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  • I'm not a big fan of veggies, and I'm a even bigger non fan of raw veggies. But through all the research I've been doing they are soo good and so healthy for you. they really just not only help you with eating right and losing weight they help your immunity help you fight off diseases and just all around help you! So my mission is to try new veggies, "hide them" in dishes so I almost don't' notice they are their, try new ways to cook or prepare them, etc.. I know most veggies are the best for you in their raw state with out the nutrients cooked out but here is the list of veggies I like raw

    lettuce (oviously)
    bell peppers
    tomatoes cherry, grape and regular ones

    these are veggies I like ONLY if cooked or steamed

    sweet peas
    green beans
    potatoes/sweet potatoes/yams

    and those are the only veggies I like! I'd like to try some one I really don't care for like brussle sprouts, and spinach, beets, etc.. even thought the thought of them makes me gag. there has to be a way I can make them edible and enjoyable.. because they are jsut so darn good fro you! any help would be welcome any recipes.. other other suggestions on healthy veggies.etc..
  • Almost every vegetable tastes better roasted. Line a pan with foil, put the veggies in, sprinkle a little olive oil, salt and pepper and roast them in a 450 oven until they're just tender. Since they're all different you'll have to test them with a fork but it doesn't take long. For instance asparagus takes about 10 minutes. I think they're a lot more palatable like that.
  • Im not a fan of them either but I as I progress Ive notice that I get them in more. I like the frozen ones made by green giant. I love the creamed spinich and to be honest Im not crazy about it but the green giant one is good. I would also agree with the poster above roated veggies taste great even on flatbread sandwiches. yummy!
  • I know it's hard to like something you don't like and I sympathize with that. But this is an issue of vital importance, eventhough you don't like the taste/texture of them your body loves them!

    There's only one way to conquer this, and it's as simple as making the decision to like what you don't like. It sounds crazy but that's what works for me. I used to hate bananas, avocados, tomatoes, green peppers, onions, carrots, broccoli, and dark leafy vegetables. But I had to accept the fact that I could not live as a healthy person without them. I started eating these foods on a regular basis and not long afterwards I've grown to really like them... ok I don't love them, but my body does crave them.

    One night a week we have veggie night - no carbs, just veggies. It's like a detox night. We make a big salad with lettuce, spinach, arugula, or other green leafy things and load it up with raw and/or roasted veggies, seeds, and sometimes beans.

    You WILL learn to like vegetables because you HAVE TO! Conquer it my friend!
  • There are some veggies though that some people will just not like. For the life of me I cannot eat beets- I've tried it a million ways and just can't eat them. I don't think a person has to like every single one

    I LOVE to roast brussels sprouts thuogh- just some evoo with a bit of salt/pepper or whatever you want to season them with- omg the BEST sooo good!
  • I agree wannabeskinny! that is exactly why I'm trying to find new veggies to introduce and new ways to make them I know they are so healthy for us! Not to mention super low cal!

    I just got back from grocery shopping and I bought a lot of veggies.. veggies I had forgotten I actually don't mind..

    I'm going to make a veggie tray of nothing but raw veggies to snack on when I get hungry I got

    baby carrots
    cherry tomatoes
    those little baby sweet bell peppers! yummy!
    cucumbers (to cut into slices)
    snap peas
    and baby dill pickles( high in sodium but my hubby loves them)

    and then I got those birds eye steam in the bag veggies I got

    sweet peas
    green beans
    a mixed medley of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, and asparagus

    and I got a mixed medley of salad greens this time instead of ice berg lettuce for salads it has argula, baby spinach, Romain and other lettuces!

    and I also got some onions, jalapeños, and regular bell peppers I like to add those into my meatloafs/ spaghettis, omelets. and things like that

    So I didn't branch too far out of my comfort zone but I think I'm happy with what I got. I think it's a good mix of veggies!

    I am def gonna try roasting veggies sounds good!! with some garlic yummy i bet any of it would be good!
  • Personally I refuse to make myself eat things I don't like. Like, why torture myself? Why make me eat fresh tomatos (I consider then veggies, not fruits) when I like broccolli? There's enough variety of vegetables that if you like more than just a couple (and your list is pretty good, seriously) you are getting a good compliment of nutrients already. I mean, the ones you like are good for you too, right?

    Regarding spinach. . . I never like it until I tried it fresh, it was nice that way and I never encountered fresh spinach until college (my parents just, never bought it). I also buy it frozen now, and while the two are completely different, I like them both. I just got a crock pot for Hanukah, and the first thing I made was soup than had spinach in it, lol.
  • I wish I liked raw broccoli it's so good for you uncooked. the only way I truly enjoy it is smothered in cheese or in butter! then it sort of defeats the purpose! I think I'm going to try steaming it and putting some lemon juice and salt and pepper I think it might be doable that way at least steamign it will keep most of it's nurients
  • DH used to only eat broccoli covered in cheese or butter, and I would only eat it plain and steamed or raw. Then I tried roasting it a few years back, with some cayenne pepper, sea salt, black pepper, and minced garlic. We both love it, so much we eat a huge head of broccoli about every day.

    We roast all of our veggies now, except carrots, which we both prefer raw.
  • i personally think you are doing better than most people..if you really like the ones raw you say you do.

    carrots, cucumbers, green leafies...those are the ones you really need and provide the most benefits. I noticed the lettuce. I always mix my iceberg with another colorful lettuce. Recently, I've been buying herb salad.

    here's a good recipe for raw broccoli ALMOST everyone loves.

    broccoli florets (cut fine from the head)
    1-2 tbsp mayo (light or I like Canola Mayo)
    1 tbsp sugar/honey.
    bacon (I suggest crumbled turkey bacon.
    cheddar cheese (1/2 cup)
    vinegar to taste (ACV is better)

    cut the florets, mix the sugar/honey, ACV, mayo in a separate little bowl. add a smidge of water.

    mix the florets, bacon, cheese. Pour the mixture into the bowl to cover. Taste. it should be slightly sweet/tangy.
  • There are two different cooked veggies that I love:

    Roasted green beans with evoo and worchester sauce, garlic powder, pepper (I got this from someone on this site--don't remember who, sorry, but it's AMAZING, tastes like candy)

    Or in a pan, sautee some onions and garlic with evoo, add diced zucchini and red peppers (or really anything you want)--yum yum! Just add some spices, whatever kind you like, and it's a great side dish. Or it could be added to a red sauce.

    Just be sure to measure the evoo--I know I can get a little loose with it if I don't have a measuring spoon!
  • Although it's good to eat veggies raw, you need to eat them cooked too. Some vitamins and nutrients aren't available to our bodies until the vegetable is cooked. For example, take spinach. When it's raw, it contains a lot of vitamin K, when you cook it the vitamin K is mostly destroyed, but the iron in it is available. Your body doesn't get the benefit of the iron when you eat spinach raw. So, it's important to eat a variety of cooked and raw veggies.

    Certain cooking methods do preserve more nutrients then others. I think it's also important not to overcook vegetables. Overcooking not only lessens the nutrient content, but it also makes veggies flavorless IMHO.

  • Oh i completely get where you are coming from. Until recently i only ate potato and onion lol. Ive now becoming a bit game...i wont eat "whole" vegetables like jsut boiled or steamed carrots etc and detest peas (they pop in your mouth lol dont ask i seriously have lots of issues with vegetables) I eat egg plant now....cut it up real small add it to taco mix, spaghetti bolognaise etc. I also add grated carrot and zucchinni to pasta sauces. try some vegetables u ahve no preconceived thought on (thats how i started eating egg plant) I will add spinach, boxchoy, chinese cabbage etc to any dish...pasta dishes, casseroles etc. A favourite dish is dry fry some chicken, add some light evaporated milk, spinach, and semi dried tomatos...you can serve over pasta or have it as is its yummii and it gets a huge dose of spinach in. I cant eat spinach by itself but in dishes i love it.

    kazz =]
  • zenor! thank you so much for that info! That actually makes me feel really good! I've always been under the misconception that to get the all the good nutrients from veggies they had to be in the raw state or lightly steamed. but that article made me feel a whole lot better because I just can't stomach many veggies raw except the ones i listed...

    and jendiet that recipe sounds wonderful!!! I have a family dinner I'm going to in a few weeks and I was asked to bing a broccoli salad I think I'm going to try your recipe for that!
  • I NEVER ate veggies until recently...and I'm still continuing to try & broaden the taste buds LoL here's my 2 most recent & favorite recipes:

    Roasted Zucchini...slice and place in single layer on foil with non-stick spray...then spray slices with butter...then sprinkle with a little bit of parmesean cheese or just spices you like (i prefer season salt)

    Butternut Squash Fries...peel & cut in half the squash...clean out seeds...julienne like french fries...toss fries in EVOO and spring w/salt & pepper...or any spices you like...THESE ARE SUPER GOOD! Just tried it tonight and anxious to try it different ways