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Default Anyone switch from WW?

I've been doing WW since January 1st with great results, but will be getting a FitBit Flex soon and want to integrate that with MyFitnessPal. Has anyone here gone from counting calories to counting points, and what was your experience?
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I did WW several years ago and was SO HUNGRY all the time on it that I eventually gave up on it. I lost weight on it but gained it back once I started eating more again. During my last weight loss journey, I started with watching carbs, went to an actual low carb plan, then went to calorie counting and now vary between calorie counting and WW...I like how WW encourages "free" fruits and veggies (at least the plan that I was following, which may not be the current plan) and therefore encouraged me to eat those more than I naturally would....However I again found myself VERY HUNGRY all the time and tend to do calorie counting more often.
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I was on WW for about 5 months and just didn't like it. I liked that most food labels list calories on everything. Not points. So it was an extra effort to look up the points before hand and not end up going over my daily amount. I almost always used my weekly extras and just didn't groove with it right. Calorie counting is for me
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I've been doing both WW and MFP for a while now. WW got me started and I've made a few friendships in the blogs there that I'm loathe to give up. Counting points was what I needed in the beginning because I had a ton of junk in my attic about counting calories and dieting. I joined MFP after about 6 months on WW out of curiosity and I found that counting calories actually is easier. As someone up thread mentioned, food labels show calories, not points.

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my stepmother was on weight watchers years ago, and just like alaskan said, she was alwaysssssssssss hungry. in fact i've watched her CRY at the end of dinner because she already used up all her points for the day and she wants dessert... i prefer calorie counting. i lost 25 pounds with calorie counting so i see it as a pretty good way to diet.
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I am an active WW member, but I started counting calories. There were many reasons for this. For one thing, I just needed a change from points. Also, I eat a lot of fruits (and veggies), and if you eat more than 6 or 7 servings a day (or less than 5) the Points Plus don't mathematically work out just right.

There are things I really love about WW--especially the meetings and the ActiveLink--and I don't want to give those up. But, counting calories seem to be working better for me right now.

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I switched.

1. It's free
2. No need to get the calculator out to figure points
3. It really is about calories in vs calories out for weight loss (quality comes with satiety and energy)
4. It all works....just find what YOU will stick with!
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I switched, but not because of some problem with WW. I just don't want to spend the $18 or so per month on it right now, with all of the new baby expenses. I only did on-line, anyway (never had time for meetings) and myfitnesspal keeps me accountable.
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I have dieter's ADD. I get bored easily and other plans start looking better than whatever I'm doing. I don't think my slow weight loss has anything to do with plan disloyalty, it's all the grazing I'm doing while deciding which plan I want to try next.

I do well on many different kinds of plans, but the plans on which I do best are those that involve some type of counting, and limiting processed foods and carbs ( at least the high glycemic ones).

I don't think the plan matters nearly as much as having and following a plan, at least until you're ready to commit to another plan. Changing plans is of course optional, and sometimes necessary, such as when you discover that a plan makes weight loss more difficult or uncomfortable. I usually don't follow very high carb plans because they make me too darned hungry. I usually use portion counting of some type, because I can overeat just about anything (especially under stress).

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I just recently switched from Weight Watchers not because it wasn't working, because it was...but because I kept plateauing. I would eat on plan perfectly, no snacking/grazing/snacking that I didn't count, I'd lose a couple ounces, and plateau for 4 days, lose a little, plateau, etc. Even adding an hour of cardio 3 times a week seemed like it did nothing to help. Yea the scale was moving, but those plateaus were heartbreaking.

After I got tired of seeing the plateaus, I decided to keep track of the food in MyFitnessPal also, to see where the calories were coming from. I still ate according to Weight Watchers, but I wanted to see where the calorie range was putting me in. On Weight Watchers I was eating around 1500-1700 calories a day, and I was aiming for around 1200-1300. I think it was due to the 3 servings of fruit I'd eat a day, and the 2-3 servings of veggies...those calories were adding up.

So far it's been a more steady weight loss with the calorie counting, although I just hit TOM so I'm expecting to go up a bit in bloat/water weight.
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I've done WW, and I agree, the fruits and veggies add up. I did Ideal Protein for 4 months and lost almost 40lbs, which I am very encouraged by. For financial reasons, I am going to try CC. Love My Fitness Pal as it has a big data base and I don't need to count points. Worse case, I return to IP, because it did work, although it took every bit of discipline I had! Aiming for 1400 cal/day. Will add a protein shake if and when I exercise. Looking forward to sharing with all of you!
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I did WW, but quit because I hate paying to lose weight. I use MFP and I love it. Especially the scan button. Makes it even easier. Plus calories are so much easier than points to track. You can almost find the calories for anything you eat online. You don't need a WW point calculator.
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I've done WW multiple times over the years and am a current online member. I've been using MyFitnessPal along with WW for the last several months and I'm probably going to drop WW soon because MFP is super easy to use and honestly, it's actually EASIER to use than WW because of the large food database that WW doesn't have. I'm also getting a Bodybugg and that synces with MFP and I love that I won't be spending the monthly fee to WW.
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