Slimmer By Summer Challenge

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  • Okay.. I'm in this too. Actually, I've been doing pretty well since I started CC 41 days ago. Like Angel's Dust, I don't weigh in weekly, as a "water gain" can be too discouraging.

    So by the first day of summer, I'd like to fit into those Levis shorts that are packed under the bed. And while I'm wearing them, I'd like to be able to breath and sit down... at the same time.
  • If it's not too late, I'd like to join too! I have an outstanding bet with the hubs for our anniversary trip to Vegas on 6/12 and this will put me at a goal of 15 more pounds to meet my 20 lb goal for that date. Here we go!
  • Boy did I miss these good ol calorie counters forum challenges, for all the time I stopped checking in on this site. Count me in, for a goal of losing 6 lbs.
    I'm currently 146, so that would put me at an even 140.
  • Looks like we are all off to a great start!

    Good Luck Everybody!
  • Well, my first day of the challenge, which was yesterday, got off to a good start, and I'm hoping for an even better day today. I'm just a bit worried about the Easter weekend coming up as I've a few social engagements to attend and I always find it hard to choose the healthier options over the things that I really want! Anyway, I'm just going to keep in mind the fact that I have a wedding outfit to buy, and fit into by August! So that should help to put the brakes on a bit!
  • My goal to lose 15 lbs I am 174 now. SO i am hoping to to be .... under 160 lbs!
    WEEK 1 Apr 12 - 172.2
    WEEK 2 Apr 20 - 168
    WEEK 3 Apr 27 - 167
    WEEK 4 May 4 - 166
    WEEK 5 May 11 - 163
    WEEK 6 May 18 - 159.6
    WEEK 7 May 25 -
    WEEK 8 June 1 -
    WEEK 9 June 8 -
    WEEK 10 June 15 -
    WEEK 11 June 22 -
    GOAL - under 160lbs
  • i had originally wanted to be at goal by sometime in may, but i've been stuck oscillating between 145 and 150 since mid february, so all bets are off. if i could lose 10-15 by then and weigh around 130-135, i guess that'd be great.
  • WormwoodDoll: I completely know what you mean! Everyone in my family is thin, especially my brother. They eat more than me and they don't gain. I guess I didn't get the high metabolism. I've lost 2 lbs maybe twice or three times now. But the next week I'd only lose .5 or something. LOL, I wish I could lose five pounds every week, but that would be horrible for my body. Believe it or now, but I get stretch marks on my stomach for losing too much weight!! So maybe it's a good thing I lose slowly. But I get really freaked out that it'll stop. So I want to work myself hard to get as much weight off as soon as possible.
  • Not so much a late start as a late post. I actually signed up for a weight loss challange at work that ends on the 26th. Its 10% of your weight so that puts me at having a goal of 28 lbs (they weight us fully dressed and after lunch *ugh* on Monday). For the sake of a little leeway I'ld like to hit 30 lbs lost on the home scale. So far I've lost 2lbs since last Friday and I rode my bike about 10 miles yesterday. I'm planning on riding my bike to work a few times a week for the duration.
  • So far I'm off to a good start. I ate well yesterday, got my exercise... I can't get on the scale for a few days though, I know that I'm going to be retaining water for at least 3 or so and I'm sure I don't need to mention the specifics for you ladies to know why.
    I'm thinking that my goal of 5 lbs might be too little; that I should push myself harder than that... However when I was actively losing weight, I was on 1,200 calories, and once I got into the lower 150's and higher 140's, the loss REALLY slowed on me... Now I'm hoping for loss on 1,400, so maybe I really will only be able to knock off 5 like that.. Ack, I guess I'll see.
    Warm wishes to you all today!
  • Today was a good day. I weighed in at 205.1lbs. I am a daily weigher but it doesn't drive me insane anymore. I have learned the natural fluctuations of my body so I can tell when I am getting TOM or my body is retaining water.

    Angel's_Dust - One week I lost 4lbs! Than I only lost about a pound the following week. But it usually evens out to 2.5lbs per week in the end.

    I have terrible stretch marks everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. I even have them behind my knee caps. I think weight loss can only help at this point. Oh well. I see them as "scars" of my weight struggles. I'm sure that they will fade a bit more. They aren't too noticeable.

    Welcome to all the new challenge members!
  • I was morbidly curious about my weight today but all I got from the scale was annoying fluctuations. Oh well. It's probably because I'm sore, like, every day as I get used to the new load of exercise.

    WormwoodDoll: Wow, 4 lbs? That's amazing. I'm scared to think how much less I'll lose a week after I lose 30 lbs. And, I too suffer from stretch marks behind my knees. I have them on my arms and stomach as well but they've all faded. But the new little ones from losing weight bother me at times. It's ridiculous to gain stretch marks from losing.
  • Yeah, WormwoodDoll, 4 pounds? WOW. I too might end up losing 4 pounds this week, because I weighed in after 4 days and was 2 pounds lighter. -_- I'm eating like.. 2000 calories a day, sometimes leaking over to like as high as 2200. I don't want to lose fast, since I know it's healthier to lose it slower and you're less likely to get loose skin, so if I lose 4 pounds two weeks in a row I might have to up my calories to 2500 or something, which is a really weird thought for someone trying to LOSE weight, to be eating 2500 calories. XD
  • Slimmer by Summer! Yes, I can do this! I will be 16 pounds lighter by June 21. That would make me 259. (Can't believe I'd be ecstatic with that, but I will.)

    SW 275
    CW 275
    GW 259
  • Hello, I am just starting and would love to join. You all sound incredible in your efforts. I would love to loose about 15-20lbs by the first day of summer. My struggle has been everlasting and I am going to start with the plan that is real...counting calories and exercising.

    Here's looking forward to summer and for me to get into nice looking shorts.

    Melanie in Colorado