. No more diet books for me!
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I'm also, relatively, new to calorie counting. I started beginning of July (ish) and so far I've lost 13 pounds. I also use my fitness pal and I love it. I can eat the foods I want, sometimes they are "good choices" other times not some much but as long as I stay within my allotted calories I seem to lose weight. Best of all is its free and super easy.
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I love LoseIt! I think the food part is pretty accurate but do not trust the calorie calculator for exercise on there, it is so inaccurate! My friend and I laugh at how it actually gives you less calories for a brisk walk than it does for snowmobiling. It isn't always too low though, for some exercises, like swimming, it seems to give you way too many calories IMO. Just something to be aware of.
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Doing this MY way!!!
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I am new to this as well. Sounds easy and I am now realizing that I am not eating enough when I entered my foods for today. Hopefully this will get me out of my stall.

Good luck OP.
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