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Default Sparkspeople vs Fitday

What is the difference in Fitday sparkspeople dailyplate.

Which one do you use?
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I have only even used thedailyplate so not sure how to compare but thought i'd through in something anyway
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I love the Spark, its more of a social network for weight loss, but I like Daily Plate better for calorie counting only.
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I like the reports and charts on Fitday but I have heard good things about Sparks Don't want to start over and lose my history.
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I don't like Daily Plate because it seems to require you to pay a fee for many of the options. I like both sparkpeople and Fitday, but I have a lot of stuff stored on sparkpeople so I just stay with that.
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I use FitDay, and I don't want to switch because of all the stuff I have stored on file with them.

I find they FREQUENTLY don't have things that I eat and I will end up looking something up at one of the other two sites and entering the information by hand into FitDay. There is definitely not as much of the brand-name stuff on FitDay.

But they have seemingly unlimited "Puerto Rican"-style things ... Can't figure that out. I don't have anything against Puerto Rican food, it's delicious, but I don't know why there is so much of that when I've never seen "Peruvian"-style or "Mexican"-style or the like. Also it irks me that they don't have things like agave nectar or fat-free refried beans but they do have human breast milk and "chocolate gravy"

Also - FitDay does not track sugars or - oddly - folic acid in the nutrients section so if either of these is important to you, use a different site. And one more thing - alcohol goes in its own category instead of being counted with carbs.

I do like all the charts and reports that FitDay has (don't know if the others have the same). BUT if I had it all to do over again, I would enter in a few unusual things that I eat regularly to see how each site fares - and/or use each site for about a week (so you don't lose too much if you bail) before committing.
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Originally Posted by EmmaD View Post
Also it irks me that they don't have things like agave nectar
Type in just agave - they have it described as Agave, raw (southwest)
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I like fitday because of the variety of information but agree that it's food choice is limited. I already have a pile of 'custom foods' that are just a piece of fish or a brand of juice that has a drastically different calorie count then what fitday suggests.
I haven't tried the others.
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I use my fitness pal

Fitday has a limited selection and crappy search, sparkspeople is too complicated to navigate + crappy layout

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I used to use fitday, then switched to spark. they are both ok..while not as many as fitday, I often have to enter in foods in spark too.
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I have tried both Spark and Fitday and I was never that comfortable with either. I switched to Fatsecret and have been using it to count calories ever since. It's not as popular as the others but it's just so simple to use. Am I the only one?
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I have a question about the activities list of Fitday. It seems like i burn a lot of calories with just lifestyle and working activities alone. It seems too good to be true. And then I wondered if I should replace my working activities with my lifestyle setting...THEN I realized that you can't delete the lifestyle option...aye, aye, aye....just want to make sure I'm calculating the calories burned correctly! I like what I see on the charts, just hope they are accurate!!
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Livestrong for me.
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I used to be a Livestrong (they've taken over the Daily Plate) person, but I got a Droid phone and wanted a cool app. Their app is horrible! It doesn't sync right with the website. So I moved to SparkPeople. Their app is wonderful, and I love all of the articles and blogs on their site!
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Do any of you use a Blackberry? My friend wants to find the right calorie counting application for her, but she wants to be able to do it on the go, and she uses a Blackberry. Anyone have suggestions?
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