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Default how to have more structure in a chaotic environment?

OK... so... the reason (I'm seeing now) that I'm using as an excuse to not stay on track is because there's almost no easy way to do so. What I'm served is what I must eat. No questions asked. The oven's not ready to be used yet, stores are too far away (and I'm not legally able to drive here in Serbia because I'm 17, not 18), and so... I'm kinda stuck with whatever my parents get.

So... with me never knowing WHAT'll happen the next day... like... zero way to plan for it... what are some ideas you guys have to staying sctructured and keeping on track? My recent floundering with "try to stay under 1800" isn't quite working... so... yeah.

Also... most of the stuff that are there to eat are obscure Serbian dishes that can't be found on caloriecount or any other calorie website... (like Muckolica, Kajmak, Pasulj, and several others). So I'm not quite sure how to deal with those... and it's not like I'm going to not eat them... I only have two more weeks here... for who knows how long...

I've tried planning out "I'm going to eat this this and this today", but then I'm not able to eat over half of my planned meal schedule because we ended up going out to eat with old friends, or my dad and brother ate the rest of the food that I was going to eat, or whatever.

Internet access isn't totally reliable either... so I can't quite check something right before I eat it... because usually when I'm eating something that's when the internet is dead... (figures )

So... yeah. Any ideas would be welcome.
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It's just for a couple more weeks, right?

Honestly, I would just focus on portion size and exercise right now if I were you. You could use this time to try to get better acquainted with what your body tells you -- for example, eat slowly and focus on how you feel as you eat, how your body tells you when you're full before you're stuffed.

If you do have some healthy choices, try to maximize them. If there's a good fresh veggie with dinner, try to eat more of that, and eat it first, so you can have less of the more-caloric entree, and not fill up on it.

Will your parents really not work with you a little? What if you say, "Can we have just one kind of steamed veggie with dinner each night? If you buy it, I will prep it and cook it." I can't imagine a parent saying, "No, we will not get you broccoli. We refuse to buy you carrots or green beans." (unless it's not financially possible).

I know you say you are using excuses, but it seems to me you are persevering in the face of many obstacles. I think you grow stronger every day. I hope when you come back to the states you have more freedom and support in your day-to-day living situation.
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I would make sure I was eating plenty of water. I also agree that I would focus more on exercise and portions. Do not stress so much on the CCing, you can get right back to that when you get back to the States.

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I feel for your situation. As a young woman, I often felt my power was being taken away as well. My parents saw me as a child, not a person with thoughts, feelings and individual needs. I hope things become more structured soon. As for the foods you mentioned, perhaps you can make your own recipe calculations on a site like sparkrecipes

Some recipes can be searched for as well. Try searching google by typing the recipe name then "calories" For example, I searched one of the dishes you mentioned like this "calories Kajmak" and came up with this site

I also agree that if calorie counting is too difficult right now, just focus on eating healthy and staying active. I wish you the best
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You might try an exchange plan, which is just slightly more structured advice than "watch portion sizes." So you could decide that you're going to aim for lots of veggies, 2 carb servings, 1 meat serving, and a fruit for supper. If I'm looking at a pot of chicken and dumplings, I would know to take lots of veggies, 2 small or 1 medium dumpling, and about enough meat to fit in the palm of my hand. Then have a piece of fruit for dessert.

Anyway, as others have said, for a couple of weeks just being conscious about your choices will be helpful now and later. Perfection isn't attainable even when you have more control -- you're just getting lots of practice at keeping things together when conditions are less than perfect.
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I like ponies... and you?
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My mom usually tries to put veggies or whatever into our meals... but with no stove yet... and literally no counter space (boxes and tools all over it)... it's kind of hard. I'm entering what I ate (as best as I can) into caloriecount... and trying to keep up with it... and... thanks... I'll make sure to try for my portion control. Smaller portions... thanks.

It is for three more weeks (I leave for the US August 15th)... so I'll do my best... I do have a scale... so that's good.

Urgh... it's TOM... so I'm just feely nasty and bloated right now. Which makes me not happy... but... I want this... I keep telling myself that... because I'm at the point that I usually get to (I've been dieting on and off since I was 11... so I know my "points" in the diet well) where I'm in a slump... and don't see the point. Just trying to get that point stuck in my head... trying to envision where I could be... and keeping with it.

When I get back to the States I think I'm going to do the calorie plan that Curves has... with my Grandma. It's a $15 book set... and simple and structured... so yeah. Thanks guys!!!
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