MYFITNESSPAL: anyone want to be "friends"?

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  • Hello all. I am joining MFP today also. I will be away from my PC from 8 until 5 today however, I am really looking forward to meeting and befriending some weight loss buddies
  • I'm on there - weightykatie (:
  • I'm on there! I have the Android app. My name is katie_bosley I'd love some more friends!
  • What is my fitness pal? A fitness program? can you pl elaborate? I am 59 years old do heavy exercise for 1 hour for 5 days a week. Can i do it? My Bmi is around 27.
  • It's an app on your phone or you can go to it helps you track weight, calorie intake, workouts and things like that! Anyone can do it!
  • thanks Kate.
  • You're welcome! If you get an account be sure to add me!
  • I just got an account on MFP - my user name is lilmisschattabox if anyone wants to add me
  • I went through here and added some.....but there happens to be 8 pages LOL I am peachypeg on MFP.....feel free to add me
  • I've been using mfp on my android for months and I love it! I'm lili_1979.
  • What a great idea! Anybody that wants to can add me as well, I'd love to have some 3fc buddies on there! Same username - peasantgirly
  • I use it everyday! Feel free to add me. My username is slicedbreadbox.
  • My name is sbh30821

    I'm trying to use it more every day, but it's hard. I know that if I had friends to keep me accountable on there, I would be more bound to use it!
  • How fabulous!
    It has been my goal to get some MFP friends so hurray for this thread! I tried to post yesterday but had trouble for some reason...

    I'm dictyodiva if you are looking for some extra support!

  • Question!!! What is the whole "Net" thing on there? Its at the end of all the calorie numbers...